April 13, 2012

A few interesting items from today, all reminding me I’m so glad to be the age I am. I’ve said it before: it’s my generation more than any other since the founding of the country that has screwed this country and brought it to the point it is. I just pray I’m not around to see it all collapse within itself, as it’s gonna be ugly.

White House and DNC lobbyist Hilary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney shows nothing more than the liberal left’s contempt for stay-at-home moms. As Michelle Malkin writes, Rosen’s attack is nothing new; she’s simply following in the steps of such Democratic luminaries as Hillary Clinton, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, and those who attacked Sarah Palin’s mothering abilities during the 2008 presidential campaign. For Ann Romney it’s that she stayed at home, for Palin it was that she didn’t stay at home. I mean, how can you win with these people?

William Tucker of the American Spectator Online writes of the coming cultural disintegration. This part should come as surprise to no one:

The cultural earthquake that [Charles] Murray has brought to national attention in Coming Apart goes as follows: Whatever the causes, the social disintegration that once seemed to apply only to African Americans has now engulfed blue-collar, white working-class communities as well. Men are dropping out of the workforce, single motherhood has risen to nearly 50 percent, crime has skyrocketed, religious faith is declining, and the chances for upward mobility are rapidly diminishing. As Murray concludes: “The absolute level [of social cohesion] is so low that it calls into question the viability of white working-class communities as a place for socializing the next generation.”

Murray identifies what he calls the “founding virtues”—marriage, industriousness, honesty, and religiosity—that were once shared by all Americans and held us together in a common culture. That culture was still intact on November 21, 1963, the day before the Kennedy assassination that Murray chooses as his benchmark. In graph after graph drawn from the sociological literature, he shows how these four qualities have deteriorated—not among the college educated, who spend most of their time disparaging those virtues, but in blue—collar communities where people are rarely educated beyond high school.

When was the last time you heard either “marriage”, “industriousness”, “honesty”, and “religiosity” celebrated as virtues in today’s media-saturated discourse? Bingo.

Do a majority of Americans believe Christianity to have a positive impact on American society? Unsurprisingly, a recent poll says no. (Hat tip: The Blaze) I say unsurprising, given the fact you can’t turn on TV or open the newspapers without seeing some religion (except Islam, of course) or religious practice under attack by the forces of the liberal left. But, as Michael Potemra of National Review Online’s Corner blog writes, it’s not just those outside the Church attacking it – even Catholics are doing it from the left and the right. Me, I just don’t get it. But I’m not surprised.

It’s all my generation’s fault. The women’s movement savaged the whole concept of the nuclear family, trading away the most important job a woman can have if she so chose – motherhood – for an “I want it all and then some” mentality that has spread like a cancer to the generations that followed.

The sexual revolution combined with the internet has cheapened the God-given gift of human sexuality to the point where something beautiful has been turned into a multi-billion dollar industry that celebrates abuse, degradation, and dehumanization.

The gay/lesbian/transgender movement has not only destroyed mainline Protestant Christianity by forcing a vast minority of people’s chosen lifestyle down the throats of the Church, but incessantly pushes homosexuality through the nation’s public schools by way of the entertainment industry, the public teachers unions, and political activists that it is something beautiful and to be celebrated.

Once a nation loses its soul and its sense of morality to the forces of political and moral relativism, and with it the sense that there is no such thing as good and evil, the very fabric and foundation that made this nation strong are being eaten away as if a billion carpenter ants and termites were on the attack. And when it all collapses from within, when the family has been replaced by a federal government more than eager to take on the role of mommy, daddy, benefactor, and yes, God, in its thirst for total power and ultimate authority over everything and everyone, it will be a mighty house indeed that will fall.

Truth is, we’re not all that far away from that fall, and the social and economic chaos, violence, and collapse that goes with it. And I can’t help but think it will be my generation that the historians of another time will look back on as the ones who started it all.

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