January 20, 2011

snowstorm Ed. note: I received a call on my cell today from fellow Goodboy and reigning Goodboy champ Steve “Killer” Kowalski (he’s the dude on the left in the pic); thought you’d enjoy hearing what life is like back in New England this time of year. It’s not verbatim, but you’ll get the jist of his sentiments nevertheless. Me, I wouldn’t know – today it hit 74 degrees on my patio and the “Bubba’s Big Bamboo” ** I made tasted awfully fine as I lounged in my chair and looked out over the green grass and palm trees.

Like I’ve said previously, it took me an excruciatingly long time to embrace Arizona, but now you couldn’t pay me to be back living in New England this time of year. (Of course, check back with me in July and you’ll hear a totally different story. But that’s OK, I’ve never confessed to being a monument to integrity.)

“Hey Great White Shank, Killer here. I’m driving up Route 128 and it’s freakin’ snowing and raining and the cars are piled up like the dirty snow piles on the side of the road. This place looks like Ice Station Zebra – without Ernest Borgnine, of course. We got two feet last week, and now the freakin’ weather forecasters can’t decide whether we’re going to get nothing or a big snowstorm tomorrow night…

[Ed. note: Sorry, Killer – it looks like the latter!]

“Anyways, I just wanted to tell you your last few posts were really spot on. Speakin’ truth to power, bro’. Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand? Are you kidding me? Awful. Pathetic. The end of freakin’ western civilization as we know it. And the Patriots on Sunday? We trusted in Bill [Pats coach Belicheck], now we have nothing. We’ve got [in Somerville, Massachusetts] people using sofas, chairs, trash barrels, and refrigerators to protect the parking spaces they shoveled out – it’s like a neighborhood garage sale, for gawdsakes! – but it doesn’t matter, the next snowstorm they’re all just going to get plowed in again. (That is, if the ice doesn’t get ’em beforehand.)

“Bottom line: I gotta go where it’s warm. This sucks. I mean, I’d trade places with you in a New York minute. That way, I could sit at the tiki bar enjoying a ice-cold brewskie while you sit here in this freakin’ snail trail with the snow and rain falling at the same time, a snowstorm possibly coming in tomorrow night, and then next week a big freakin’ Arctic blast that will only add insult to injury.

“I’m going to Vegas with you. Three weeks, I can’t wait. Anything that gets me out of the gray, the cold, the snow, the slush, the dirt, the cold mornings, the early evenings, the scrapers, the shovels, the union clowns in their snow plows, the whole freakin’ stinkin’ winter. I wish I was back honeymooning in St. Lucia. But believe me, I’ll take Vegas and golf, sun, warmth, and fun times with the Goodboys if that’s what it takes to get me out of this freakin’ freezer. Signing out, see you in three weeks!”

Can’t say I disagree with my Goodboys mate. Just check out this amazing video. No freakin’ thanks. I think Killer’s sentiments are exactly what Jimmy Buffett had in mind some thirty years back when he wrote this song while playing an extended stay in Boston back in February of 1979.

** What’s a Bubba’s Big Bamboo, you ask? Courtesy of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Las Vegas, it’s “a big stiff drink” that can haul away the mid-winter blues when you do the following:

Load a shaker 3/4 high with ice. Then…

1 shot Cruzan Vanilla Rum
1 shot Cruzan Banana Rum
1 shot Cruzan Black Strap Rum
1 shot Triple Sec

Then finish off with a splash of orange juice and a splash of pina colata mix.

Shake vigorously and pour into your favorite island glass (or anything that might be available – after all, beggars can’t be choosers!).


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January 19, 2011

Been a very long day, nothing to say, nothing to write.

No flowers on the doorstep today, we’ll see what happns tomorrow.

In the meantime… one of the worst sings ever recorded.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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January 18, 2011

There’s been this damned spot by the patio where, no matter how hard Carmelo and I try, we haven’t been able to get grass to grow. Obviously, there’s an absence of that miraculous combo of seed and water needed to conjure up any growth. Last month, like a good human being, I concocted an easy way out of this dilemma – why, I’d just cover it with rocks and place some bricks around it as a deigned “no grass” area. But Carmelo – always the soul of patience and judgment – told me to wait a couple of weeks and, if by then we couldn’t get grass to grow, why then he’d help me cover the area with stone.

I wasn’t convinced, but then again, I’m no Johnny Appleseed.

So, a couple of weeks ago, Carmelo shows up with a big grin on his face, a small bag of seed, and a handful of (gasp!) bark mulch (something you very rarely – if ever – see here in the Valley of the Sun). “Keep it moist but don’t drown it”, says he, and I, like the obedient homeowner, obey.

Wouldn’t you know it, today I noticed a healthy new growth of sprouts starting to take over the area. I’ve always known it – which is why I’m not very good at it – but landscaping and gardening require a whole lot of patience: something I’ve never had in ample supply.

Today was a new chapter in the loony episode I mentioned the other day. Last week, this rejected suitor of my sister-in-law attempted to send – for the third straight day – a huge, gorgeous bouquet of flowers to her and we rejected their delivery. I knew sooner or later that was going to bring some kind of rain, and sure enough, today we not only find a huge arrangement of roses by our front door, but three – count ’em – three! cards containing six-page letters full of insane ramblings of devotion. Most of it was pretty harmless rambling crap, but the line that got my attention was the one where he mentioned having $10K to send flowers every day and to hire a PI to find out where she lives so to more perfectly express his devotion. Yeah, right.

I have to tell you – especially with the goings on down in Tucson a little more than a week ago – I have a pretty low tolerance for (if you’ll excuse the expression) wackos. For some reason my sister-in-law really knows how to attract them, so now we’re going to have to get serious, with restraining orders going out tomorrow.

Y’know, I hate this kind of stuff. Anyone who really knows me knows that, for all my politically conservative bluster, I’m really a live-and-let-live kind of guy. I’ve always ascribed to the idea that if you’re living life on the edge you’re probably taking up too much space. When I came into this world it shrugged, I hope to go out the same way. If I can play some golf with my Goodboy friends, work hard to keep our India operation busy, have a few cocktails on my patio and enjoy some surf and tropical music, and cook some nice meals for Tracey from time to time, that’s not a whole lot to demand. But maybe I’m asking too much – hell, 80% of the world would love to know my existence, and I know it. I take nothing for granted.

So now, between the 60-hour work week and the rabbits and the debt I have to deal with yet another wacko in my sister-in-law’s life. Been there, dopne that. Y’know, there was a time in my life when I truly thought I was called to be an Episcopal priest. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t, but I’d like to think I would have made a damned fine priest if only given the chance. Tonight, I’m thinking my calling is to continually be there to rescue the damsel in distress I’m only half related to from the dragons that constantly surround her. Such is life.

The pineapple lights on the patio cast a soft pastel light as the soft acoustic surf-rock of The Sandals plays inside (where it smells like a funeral home with all the flower arrangements of the past week). The air is cool – but not too – and I’m looking at that street light that always seems to attract my attention and imagination like some crazy moth. I’ve experienced worse Januarys – weather and otherwise – so for now life is good. But I sure don’t like the way 2011 is starting out.

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January 17, 2011

This is the time when I really feel sorry for my Goodboys buds back in New England. The Pats got smoked – and I do mean smoked, as the final score didn’t really indicate just how much the Jets dominated throughout the game almost from its start. But even worse, look at the calendar – we’re barely halfway through January, and pitchers and catchers aren’t due in Fort Myers for another month. Oh sure, the Celtics and Bruins are still playing, but games this time of year in the NBA and NHL mean absolutely nothing. Who cares?

So what have you got? Just another long month with piles of snow stacked up on the street and more miserable weather on the way. That’s rough.

Fortunately there are a couple of Goodboys who can look forward to our weekend in Vegas in a little less than a month (me, I can’t wait!), but otherwise what else can you do except suck it up and let the winter crush you like a bug on windshield? All I can do is offer up Arizona as a potential respite option for those who can’t deal with it any more, and we’re ready: today I washed down the tiki bar and made the whole back yard just a little more inviting with the help of my friends at Hi’s Silk Flowers (yes, with a little Krylon Clear and WD40 you can decorate your back yard with silk flowers all year round here in the Valley of the Sun).

I lived this experience one time, and the mid-January blues are only made worse when the Patriots get crushed by a bunch of loud-mouth clowns from New York. What the heck happened – isn’t Belichick supposed to be a genius? If so, why is he consistently getting outcoached in the playoffs lately? Wasn’t Tom Brady supposed to be having the best season of his career? How can a team with a dominating 14-2 record come out so flat against their arch-rivals with everything at stake?

Me, I just don’t understand it. But at least I don’t have to now worry about the mid-January blahs – not when the weather is just starting to get nice here.

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January 16, 2011

“The birds are gone, The ground is white,
The winds are wild, They chill and bite;
The ground is thick with slush and sleet,
And I barely feel my feet.”
Winter Poems

I like this one as well…

“The first of January rolls around
Like clockwork it appears
I find it’s timing most profound
As it brings us each new year

Right on time, It’s never late
Has never ever blown it
Apparently this wise old date
Refuses to postpone it

Drink a toast to January one
For annual consistence
It’s coming means the old year’s done
Let’s drink to it’s persistence.”
Stanley Cooper, Happy New Year, 1926

Hat tip: Poemhunter

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January 15, 2011

This makes me look forward to my Johnny Walker Red nightcap even more.

That popular uprising in Tunisia isn’t getting a lot of headlines, but for the Middle East it could be significant. Calls to mind what happened in Eastern Europe back in those heady days of 1989 and you get the picture. Be interesting to see what happens in the coming days.

This reminds me just how great it is to live in Arizona in the month of January.

That was a smart decision by the LPGA to limit the number of exemptions 15-year old phenom Lexi Thompson is getting this season. Look, if she’s as good as everyone says she is, she’ll have plenty of time to grow up and be a teenager and work on her game until she’s old enough to compete on the same level as her peers when she reaches their age. Another Michelle Wie-esque burnout we do not need.

This can’t happen soon enough, as far as I’m concerned.

That trip to the gas station has been getting more expensive with every week. If a Republican was in the White House, the airwaves would be filled with sob stories about how the “little people” are being hurt by those mean and nasty Republicans. But in the Obama era, you have look hard for bad economic news from from the mainstream dino-media.

This tells me why I was smart to never pay a whole lot of attention to astrology.

If you’re living in New England that’s a very cold and harsh moon casting its ghostly light upon the newfallen snow. But here in Glibert, it’s a happy moon glistening the palm trees as they stir in our first warm breeze of the new year. What a lovely night.

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January 14, 2011

What a storm that was that hit back home the other day! Having spent nine – count ’em, nine! – winters in Arizona now, it gets harder each year to remember just what winters in New England are like. It has taken me a long time (probably too long, as far as my wife Tracey is concerned) to embrace and accept my Arizona surroundings, but I could never imagine myself spending another winter in New England. Still, check out this picture of the strand at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire during the height of Wednesday’s storm – what an awesome sight!


Oh believe me, if chance and circumstance were to bring me back to New England there’s no doubt I could handle it and adjust to it – especially if I could live in Newport, Rhode Island with a fireplace and plenty of wood nearby – but after spending so many winters here in the Valley of the Sun without ever having to wear so much as a sweater or a coat, I don’t think I’d like it much. Tolerate it – yes. Like it – NO.

So much of my musical tastes at any given time have always been tied to my immediate surroundings. Were I still in Massachusetts, deep in mid-winter, the piles of snow all around, the air crisp and frigid, the prospect of spring and green and warmth light years away, I’d probably be listening to Loreena McKennitt and hunkering down to music such as this, perhaps joining my Goodboys friend Ben at his lakeside house or a bar on occasion just to get me out of the house and chat about the latest happenings with the Goodboys, or talk about our upcoming weekend in Las Vegas, or reminisce about golf rounds and summers past as if it were all just a dream.

I was thinking that today as I walked outside in 70-degree weather in a t-shirt, lounge pants, and bare feet to put my Hawaiian pork chops (here’s the recipe, it’s wonderful!) on the grill. The sky turning a rosey hue, the air warm, the grass green, the Pinot Grigio chilled, the tiki lights on the patio just starting to make headway against the gathering disk, the CD player pushing out the mellow folk-surf sounds of The Sandals (I owe frequent commenter Jana a mix, BTW!). And as I walked past the pool (48 degrees) I couldn’t help but think of just how long it took me to accept and embrace my Arizona winter surroundings.


Sourroundings themselves don’t mean that much to me. To me, being around family and friends is what life is all about, and that’s why it took me so long to settle into our Arizona locale. To this day, I still have a hard time believing we live in Arizona – as a New Englander I have nothing in common with this place, the culture, or the people who occupy it. Oh sure, I have acquaintances I enjoy spending time with over a beer or glass of wine down at the local pizza joint on Fridays night, but they’re not what I would call friends like my friends back home. Still, having the house and patio re-done has made a big difference in turning what was a house into our home and making me comfortable in my surroundings, but it’s still the west and it’s still Arizona.

And that still seems like a dream to me.

But I’m happy here. In the end, I’m not sure it matters where the hell you live, as long as the temperature never goes below 31. 🙂 I have a great work situation – even though the hours are incredibly long – it’s a job I like, no commute, nice people, etc. And after all this time I’m too old to deal with the challenges of “real winter” (shoveling snow, warming your car up, scraping your windshield, pushing a shopping cart through slushy parking lots, etc.) beyond a glancing weekend visit blow.

Like the locals all say, you don’t have to shovel sunshine.

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January 13, 2011

palin Sigh. Another day, another Sarah Palin kerfluffle in the mainstream dino-media. She’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

Let it first be said that while I like and respect Sarah Palin personally, the only reason I’d vote her for President would be if she were the only one running against Barack Obama. Is she a political lightweight? Grossly unqualified to be President? I don’t know, I could say the same thing about the present occupant of the Oval Office; besides, I’ve already told you who I’d pick were it my choice.

That being said, it just amazes me how anything Palin does (or does not do) or says (or does not say) sends the liberal left into a tizzy that, frankly, both astonishes and amazes, and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. I mean, the left absolutely hated Dick Cheney, equating him to something just a little less than the devil incarnate (assuming, of course, that the left even thought in religious concepts like “the devil”), and they despised George W. Bush almost as much, maybe even more.

(Ed. note: Of course, that raises the question of why so-called liberals, who profess as their core values tolerance and acceptance, find it so effortless to demonize and hate those on the right. You can say the conservative right does the same thing, but that should be quite understandable – after all, according to the liberal left conservatives are naturally intolerant and unaccepting, not to mention racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, myopic, and plenty of other “ics” and “ists”!)

But I digress.

How is it that Sarah Palin is so able to live rent-free in the heads of the liberal left? I mean she absolutely drives them bonkers and twists their panties in an absolute tizzy with every appearance she (and any other Palin, for that matter) either makes or doesn’t make, and any syllable she utters or doesn’t utter. Why is she such a lightning rod? After all, if she’s so unsophisticated, stupid, unqualified, clueless, annoying, infuriating, and lacking in credibility as we’re constantly being told she is, why the obsession? Why not just ignore her and allow her to gradually disappear off the political radar screen until she’s just another afterthought in American political history?

Maybe a mystery like that is best left to Anna Chapman to help solve.

Might it be that deep down the liberal left fears her and feels threatened by her like no other? If so, why is that? Is it because she’s a woman who is attractive, charismatic, successful, pro-choice, pro-God, and pro-guns, and therefore doesn’t fit the tired mold of what the liberal left thinks women should be and act like? Is it because she, like other strong, self-confident, and conservative women like S.E. Cupp, Michelle Malkin, and Michele Bachmann are 180-degrees away from washed-up, has-been feminist icons like Jane Fonda and her ilk – is that what it is? That Sarah Palin is a threat to modern-day feminism (and by association, the liberal left) because she represents a certain dynamic that reflects a passing of the torch, reminding them of everything they once were and had but no longer? Hmmm…

Instapundit links to a Roger L. Simon column that offers up a similar theme. Writing of the liberal left’s unprecedented meltdown this past weekend, Simon writes that, at the very core of their outrage against Palin, the tea parties, and the conservative right is that they simply can’t escape the so-called “glory days” of the Sixties and Seventies that made them everything they were and still are today:

The liberal intelligentsia of our society may not be as sick as Jared Loughner — that would be hard — but they are exhibiting a depth of neurosis that borders on a collective personality disorder. And, to play psychoanalyst, I think this disorder points straight back to unresolved issues related to the [radicalism and violent protest] experiences of the sixties and seventies discussed above. The left’s confused and ambivalent attitude toward violence has never gone away and has now been projected out on their opponents.

Exacerbating the situation — and increasing the left’s anger — was their recent electoral defeat and the attendant failure of Keynesian economics to deal with the financial crisis. Their ideology is dissolving around them. The attempts to blame the behavior of a clinical paranoid schizophrenic on the words of right-wing politicians and pundits are the acts of desperate people.

I think Simon’s onto something here. Look at all the poster children of the liberal left today – whether it be on MSNBC, or “The View”, or in the Krugmans and Dowds of the New York Times or the Eugene Robinsons and Dana Milbanks of the Washington Post – and all you see is anger, resentment, and indignation. And who is the primary target of this blatant hostility? Sarah Palin. And I’m just wondering why. I mean, what has she done to deserve all that hostility? Sure, she ran for VP, but so did Geraldine Ferraro. Sure, she hunts and fishes and shoots guns, but so do a lot of other political figures. So what gives?

I’m thinking now writing this: they’re freakin’ jealous – jealous that the torch has been passed to a new generation that doesn’t fit their outdated worldview and worn out political paradiagm. Like the grand old dame who sees the pretty young things getting all the attention, or the old veteran ballplayer who played for peanuts and now sees these million-dollar contracts being handed out to nobodys, or the stuck-in-a-rut college professor who looks out on his class and sees young men and women with futures as bright and promising as moonlight in a martini (yes, I nicked that great metaphor from “Moonstruck”).

Or maybe someone else can help me out here, because otherwise I just don’t get it. In the meantime, I’ll just encourage Sarah to keep doing what she’s doing, because anyone who can continue to live rent-free in the minds of the liberal left in a way that unhinges them and keeps them thrashing and lashing out hatefully and irrationally must be doing something right, since by doing so they reveal their true nature for everyone to see.

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January 12, 2011

Here at the epicenter of the political universe life goes on as indeed it must. While we’re still grieving the loss of life and the actions of a clearly deranged individual, there are jobs to go to, people and animals to take care of, and blog posts to write. So here are a few items worth mentioning as the state of Arizona starts to pick up the pieces:

It starts. As I mentioned before, we’re going to learn an awful lot about Jared Loughner, his family, and his situation in the coming days. And methinks we’re going to see increased scrutiny on the actions of a certain pathetic excuse for a county sheriff whose 15 minutes of fame sermonizing on the evils of talk radio, Fox News, Sarah Palin, and Rush Limbaugh as the cause behind Loughner’s actions last Saturday are just about up. People like Jared Loughner always leave plenty of clues as to their intentions; we’re going to find out just how badly the Pima County sheriff’s department dropped the ball in the days ahead.

And if you need any more evidence of just how sick people can be, consider those despicable people at the Westboro Baptist Church (which, BTW, is neither a Baptist church nor even a church, but a evil and vicious cult) planning on coming to Tucson to protest at the funeral of Christina Green, the 9-year old girl killed at Saturday’s massacre. Can you believe it? Fortunately, a group of people are planning an “angel wings” gathering to create a peaceful and reverent perimeter of safety and support around the location to ensure not one of those creeps comes within eye or earshot of the Green family. If I can get my work schedule cleared, I hope to be making the trip to lend a helping hand.

There seems to be madness all around. Right now I’m dealing with a troubled individual who has been harrassing my sister-in-law (yep, yet another one) with hundreds upon hundreds of text messages to the point where we finally had to have her cell number changed. The past two days he’s sent her huge flower arrangements (very pretty, but our house smells like a funeral home!), so now that behavior will have to be nipped in the bud. Fortunately, he no longer knows where she lives (the state moved her out of where she had been living last week due to budget cuts), but the situation bears monitoring. After last Saturday, you can bet I’m paying attention to any cars that might be parked on the street before I go out to get the mail.

All I can say is, 2011 is off to an inauspicious start…

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January 10, 2011

I originally wasn’t planning on commenting about the Tucson shootings and the despicable orgy of political opportunism that The Daily Caller’s S.E. Cupp (one of my favorite journalists today, BTW) has rightly called “the unraveling of the political left” has resulted in its aftermath. Perhaps if the same thing had happened to a conservative elected official you’d see the same kind of behavior from the political right – I would hope not, but who knows? – but it just sickens me to see the political opportunism that has filled the media and the internet these past two days.

Before I speak my peace, let it first be said that all of my thoughts and prayers go out to the souls of those who were killed and those who were wounded for the anguish their families must be going through during this time. It’s a shame this country can’t find the compassion and grace to bring itself together in prayer and thought for them all during this time. For the dead, I can only pray they find peace in the Lord until the time comes when they are reunited with those whom they have left behind and grieve their passing.

I have a rant, and I’m ranting because I’m hurting.

The people who were killed or injured Saturday are real people, people who, if you were shopping at your local Fry’s or Market Basket or Winn Dixie, you wouldn’t even notice. And you know why? Because, if you’ll excuse my take on Christine O’Donnell’s electoral pitch, they’re you. And me. People who were simply going about their various businesses of the day, just as you or I would do on any given Saturday. People who just an hour or two before had awoken and were having their morning coffee or breakfast, never in a million years thinking that they’d never again see another beautiful Arizona sunset, or have cocktails with their spouse or loved one on the patio, or play with their friends, or fall asleep in their own beds.

All because some warped, crazed individual who somehow fell through the cracks of society and Tucson law enforecement shot them dead and injured. Not anyone with a certain political agenda (as if that would even matter), just a freakin’ wacko lunatic filled with anger or rage or whatever. And now people are dead and injured to various degrees – people like you and me. Any normal person would be filled with horror, sadness, anger, disgust, or any or all of the above at the senseless actof violence and the loss of life that resulted. Any person with a sense of compassion, humility, and humanity would find some way to channel their hearts and minds in a positive way to reach out to the people involved or the universe in which we all inhabit to try and find a way of bringing something good out of something so horrific and tragic.

But there are those in this country who could care less that those killed or injured were someone’s mother, or father, or spouse, or child, or friend, or compainion. As Andrew Klavan writes, these Beltway and East Coast elitists couldn’t even wait until the victims’ bodies were cold and the wounded were finished being attended to before they conspired to turn this massacre into some form of political gain. First it was Paul Krugman in the New York Times, then Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, then today’s Washington Post (I’m not linking to these a**holes, you can check them out for yourselves). The dead aren’t even buried, and two days later Yahoo! News and other political outlets are furthering a Politico blog post about what these shootings mean to Sarah Palin’s political future.

But that’s how these East Coast / Beltway elitists think: like Barack Obama’s now-departed chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s famous creed goes, “never let a serious crisis go to waste”. Those who frequent this blog know I’m no fan of the political left, but this goes beyond what I thought even they were capable of. I guess it just goes to show how deep the fear and hatred of Sarah Palin runs in Washington, New York, Berkeley, and other outposts on the political left. I mean, how freakin’ cold and heartless can one be? Is every event, every person’s life, nothing more than a move on some political chessboard? Do any of these people have any shred of humanity or decency in them?

Of course, those of us who pay attention to this kind of thing – for better or for worse – know all too well just how perverted and disturbed these worms are. It tells you just how warped and unhinged the political left in this country has become. It’s sick, pathetic, and despicable in every sense of the word. These people ought to be ashamed of themselves, but frankly, I don’t think they even realize how disgraceful and ignorant they are, and how small their petty and pathetic little worlds are.

It doesn’t matter what your political stripe is – their actions sicken me, and it ought to sicken you. It is in times like this that we should all be able to come together as Americans to mourn and pray for those involved and for our country, but I don’t think that kind of thing is possible anymore. People ought to be able to have a different political viewpoint and not be called haters, racist, sexist, xenophobes, and homophobes. I may not agree with you politically, but so what? We can disagree and try as best we can to find some form of common ground. Maybe it’s possible, maybe it’s not, but that doesn’t make us enemies, right?

As a Christian, I don’t hate anyone, but the political left – what they are, what they stand for, what their worldview is, and how they hate those who disagree with them so much that they’ll use a tragedy like the Tucson shootings to try and score political points – I damn and despise with every fiber of my being.

Life must look pretty good from way up there in the cheap seats.

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