May 16, 2012

A massive dust storm in Northern Mexico, a rare tornado in New Mexico, wildfires in Colorado and Arizona (the other day there was quite a bit of smoke in the air from a wildfire near Payson), an unusually-active early tropical season in the Pacific – all signs pointing to a very long and hot summer here in the desert Southwest. It’s already dry and dusty here from the dry winter we had. I’m just glad we had the foresight to replace our clunky A/C unit and bump up our attic insulation last year. Accuweather is predicting a more active hurricane season (Atlantic and Pacific) this year then last since the La Nina is receding. The good news is that a winter without a La Nina means a more “normal” winter season and hopefully a return to the winter storms dumping tons of snow on the Sierras – something sorely needed to build up the Lake Mead reservoir for Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Here’s the cool link showing the Mexico dust storm and New Mexico tornado.

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May 14, 2012

Had some computer problems over the past week that put a crimp in my return from Massachusetts. But now, like a bona-fide Richard Nixon, I’m tanned, rested, and ready to blog my a$$ off for what promises to be an exciting election year. But what to blog about?

Goodboys? I have in my little grimy hands the gourses we will be playing this year and will soon be providing your own personal guide to the courses that even the most loathsome hacker can play if he/she has the will and the dinero.

My golf game? How ’bout we leave that until I hit the range this Friday – I have a couple of things to work out.

Golf in general? The golf world is buzzing about Kevin Na’s interminable performance this past Saturday. I’m with the majority of golf fans who want him just to get up and hit the damned ball.

“You know, when I’m over the ball, it would be nice if it was quiet,” Na said. “But … you can hear them talking, like ‘pull the trigger, pull the trigger,’ ‘hit it,’ which makes me back off even more. So that part was a bit tough.”

You want quiet, Kevin? Do yourself a favor: if you get an invite from Exec-Comm to participate in a Goodboys Invitational weekend, decline. The trash talk never ceases, especially when Ben “The Funny Guy” Andrusaitis is in your foursome.

The weather? We’re days into 100+ degree temps until the second week in October, the pool is 84 with a bullet (another two degrees and we enter the “sublime zone”!), and we have our first excessive heat warning of the year. Welcome to Arizona!

The rabbits? Boy, are we having a tough time trying to bond Marlie rabbit. First Butterscotch, now the “Beastie Boys”. But where there’s a will there’s a way.

The Red Sox? Check back with me in a month. This team is a mystery.

The Beach Boys? They’re sounding great in concert, can’t wait for Vegas on the 27th and their new album due out June 5.

Politics? Even though Rasmussen and – gulp! – the New York Times/CBS poll have Mitt Romney leading President Obama by triple digits, that’s not what I’m looking for. The fact that you have: a) an incumbent polling at mid-’40s favorability at this time in the election cycle, and: b) a challenger who has his operation already up and willing and able to punch back twice as hard at whatever the Obama Chicago thugocracy throws at him gives me reason for hope.

Forget about the myths of inevitability and invincibility the mainstream dino-media will be shoving down the throats of Americans (with increasing hysteria, BTW) as we get closer to November. Fact is, this is a veryvulnerable President who, between the cynical and pathetic “Republican war on women” meme of the past month and his coming out in favor of gay marriage, has now finally revealed his true radical agenda to the American people. Look for lots of focus on the coming home to the GOP of the so-called “Reagan Democrats” – the blue-collar electorate in the “rust belt” of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin – this fall. Americans are finding out in droves just what an amateur and pretender Barack Obama is; I guess that just makes us all racists.

I’m glad to be back.

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May 10, 2012

Took me a bit of time to work my way back to Phoenix from Massachusetts yesterday thanks to thunderstorms (yes, in May!) that forced our plane to take a detour into Tucson, but I am back. A few thoughts:

Anyone who thought President Obama wasn’t supportive of gay marriage (rather than his views “evolving”) doesn’t understand the real, radical Obama. The only reason why he was finally forced to reveal his true self was that his VP finally outed him on “Meet The Press”.

The biggest story not being reported by the mainstream dino-media is that Eric Holder’s days as Attorney General are numbered. Not only is he the most racist and corrupt AG this country has had (and yes, I’m including Harry Daugherty and John Mitchell in that assessment), he’s playing with the wrong dude if he thinks Sheriff Joe Arpaio is going to kowtow to him.

Time for the Red Sox to call it a season. The team stinks, Josh Beckett needs to be traded somewhere – anywhere – and Jenny Dill needs to be replaced. It took me a while to get over Tina Cervasio when Heidi Watney came aboard (that pic could melt ice!) does, but Jenny Dell is as overmatched in her role as Bobby V. is in his.

Check out The Beach Boys on Jimmy Kimmel performing their new single “That’s Why God Made The Radio”. I think it’s a great song, and not bad for a bunch of guys in their ’70s. Can’t wait for the Vegas concert in two weeks and their new album to come out a week later.

There was a time when Frank Giuffrida’s Hilltop Steakhouse was the place for steaks in the Boston area. The restaurant was a landmark, and the place buzzed with the announcement of numbers (“4-26-14-130 for Sioux City”, “52, 79, 92,143 for Dodge City”) cracking over the loudspeaker. How times have changed! My family has been going there for the better part of forty years and the place is now a shadow of itself. No announcements, just a handful of people in rooms that were once packed with a frenzy of activity. Sure, nothing stays the same, but it’s still sad to see a legendary restaurant reduced to average food served by a bunch of disinterested teens.

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May 6, 2012

A few thoughts after spending five days back home in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts is the only place where you can be the twelfth car in line at the local Dunkin’ Donuts and watch next door as cars come and go through the takeout window at Starbucks.

Skipped Mass today to sit on a rock by the ocean at Rye, New Hampshire to watch the waves at high tide and feel the warm sun on my face as the music of music of The Sandals played on the car CD player. Didn’t feel as if I missed a thing: the experience was both magical and mystical at the same time.

Lilacs are a little past here in the Lowell area but still coming out by the ocean up in NH. The fragrance of lilacs always takes me back to my childhood and weekends at my grandparents.

The Mexican food at the Margaritas chain of restaurants remains just as good as it was the first time I went there more than twenty years ago. Consistency and quality are a hard combination to beat. And something very hard to find these days, BTW…

I miss the lovely pink and white flowers of the crabapple and dogwood trees, There’s something special about their soft beauty.

The Red Sox stink. Pure and simple. I’m so glad I decided not to buy the DirecTV MLB Extra Innings package. I don’t like this team and don’t enjoy watching them. The ownership has ruined this team and it’s time to blow the whole thing up.

Kudos to bartender Steve (I don’t think that’s his real name) at the Wu Loon Ming for his pointers at perfecting my home-grown Mai Tai receipe. I think he’s onto something…

It’s great to be home back in New England, but I will admit I long for the quiet and lovely simplicity of my backyard with the patio and swimming pool awaiting my presence. As much as I love being back here, I know that Arizona is where I live now and I’m looking forward to getting back.

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