March 7, 2012

No, I’m not talking about the incessant bleating of liberals of the Rush Limbaugh / Sandra Fluke “slut” controversy (although give me a a minute here and I will), but the wind storm that blew through here last night. Yesterday we were in the ’80s, today we’ll be lucky to get much over 60.

You gotta love the hypocrisy of Democrats and liberals: a so-called HBO “comedian” and a $1 million donor to President Obama’s re-election campaign can call Sarah Palin words I can’t even write here, and you don’t hear a peep. A well-known conservative radio talk-show host, in an obvious fit of satire, calls a self-described, professional “women’s reproductive rights advocate” a not-so-nice name, and they all come out of the woodwork decrying a “war on women” by Republicans. I mean, it’s so much bullsh*t that it makes your head spin. This was exactly the kind of hypocrisy and double-standard the late, great Andrew Breitbart would have not hesitated one bit to wade into.

Democrats and liberals are desperate to milk this controversy for what it’s worth – indeed, even Fluke on Monday’s “The View” refused to accept Limbaugh’s repeated apologies; she knows how to milk an opportunity to push forward her agenda when she sees one. She may be a defender of slutty behavior, but she’s no dummy. She knows the longer Democrats use their faux outrage to keep the Limbaugh controversy alive, that’s one less day voters can focus on Barack Obama’s abysmal record as President.

Because I’m such a nice guy and want everyone to get along, I’d like to, on behalf of not just conservatives seeking to push back on the Obama administration’s assault on personal liberty and the right of people everywhere to practice their religion (as long as it doesn’t impinge on the civil rights of others), but also liberals pushing lesbian, gay, and transgender rights across this country, make a proposal to Sandra Fluke I think she and most other Americans can live with: with a nod to Townhall’s Daniel Mitchell, here’s my deal:

I’ll stay out of your bedroom, Ms. Fluke, if you stay out of my wallet.

Frankly, what Sandra Fluke and others like her do with their sex lives I could care less about. With freedom, however, and the kind of sexual freedom the women’s movement was all about (at least until they decided they preferred dependency on the government to true personal freedom!), comes responsibility. You want to have sex like rabbits, go for it. You don’t want to get pregnant, I completely understand that – in fact, anything that reduces the number of abortions in this country I’m all for. But that doesn’t mean I, or anyone else, should have to support other your lifestyle choices.

Just like I don’t want the government telling me what I should eat, what car I should drive, or how I should live my life, neither should the government force me or any private company to make contraception available to you or anyone for free. You want to birth control? You can get pills at Walgreens for less than two grande lattes at Starbucks. Or, given that you need that cup of java to get you going in the morning, are you also expecting the American taxpayer to force Starbucks to make those lattes available to you for free as well?

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