September 13, 2012

Other activities have kept me from blogging lately, hopefully I can start stringing a few interesting posts together so people don’t think I’ve fallen completely off the face of the earth. Here are just a few thoughts:

Normally, when a team is out of the pennant races you’re assessing talent for next year, but I’m not seeing much with the Red Sox, given their just-completed series with the Yankees. I like pitchers John Lester, Felix Doubront and Junichi Tazawa, and I think Ryan Lavarnway will ultimately both hit and catch well. The rest I could care less about. Bobby Valentine is a joke of a manager, there’s absolutely no life in the Sox dugout, they’re just playing out the string. Worse yet, they’re playing such undisciplined ball: not working pitchers, and I’ve never seen so many missed cutoff thows. That’s just bad baseball, and you can lay that at the feel of the hopefully soon-to-be-discarded “Bobby V.”

This whole explosion of Middle East and the attacks on the embassises and consolate in Lybia has me feeling very sad and irate at the State Department – they were (obviously) caught off guard by the planned nature of the demonstrations and executions, but the pitiful, weak-kneed official statements criticizing those who insult Islam and not laying the blame on the sick animals responsible not just for the attacks but the planners as well.

Forget about the sick and perveted mainstream media hacks focusing their venom not on the embassy attacks and the deaths of our overseas personnel, but on Mitt Romney’s assertive and spot-on comments about our shown weakness in the face of danger and the freedoms we stand for here in this country. Compare Romney’s performance with President Obama’s cold Rose Garden performance – not even taking any questions so he could jet off to Vegas in time for yet-another campaign stop. Mitt’s conduct was presidential in nature; Obama’s both juvenile, classless, and reprehensible. Could you imagine the media’s howls if the roles were reversed?

Hard to understand Obama’s incredibly-odd choices this week. The Middle East is awash in voiolence and discord, yet Obama’s blowing off Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so he can yak with Letterman and fund-raise with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Is that Presidential? It really makes me wonder if he knows something we don’t. I mean, you read stories like this and you have to wonder…

It’s weeks like this, where there is so much tumult in the world, that I find myself retreating inside myself, seeking solce away from work and the keyboard, and listening to George Harrison, who’s music always helps me see the big picture. His tunes and lyrics help me think of this world as a larger plan of some kind. Most certainly, the deaths of the Libyan ambassador and those assigned to defend him warrant a candle lit for their spirits to be lifted high to God’s everlasting protection and mercy; Lord knows, they’re in a better place than we who are left behind.

So soothe the spirit as only you can, George – may you rest in peace.

The day the world gets round
To understanding where it is,
Using all its found,
To help each other, hand in hand

The day the world gets round
To understanding where its gone
Losing so much ground
Killing each other, hand in hand
Such foolishness in man
I want no part of their plan – oh no

If you’re the destructive kind
Now I’m working from day to day
As I don’t want to be like you
I look for the pure of heart
And the ones that have made a start,

But lord, there are just a few
Who bow before you,
In silence they pray,

Oh how they pray for the day the
World gets round

Using all theyve found
To help each other, hand in hand

The day the world gets round

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