October 20, 2011

As most who visit this outpost on the blogsphere much would probably gather, I’m not much of a fan of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. To me, this movement is exactly what you get when you combine those ’60s burnouts who want to relive the heady days of the Vietnam War protests and those who’ve been raised by “baby boomers” and thus have been given every single privilege known to modern man who now see – gasp! – that there isn’t a nanny state to continue to support their every whim and need without any sacrifice on their own.

It’s just like the riots in England a couple of months back and Vancouver after the Stanley Cup Finals. Those protesters weren’t demonstrating against anything concrete – after all, there aren’t more than a few countries out there who are more nanny state than what you see in Great Britain and Canada. Note that the majority of those folks (as is the case on Wall Street, BTW) are not from the economically disadvantaged class; these are young people who come from the suburbs, went to college and accumulated large student debts for all their trouble, and are now looking at the future and wondering what the point of it all is.

I’m no psychologist – I’ll leave that to frequent visitor Jana – but I’m guessing if you dig down far enough what they’re all demonstrating against was the fear and anger they feel deep down at the thought that there’s nothing else to live for. I mean, when you’re given everything in life from the moment of birth and you have no more challenges, nothing to inspire and drive you to be something better and more successful, unless you’re a monastic, what’s the point of living? After all, how many nights at the clubs can you spend? How many lattes at the local Starbucks can you drink? At some point, there has to be something more than just consuming and living off of the toil of others. It’s easy to spew talking points about the rich and how they should “pay their fair share”, but it’s all bullshit, and I think down deep even they know how ignorant they sound.

You take away capitalism and what do you replace it with? Democracy? All you’re asking for is chaos. Every revolution founded on the idea of social and economic equality has led to violence, slaughter, and misery of the majority at the expense of a small but vocal minority. And why? Because human beings by nature are a competitive species. Fred Flintstone was damned if he’d allow himself to be eaten by a brontosaurus. If a Wall Street protester had the choice of eat or be eaten, I guarantee their humanity (I mean that in every sense of the word) would come out and they’d defend themselves. Remember, most people who speak about equality and true democracy doesn’t believe it applies to them. Human beings require structure and, for better or for worse, leaders to lead them.

You want to replace capitalism? Fine, what are you gonna replace it with? And who’ll be “the man” in that arrangement? Because with every vacuum of leadership that has ever since the days of the Garden and the serpent, there’s always been someone who believes they’re the one that has to fill it. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon. You make your own freedom here in the USA; the Constitution protects the freedoms you have from those seeking to take it away. At least it was that way until Barack Obama became President. But that’s a whole ‘nutha topic for another day.

In some ways I feel bad for the protesters of the “occupy” movements; they’re just now learning that you can’t be a spoiled child forever, that it’s a hard and harsh world out there. It’s time for them to grow up, the sooner the better for everyone.

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