July 9, 2011

There’s no way even “Mr. Hope and Change” can spin his way out of today’s bleak news on the jobs front. Obamanomics – the rapid exapansion of the federal government in terms of size, spending, and regulatory oversight – has been proven a dismal failure, and no amount of finger-pointing, class warfare, or weekend rounds of golf are going to change that growing perception:

The evidence that Obamanomics has failed — long-term unemployment is higher now than at any time in more than 60 years — is overwhelming. Even the White House senses its “stimulus” mantra won’t wash any more. After publicly chuckling that the much-vaunted “shovel-ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready,” [ha-ha!] the president can’t very well maintain that prosperity is just around the corner if only we keep spending ourselves deeper into debt.

Thus, we see two new messages emerging. First, the 1970s-esque acknowledgement that, yes, the economy stinks, but there’s nothing the president or anyone else can do about it. Why? Because there has been a “structural change” in the economy. The moral of this argument: “Get used to 10 percent unemployment, 15 percent underemployment, and bid a fond adieu to the American dream.”

It’s a message of resignation. Yes, it says, we’re doomed for economic decline no matter what, but trust us to manage it more gracefully than anyone else.

So what options are left for Barack Obama and his treasury secretary Tim “Tax Cheat” Geithner? Print more money for another so-called “shovel-ready” stimulus plan? Like, the last one worked so well, right? But that would be a disaster, and while they talk a good game, even they know it’s not an option given the mountain of debt we’re already under. No, they’re stuck and they know it. They gambled all their money and political capital on the big government solution to recession-busting and came up bupkis.

I think it’s time for the grown-ups to take command of the ship.

The only real solution, as Florida Senator Marco Rubio has so aptly puts it, is to create new taxpayers, not new taxes:

To be clear, new revenues are an essential component of any viable debt reduction deal. We can’t simply cut our way out of this debt; we also need to grow our way out of it. The best way to do this is by increasing the number of taxpayers gainfully employed in our economy and by easing burdensome regulations, not by raising taxes.

We can generate lasting economic growth and trillions in new revenues for the federal government through pro-growth tax reform. Sen. Pat Toomey has a budget proposal that lowers top marginal tax rates to 25 percent in a revenue-neutral way and eliminates loopholes and deductions, resulting in $1.5 trillion of additional real growth over the next decade and millions of new private-sector jobs, according to the Heritage Foundation. His budget recognizes that tax cuts and an overhaul of our 70,000 page tax code will create jobs and generate trillions in new revenue.

Net tax increases are poor economic policy. Will raising taxes on manufacturers make it easier for them to hire new workers? Will raising taxes on American energy companies make it easier to create jobs? Will raising taxes on the businesses that Democrats refer to as “millionaires and billionaires” allow those businesses to expand? Across the board, the answer is “no.” Instead, these tax increases will kill jobs in every district, state, and industry in the country. Regardless of the rhetoric coming from Washington politicians, these taxes will also have a mathematically insignificant effect on deficit reduction.

So what’s wrong with that? Too bad the Democrats (who have nothing left in their playbook except class warfare – this year they call it “shared sacrifice” – and tax-and-spend economics), and the Clueless Oneder in the White House (who thinks that reading speeches off of a TelePrompTer, playing the class warfare card, and blaming everyone else but himself for his dismal economic record and failures counts as leadership) won’t listen to reason.

But that’s what makes them Democrats in the first place.

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