January 9, 2012

One week ago I started the Mike and Mary Dan Eades’ “6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle” diet plan with the goal of losing ten pounds off my 170-lb frame and reducing my middle-age gut. It’s not that I was obese by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d been wanting to lose those pounds for months after seeing my blood pressure starting to creep up, and Tracey and I had been talking about restructuring our diets for a while. Like many others, I figured that the New Year was a perfect time to turn over a new leaf and kick off the year in a positive direction.

So what does this Eads Plan involve? Building off of their basic approach to health and nutrition, it’s basically high-protein, low carb. The first two weeks are a “boot camp” designed to clean out your liver and reduce the fat there that leads to “inner tube”, a flabby midsection, and other health problems: zero alcohol, zero caffeine, three “protein shakes” around one healthy meal per day, vitamin and amino acid supplements for leucine, magnesium, potassium to promote liver functionality, and specific gut-strenghtening exercises you do eight times a day. The second two weeks are the “meat weeks” where you go bulk up on protein, protein, protein, and the final two weeks you work your way into the maintenance program that (hopefully) one follows going forward.

So how has the first week gone? It’s been radical, I can tell you that. The protein shakes are tolerable and work as designed, the recipes provided in the book (lots of garlic and olive oil, which I like) are actually very good, and the exercises are very easy to incorporate into one’s daily regiment. Bottom line is, I stepped on the scale for my official week one measurement and have lost 8 pounds – a ringing 162 which I haven’t weighed in probably three years. My midsection has also reduced – not incredibly so, but enough that I can tell the difference in one of the pairs of shorts I wear.

The only downside has been a few nights of sleeplessness (something they say is fairly common at the start but goes away quickly) – last night was better than the previous three, so I’m hoping to be getting past that. I haven’t really missed the alcohol much, and surprisingly, I haven’t missed my morning coffee at all. I do find myself, however, having dreams at night about food: macaroni and cheese, veal cutlets pan-fried in olive oil and covered with marinara sauce, bottomless bowls of chili. While the mac and chesse is going to have to go on the endangered species list (or at the very least far and few between), the latter two I’ll be able to do during my “meat weeks”, albeit in slightly altered form.

While so-called “experts” (and I learned a long time to to put the word in quotes, not just because “experts” have their own personal agendas and in many cases are just full of crap) question this “fad” diet, at least for the first week I’ve accomplished near what I set out to do: 1) reduce my weight to a baseline I’m comfortable with (actually thrilled about), and 2) set the stage for a long-term diet less carb-focused with better lifestyle choices that are conducive to better long-term health.

The short of it is, one week in I’m feeling good, loving the lost weight, and going a long way to meet my goals. And that’s not a bad way to start off a new year. Will it sustain? Stay tuned.

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