May 18, 2012

All of a sudden things have gotten a lot more interesting on the campaign trail. Today’s two items of note:

1. Have to agree with Mitt Romney on this. Conservative talkers are trying to raise Rev. Wright up as a campaign topic based on Ed Klein’s new book, but the time for that was 2008. We have major, and I do mean major, issues confronting our country economically, and Romney is right to keep the focus on jobs, spending, and the astronomical debt.

Bottom line: I’m with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey here: anything other than that plays into the Obama campaign’s hands – they would positively love to keep this election on anything else other than Obama’s putrid record on this economy. But that won’t stop his state-run, kiss-a$$ media from trying…

2. Has Barack Obama been caught doing an Elizabeth Warren regarding his heritage? Sure, his “literary agent” said it was her mistake, but what was she supposed to say, given the fact that back in 1991 Barack Obama was – to put it kindly – just another nobody; the info had to come from someplace. And considering his relative obscurity at the time, the source of that info could only have been Barack Obama. Methinks PJ Media’s Ed Driscoll has it about right: wherever it was convenient for Barack Obama to be born, that’s where he was born. History will show him at best to be an opportunist, at worst, an outright fraud. I’m going with the latter.

Bottom line: The most interesting aspect of this story to me is not that Barack Obama might well have misrepresented his past to some literary agent, but that this seemingly-innocuous story may hold clues as to why we’ve been provided so little information about his pre-politics years. I’m guessing that, were the onion to be peeled back a little further, we’d find more than one occasion where Barack Obama would claim a foreign heritage to get where he felt he needed to be, even if it meant padding his resume or reputation in order to do so. I also find it strange (though not surprising) that it took until May of 2012 for a conservative outlet like Breitbart to be the first to publish this curious nugget of information. And I’m not alone in that regard.

3. RFK Jr.’s former wife commits suicide by hanging herself in the family barn, leaving four children behind. Amazingly, Yahoo! News inexplicably calls it another instance of the “Kennedy curse”. Total bullshit. The Kennedys have always treated their women like crap, and, unfortunately, she’s just the latest casualty.

Bottom line: As someone who holds RFK as one of my idols, I still wait for the day when this country and its fawning liberal media get over the so-called “Kennedy dynasty”. They were no better – and in many cases far worse – than most families. You can say JFK and RFK were greats even with their faults, but the rest of family – bar none – were and are nothing more than a bunch of political opportunists living off of a name and a legacy undeserved and fabricated by the same media that has created an “aura” around Barack Obama and his high-living, mooching wife. Camelot, my ass – tell that to Mary Jo Kopechne and the four children of Mary Kennedy who will forver live with the knowledge that their mother saw no other way out but committing suicide.


R.I.P. Donna Summer. So sad to hear of her passing after a battle with cancer. The legendary “disco queen” had a great set of pipes, and while never much of a disco fan I did love her voice. And, let’s not forget she was a bona-fide fox as well. Gone too soon.

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