April 3, 2011

mohammed Let me first say the following: you will find no links beyond this to justify anything I’m about to say that follows. You can look them up yourselves – all you have to do is type on any Internet search engine the words “Islam women abuse”, and you’ll find plenty. I’m speaking from the heart here, and I feel no need to back them up with any kind of facts, and I do not care if anyone is offended by anything I am about to write. In fact, I hope they are. And I hope they come after me for doing so.

I can only hope that some fire-breathing Islamist fundamentalist looks at this post and comes after me. Because, frankly, I am sick to death of the so-called “Religion of Peace” that is called Islam and the wacko protectionism being given it by the mainstream dino-media in this country. This world has an Islam problem. It does so because it’s not Hebrews, or Christians, or Buddhists, or Amish people, or AC/DC fans who are killing and torturing women, and blowing themselves and innocent victims up in the so-called name of Allah, or Mohammed, or Sharia law, or whatever freakin’ stupid reason they conjure up. It’s Islam, pure and simple. It’s the Koran, pure and simple. It’s whatever the prophet Mohammed said or wrote, pure and simple.

Was the prophet Mohammed an idiot? Probably, I don’t know. But I do know that anyone who uses his words or teachings to abuse, or torture, or kill, or demean women in his name are idiots who deserve nothing more to be treated the same way themselves. Harsh? Hell, no. As much as I want, and as a Christian am taught, to love people and respect people for who they are, I have no respect nor tolerance for people who by their culture or in the name of their religion treat others like second-class citizens or worse.

Perhaps those Crusaders had the right idea after all – where there’s evil in the world it has to be snuffed out. And Islamic law is an evil that needs to be snuffed out wherever it exists.

This world has a Muslim problem, and the only way to eradicate it is to destroy it whenever it comes to our shores. Unlike the way the Obama administration appears to be thinking, you cannot employ military power whenever and wherever you see innocent civilians being slaughtered by dictatorships or authoritarian regimes, but you can at least officially condemn those nations and heads of states (and, believe it or not, religions), wherever and whenever it does happen.

Me, I’ve long since given up on the gross hypocrisy of liberals and Democrats who will kiss the asses of Muslims in this country in the name of political correctness while turning a blind eye to the abuses of women under Islamic fundamentalism in the world. Perhaps it is true that Christianity in its various states has had its own problems, but at least we’ve gotten over long ago the practice of killing people who don’t follow some particular teaching or agenda.

This world has a Islam problem. I try to respect and love people for who they are. Treat me, and others, as you would like to be treated yourself. I live across the street from a Muslim household and have seen (without going into great detail) just how second class women are treated within a Muslim household. As a self-proclaimed feminist I don’t like it, and I don’t respect it. Islam by its very nature is a cancer in this world, and as a cancer it needs to be eradicated whenever the health of the body is threatened. Those who would kill simply because some stupid cartoon about Mohammed is printed, or because a Koran is burned by some wacko, need to be killed themselves.

I don’t know what the prophet Mohammed might have taught under these circumstances. But if he believed plowing airplanes into New Yoprk City towers or lashing a fourteen year-old girl to death for adultery was in keeping with God’s will, then he was as dim and stupid and a wacko as his stupid followers are. And if any of those followers out there don’t like what I’m saying then let them come after me. Because I’m over all of you in every sense of the word. You are a cancer in this world, and like any cancer that threatens the health of the body you need to be eradicated.

Bottom line: You burn a Bible? No one’s killed. You burn a Torah? No one’s killed. You burn a Book of Mormon? No one’s killed. You burn a Koran? You have a bunch of ignorant uneducated wackos killing innocent people. How do you deal with such imbeciles? They’re a threat to humanity, and evil, and ought to be eradicated, pure and simple.

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