October 29, 2011

Fellow Goodboy Steve “Killer” Kowalski is polling the Goodboys for a final “farewell to golf” season outing next weekend. (I can’t make it, as I’ll be attending a “Occupy Phoenix” rally protesting corporate greed and calling for an end to capitalism.)

Quick question: why on earth should I work as hard as I do when all around me people are sucking off the taxpayers and lounging around on their asses getting a fat paycheck every month?

But I digress.

The St. Louis Cardinals are the winners of the 2011 World Series, once more illustrating how much folly the March and April predictions by so-called “experts” are. Jeesh, I was sure the Phillies and the Red Sox would be playing for it all! One of these days, general managers will learn that it isn’t so much the salaries or the talent they purchase, it’s the mix and who gets hot at the right time. As the Globe’s Peter Abraham notes:

The Cardinals were 90-72 — the same record as the Red Sox, by the way — and won with a rotation of Chris Carpenter, Jaime Garcia, Kyle Lohse, Edwin Jackson and Jake Westbrook. Sometimes it’s not the best team, it’s the team that plays the best.

‘Nuff said there. I was rooting for the Rangers, but congrats to the Cardinals who played every game like it was their last. But mark my words, the Rangers will be back in the World Series next year, and they’ll have the Red Sox’ Jonathan Papelbon as their closer. I think Texas has a great chance to win it all next year.

So here I am reduced to watching bizarre Herman Cain commercials and something called the CIMB Malaysia Classic on Golf Channel. Madre di Dios! January and the start of a new golf season can’t come soon enough…

That’s a bad storm about to hit the Northeast on Saturday. You really don’t want to see that devastating combination of heavy snow and leaf-bound trees. There are hundreds of people about to be without power for a lot of days. I still remember the Halloween “Perfect” Storm of 1991; up in the northern climes you can definitely get some bad storms this time of year. I wish I was there to experience it all…

…but I’m not. So today it’ll be in the ’80s and we’ll have our evening cocktails on the patio in shirt sleeves and pajamas and contemplating what kind of lighting we need to add to the back yard this “Arizona winter” to make it more welcoming beyond the patio / tiki bar area. I guess we’ll manage somehow…

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  1. How you suffer…it is unimagineable to know that you are forced on the patio, in pj’s and shirts sipping a cocktail at wintertime. This is right up there with water boarding. You can come back here anytime to get relief and respite from perfection…damn it to hell, you deserve better and I for one will protest this misery and pain you will have endure this winter.

    As for additional lighting…try solar lights. You put them anywhere, they cast a beautiful starburst pattern and don’t use any energy other than the sun. I know this is won’t eliminate your dire situation but could make it a just bit prettier…kinda of like how inmates decorate their cells with drawings.

    I am challenging all those who love and care about Doug to send donations for a snow machine. This torture has to end. He is a good person,his political views are the result of????? but he is good person. I am begging y’all, please consider a donation for a snow machine. It could make his life just a little more bearable. My check is in the mail. Make your donations out to End The Suffering for Doug Richard, c/o The Committee of Pity, 111 Are You Serious Blvd, This is a Travesty, KY 402Whogivesadamn.

    Comment by Jana — October 29, 2011 @ 5:17 am

  2. There are some who are saying that Card team just had no quit in them. Not true. Back in June when they were getting swept by the Nationals, they had plenty of quit in them. They just pushed it to the back while other teams (Red Sox, Braves) let it come to the front. With apologies to the Yankees and Tigers, the Cards beat the three best teams in the tournament. Besides that, they were a blast to watch.

    Comment by Rob — October 29, 2011 @ 6:51 am

  3. Jana is right, I’m afraid – to quote Jacob Marley, “‘Tis a ponderous chain!” But no donations, please – we’ll get by somehow. I’d much prefer donations go to the OWS protesters in NYC. After all, they need donations to help them power up their iPods and warm up with some Starbucks lattes while they hunker down in their Eddie Bauer and North Face tents. Losers.

    And Rob’s right – the Cards just got a roll and peaked at the right time. Back in 2007, the Colorado Rockies did the same thing, winning something like 22 of 23 games to run the table and make it to the World Series. Problem for them was they peaked one week too early.

    Comment by The Great Whire Shank — October 29, 2011 @ 9:31 am

  4. Shank:

    The only problem is every golf course
    is snow covered.


    Comment by Ron "Cubby" Myerow — October 30, 2011 @ 7:07 am

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