October 18, 2012

th You may recall in my last post I wrote the following:

Bottom line: my take is this debate is not going to go Obama’s way in the next few days. He did nothing to halt the view that Romney has a plan for the next four years, and he doesn’t. And, thanks by and large to Crowley’s so-called “moderation”, Libya is just going to melt down around Obama and his administration ahead of next Monday’s foreign policy debate. Hopefully, then, Romney will not allow any moderator to prevent him from making the fundamental point that needs to be made: people died, and the Obama administration lied.

You know, you can always tell when a political campaign falls into disarray; rather than staying on message (for better or for worse), it starts springing leaks with a bunch of left hands not knowing what the right hands are doing, and vice-versa. While I don’t necessarily believe Gallup’s numbers showing Mitt Romney with a 7-point lead, it’s pretty clear from the latest national and state polling – Battleground Watch is a absolute treasure-trove for the latest trends – that Romney’s positive movement from the end of the first debate forward has yet to abate. Time will tell if the trend holds as more post-second debate days are rolled into Gallup’s and Rasmussen’s mix, but that’s not really the point of this post.

While it’s still quite possible – I figure the odds are ~50/50 right now – that Obama gets re-elected, you sure don’t get the sense of any kind of confidence or coordination on the part of the president’s campaign right now. In fact, one has to wonder if their own internal polls are showing something the rest of us are just starting to see, as the Obama campaign appears to be in total disarray and meltdown right now. Consider the following in just the past 24 hours:

* Joe Biden, doing what does best, asks an audience if they know people who have served in Iraq or Iran.

* Actress and Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria forced to apologize after posting tweets calling “stupid” any and all minorities and women who support a “racist/misogynist tw*t” named Mitt Romney.

* From Foreign Policy blog, word that Hillary Clinton’s own State Department – you know, where “the buck stops” – granted the New York Federal Reserve bomb plotter a student visa last year.

* Worst of all, Barack Obama tells Jon Stewart on tonight’s Daily Show that, “When four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal”. I guess bumps in the road never are.

You take each of these items (excluding, of course, Obama’s “optimal” quote, which is going to be replayed over and over in the coming days) alone and one could well say, so what? Biden is always saying stupid things, Longoria’s tweets are just ignorant sputterings from a dumb actress, and the State Department’s is, well, the State Department, but taken together you see rampant incompetence and poor judgment on display in the final weeks of a campaign when just about everyone is paying attention, and campaign messages need to be coherent and positive.

Instead, it’s becoming increasingly clear, from Obama’s no-show at the first debate, to Biden’s obnoxious performance and arrogant showing at the VP debate, to these latest missteps that the Obama campaign is actually nothing more than a reflection of what his administration has been over the past four years: incompetents and fools, insulated from scrutiny and propped up by an all-too-willing media that never forced it to be either accountable or competent. Just more of the same arrogance, willful neglect, and gross negligence across the board, highlighted most recently in Obama’s foreign policy meltdown and the billions in green energy subsidies flushed down the toilet.

There’s still plenty of time for Obama’s campaign to turn things around – after all, 2 1/2 weeks in the closing of a presidential campaign is the equivalent of light years, but it sure seems that a certain group of chickens are coming home to roost.

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  1. And add to all that frustration from Team Obama, Mitt Romney can tell jokes!!

    Funny ones with impeccable timing, no less.

    This has GOT to be driving the left crazy . . . 😀

    Comment by Dave Richard — October 19, 2012 @ 8:16 am

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