August 24, 2012

Let me just say that I’m a simple guy who has learned over time not to expect much of the human race, such as it is in its fallen state. And that’s the case especially when it comes to politics and politicians.

I’ve always believed that you can tell people by the friends they hang around with. And, with politicians, by the people they surround themselves with.

Of course, we all know that when it comes to politicians you expect them to stretch the truth as far as it can possible go, but there ought to be in the end at least some kernel of truth in what they have to say.

Unfortunately, in the case the Obama re-election campaign, they’ve taken the art of the lie to a whole new level.

Everyone who frequents this spot knows well the disdain I hold towards Barack Obama, his administration and re-election campaign, and Democrats and liberals in general. Believe me when I say I wish it wasn’t so – believe it or not, I do respect differing views and opinions, just don’t friggin’ lie about it. You want to punish success, increase the size of government and the influence of the labor unions (private and public), and raise taxes as a way to redistribute income in a socialist, European model that runs counter to everything America has stood for since its founding? Fine, just come out and say it! Put it out as your platform and let the voters choose. Don’t obscure your intentions by calling people law-breakers, racists, unpatriotic, or selfish.

And this is where I come back to Barack Obama, who is running the most disgraceful and disingenuous campaign backed by people who not only lie without any sense of conscience or deceny, but do so without any pushback by the slobbering lapdogs of the mainstream dino-media. Don’t believe me?

You have campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter accusing Mitt Romney of being a felon. And Barack Obama denies it.

You have a Obama PAC accusing Mitt Romney of contributing to the death of a woman from cancer. And the Obama campaign denies knowing anything anything about the spot’s intention, even though the forementioned Ms. Cutter participated in an earlier phone call that led to an “official” Obama campaign ad featuring the same person!

You have Ms. Cutter (again), this time stating that the Obama administration has created more jobs in the last three years than the Reagan recovery.

You have the Democratic National Committee sending out a fundraising e-mail that deliberately misquotes a L.A. Times news story, and the head of the DNC seemingly unconcerned about the lying involved.

And, most recently, you have the Obama campaign putting out an ad featuring so-called “Republican” women voters disenchanted with their party who turn out not to be Republicans at all, but Democratic activists to boot.

As I said above, I have no problem with a campaign just telling people what they stand for and what they hope to achieve in their next term of office. The fact that Barack Obama surrounds himself with such a circle of absolute lying liars tells me that he’s as much of a liar as they are. If you’re unconcerned about your campaign staffing itself with emboldened liars, what are you willing to lie about? Both he and his campaign are a disgrace – even more so because in 2008 he ran as someone who, under the banner of “Hope and Change”, promised to unite the country and change the way Washington works. Instead, he’s been revealed as nothing more than empty suit with no ideas, and someone who appears to have little problem with surrounding himself with a pack of vicious, lying liars.

The country deserves better. Of course, if Obama is re-elected, maybe we just get in the end what we deserve.

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