February 3, 2011

Lambeau Field? Nope, today it was at TPC Scottsdale, where the Waste Management Phoenix Open was delayed while they waited for the greens to to thaw out. How cold was it today? We may have got (so Accuweather says) to 46 degrees, but all I know is that the water on the driveway left over from the 7 AM front lawn watering turned to ice and stayed that way all day long – something I’ve never seen here before. Just got in from getting the mail and took a nice slide on it. Very weird.

Happy Chinese New Year – did you know 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit? And what a year it has been on the rabbit front. Butterscotch and Geronimo are doing great in their new pen. We finally figured out that Butterscotch wasn’t hopping over the fence the first two nights she was in her new location, she had found a little tiny opening between the fence and where it was hooked up to and weaseled her medium rat-sized body through the opening. I’m not surprised – if she could squeeze into the bookcase between Gray’s Anatomy and the next shelf she could certainly squeeze through that opening! No more. A couple of strategically-placed mesquite tree cutting have taken care of that, and the last two nights have been quiet and incident-free.

Turns out our home PC needs a new video card. When the machine crashed to the floor it pushed in the back screen, breaking the video card and shorting it out. Even though the computer is only 4 years old, the repair guy had to order it special after not being able to find a replacement at Best Buy. So, we’ll replace it, but I’m grading to a Dell Imperion with 64-bit, Windows 7, radar, sonar, and electric toothbrushes and all that. In the technology world today, if you snooze, you lose, and you have to keep up with the Joneses. (How’s that for a string of metaphors?)

S**t it is cold out on the patio tonight. Again, no comfy nitecap out there. Though the word is that in two weeks we’ll be in the low ’80s, so the slow but sure ride to summer will begin. That would be nice.

Tonight I’m reading a little “Havana Nocturne” and just Havana Daydreamin’. I can take or leave a lot of Jimmy Buffett, but I do like his quieter tunes. And he rarely – if ever – has matched the picturesque lyrics he wrote for this tune:

Stashed his trash in ecuador
Bought a good suit of clothes
Flew on up to Mexico
Standin’ by the shore

Waitin’ for some mystery man
To pay him for his time
But thinkin’ about all the money he’d made
Couldn’t help to ease his mind

Havana daydreamin’
Boy he’s just dreamin’
His life away

Daddy chopped that sugar cane
One day he fell dead
Jesus had a wanderin’ feelin’
Swimmin’ around in his head

Sailin’ on a midnight boat
There were no questions asked
The water so green and the air was so clean
He just stuck right to his task

Havana daydreamin’
Boy he’s just schemin’
His life away

Ceilin’ fan it stirs the air
Cigar smoke does swirl
The fragrance on the pillowcase
And he thinks about the girl

Spillin’ wine and sharin’ good times
She sure could make him smile
He pays her well but what the hell
He’ll be movin’ in a little while

Havana daydreamin’
Boy he’s just dreamin’
His life away

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