September 2, 2010

Two events, neither of which are related in any way in terms of magnitude and scope, nevertheless illustrate just how precious life is and the importance of appreciating each day for what it is and living it to the fullest.

Our rabbit Ginger had started getting really picky about her food over the past week, and yesterday morning started acting goofy when food was put in front of her. We were a little concerned about this, because she was always on a “see food diet” – whenever she saw food she ate it, and with great vigor and passion. We took her to the vet, and after a barrage of tests she was diagnosed with sepsis, a bacterial infection that, once it gets in the bloodstream of rabbits, is usually fatal. It’s not uncommon, but it is unusual in that its origin is difficult to identify. At any rate, sometime during last night she passed away.

Later yesterday morning I got a call from one of my co-workers to say she couldn’t make the conference call we were just getting ready to attend because earlier in the morning her neighbor came running over to tell her that her husband, who was only 56, had suddenly stopped breathing. Because my co-worker had a nursing background she ran over and attempted to give him CPR, to no avil. He passed away before he reached the hospital.

We got Ginger as part of a pair of rabbits originally named Louise and Clark from a local rabbit rescue a year ago June. We thought they were dumb names, so Louise was renamed Ginger because of the rich ginger-colored fur around her eyes and between her ears. She always had one ear up and one ear down, and unlike our other rabbits, her fur had a coarse consistency about it that’s unique to her breed, which was (from what we hear) a cross between lop and Dutch.


She was a funny rabbit. I wouldn’t call her affectionate, but she was very attentive and fun to watch, especially when there was food around. She was a big girl with big hind feet who tolerated being petted, but didn’t really get into it like most of our other rabbits do. Rather, she sort of kept to herself and enjoyed tearing Yellow Pages books apart and rearranging the shreddings into a bunny bed where she’d veg out in her cage area during the day.

Although we only had her for a little over 14 months, she was nevertheless a part of the family. This is the fourth straight year we’ve lost one of our rabbits, and I guess when you have as many as we’ve had, it’s to be expected, but you never get used to it. Me, I’m getting tired of losing rabbits – it’s hard on the emotions. The problem now is what to do about poor Geronimo, who is used to having a partner and is now feeling a little disoriented and a bit lonely. He and Ginger weren’t exactly a bonded pair – I think they were put together by necessity at the rescue and learned over time to tolerate each other. Still, losing your constant companion has to be tough, so we’re gonna have to think carefully about where we go with this. We’ll find him someone to hang with.

Rest in peace, Ginger. You now belong to the ages, and we will miss you.

Pool temp: 86 degrees

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  1. Sending you both hugs and love and knowing what a loving home you gave Ginger Bunny. Should either of the three of us be reincarnated, we can only hope to be pets in “Our” homes. Jeeze…our cats and rabbits have one amazing life in our homes.My Willy is pushing 19 and Dad’s Buddy is pushing 15 and Mom’s Nellie is pushing 16…It’s a feline geriatric ward, a mom geriatric ward around my house. And then there is Lily who just turned 1 and is the terror of the entire place…it’s like letting a 3 yr old child loose in the retirement home. She pounces, attacks, smacks, chases and runs over anyone who has the misfortune of being in her path. Andrew is the self-appointed “manny” to Lily…his job is make sure she is clean and stink free and see what is wrong at the tiniest meow uttered by her royal PITA (pain in the ass).
    Sad to lose a fur friend but so much joy and love that they bring us.

    Comment by Jana — September 2, 2010 @ 4:52 am

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