June 26, 2011

[Ed. note: Warning: this post contains cute bunny pictures. If you have a weakness or sensitivity towards animal pictures that can cause any kind of health issue, please click away now!]

Our rabbit Peanut has always been a unique creature. She came to us courtesy of one of my co-workers, who found her in his back yard and somehow was able to corner her. Peanut is mixed breed with part of her being a lion head, meaning two things: 1) she’s got some long hair around her face (like a mane, hence the term “lion head”), and 2) she’s got an ornery streak in her a mile wide. It’s only been in the last year, after three years with us, that she’s gotten more relaxed and accepting of people touching her, which is nice – I mean, personality aside, she’s one cute rabbit that you just want to pet and cuddle, even if the feeling isn’t mutual.

We do know one thing about Peanut, however: as a female she despises any and all other females in the house, and whenever males are around she’s a flirt. We first noticed that when my sister-in-law’s rabbits “The Beastie Boys” (Sherman and Cookie) had a brief run of the house; we were amazed at how they liked her and the feeling appeared to be mutual. There was no fighting and no fussing – Peanut not only let them invade her territory (i.e., our bedroom), but let them have unfettered access to her cage, her food, and all her favorite places.

After we lost Half-Pint last month, our male rabbit Cosmo really took it hard. While they were never what I would call pals, whenever we’d let Half-Pint out you could tell she and Cosmo sought out each other’s company. They never really got to the point of bonding or accepting each other, but you could tell being around each other made for a welcome diversion from their typical bunny days. The one thing we’ve learned is that when a rabbit all of a sudden is no longer around, the other rabbits sense the loss of their presence. And, in Cosmo’s case, you could tell he knew Half-Pint was gone and not coming back. He was one sad bunny.

It was obvious from the start of this new arrangement that we should try and put Cosmo and Peanut together. The thing was, there was no way to get Cosmo from our office area to the next room where Peanut lived without some area rugs. Whereas Half-Pint could have cared less about the ceramic tile flooring that now covers the house – she would slip slide her way around the entire house and love the thrill of it – Cosmo has always been a chicken-shit and would only go where rugs were. So I went down to Lowe’s, found myself a bunch of small (and cheap!) area rugs we could lay side by side around the corner to our bedroom, and proceeded to let nature take it’s course.

It took several days for Cosmo to get up the courage to check out the new rugs, but over a period of a few days he gradually worked his way into the bedroom. And once he did, Peanut accepted his presence with open paws. Within a few days, she was making the reverse trip into our office area to be around Cosmo, and since that time, they’ve been virtually inseparable. It’s funny to watch ornery Peanut come running behind Cosmo when it’s time for bunny breakfast in the morning, and they love to spend their days days together either under the armoire in our bedroom:


(That’s Peanut on the left and a sleepy Cosmo on the right.) Or hanging out together in our office area:


(That’s Peanut on the right and a sleepy Cosmo on the left. Start to get a picture of what Cosmo likes to do throughout the day?)

Don’t they make a cute couple?

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  1. It’s the bunny version of Casablanca….I love it.

    Comment by Jana — June 26, 2011 @ 5:11 am

  2. …except that their lives not amounting to “a hill of beans” is instead a “hill of cocoa puffs”… if you know what I mean. 🙂

    Comment by The Great White Shank — June 26, 2011 @ 9:44 am

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