November 13, 2011

Lost in a week where the top stories and 24/7 cable news attention was primarily focused on Herman Cain and the Penn State sexual abuse cover-up was the Obama White House once again showing its utter disdain for Congress, the rule of law, and this country’s needs for energy independence and putting people back to work by putting politics and the President’s unending re-election campaign over everything else. Consider the following three stories that are gaining traction as even the mainstream dino-media finally starts to notice just how corrupt and misguided this administration is:

Headline: White House delivers Solyndra documents, rebuffs full GOP subpoena:

The White House on Friday rejected House Republicans’ subpoena for all internal communications related to the $535 million Solyndra loan guarantee, instead providing 135 pages of documents that administration officials say meet the “legitimate oversight interests” of congressional investigators.

Considering Solyndra is just one of three failed “green” industry companies the Obama administration poured hundreds upon hundreds of millions of wasted dollars of taxpayer money into (Beacon Power and SunPower the other two), one has to ask what this administration’s priorities are. Is it this country’s energy independence, or rewarding fat-cat Democratic party donors at the former’s expense? Given the administration’s jaw-dropping decision on Friday to postpone a final decision on the Keystone XL pipeline that would transport oil extracted from Alberta oil sands to American refineries in Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast until after the 2012 election one has to guess it’s the latter.

Headline: Holder calls ‘Fast and Furious’ program ‘flawed,’ but defends response:

Under the operation, initiated in 2009, federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) encouraged gun stores throughout the southwestern US to sell weapons to known and suspected straw buyers in the hopes of tracking them to Mexican drug cartels.

More than 2,000 weapons were trafficked along the US-Mexico border, many to the Sinaloa cartel, and some guns were used in violent crimes in Mexico.

Guns found at the scene of the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry last December were later traced to “Fast and Furious.”

In his opening statement to the committee, Holder acknowledged “Fast and Furious” was “flawed in its concept and flawed in its execution.”

What really happened here is that anti-Second Admendment zealots in the Obama administration deliberately sought to use increased gun violence in both Mexico and the United States – gun violence they actually sought to increase through “Fast and Furious” – as a means to push through Congress legislation to restrict the availability and use of guns. Now you have one, perhaps two U.S. border agents and countless Mexicans dead, and hundreds upon hundreds of gun crimes committed as a result. People can talk about Watergate all they want – at least no one was killed as a result of Watergate. This administration has both American and Mexican blood on its hands, and yet Eric Holder still serves as the highest-ranking law official in this land. It is beyond disgraceful.

Headline: Obama Supporter’s Company Wins $433 Million No-Bid Contract for Experimental Smallpox Drug:

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being given to an experimental project involving high cost, questionable necessity and a major party donor — Why does that sound so familiar?

As noted in the above post, it was Senator Barack Obama who, on October 2, 2008 – just weeks before he was elected President – said, “I will finally end the abuse of no-bid contracts once and for all. The days of sweetheart deals for Halliburton and the like will be over when I’m in the White House.”

Riiiiight. Simply put, this is “crony capitalism” at its most egregous and vulgar. The fact that the L.A. Times has picked up on this story shows, however, that as much as they’ve resisted doing so up until now, even the mainstream dino-media is now picking up the stench of corruption eminating from this White House.

Underlying all of this is the truly breathtaking arrogance of the Obama administration and the mainstream dino-media’s unwillingness to take its total disregard for Congress and the rule of law law head-on. Over at The Ulsterman Report, a White House “insider” who has provided his own unique perspective on the inner workings of the President and his administration on a regular basis is shocked at the lack of accountability this White House has been held to. This insider, who is a loyal Democratic Party veteran, connects all the dots on the above when he says:

We have an administration directly responsible for the killing of hundreds of civilians in Mexico. The killing of our own border agents. The wasting of billions of taxpayer dollars that went back into the hands of Obama campaign donors. A Justice Department that dismissed a clearly proven voter intimidation case – that was on record declaring its intent to ignore race-based crimes where Whites were the victims. The shutting down of energy production industries in the Gulf – only to turn around and allow other nations the right to drill our oil. This president allows Middle East nations that were once at least somewhat cooperative with the interests of the United States to be over-run by Muslim extremists – and they call that kind of thing a (expletive deleted) victory for the administration! Talk about your “Mission Accomplished” moment! This president golfs more than he governs. He doesn’t meet with his own cabinet. There’s people in that administration who have never spoken to the man! When he is at the White House he sits up in that second floor room of his watching TV and waiting for the next batch of orders to come to him from Jarrett. A president that embraces radicalized union-backed protesters calling for socialism, who destory property and rape the weak. He has repeatedly pissed off Democrats and Republicans at every turn. Every (expletive deleted) turn. At every (expletive deleted) level. This guy has (expletive deleted) on the office. (expletive deleted) on the responsibility. (Expletive deleted) on the history and tradition of the office that he, by some tragic accident of which I personally played a part it – now occupies.

I encourage you to read the whole interview. The above rant comes at the end of an interview discussing the “Fast and Furious” scandal. And this from a Democrat fully-entrenched in both the administration and long-time Washington party politics! What you’re seeing right now at the highest levels of the American government is not only shocking; the fact that this President stands a reasonable, if not good, chance at being re-elected is a frightening prospect for both this country’s future and its future socio-economic well-being.

These are frightening times.

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