August 29, 2010

Glad to see President Obama finally finishing up his “blissfully free” from stress Cape Cod vacation and getting back to work – after all, his so-called “Recovery Summer” victory tour has turned into a disaster of epic proportions. Let’s see all of the great stuff he and his administration can take responsibility for since June:

— An unemployment rate stalled in the mid-9s amidst growing fears it will once again approach 10% in the coming months.

— The sales of existing U.S. homes sank 27.2% in July – the biggest one-month drop ever.

2nd quarter GDP reduced from an already-meager 2.4 percent down to an abysmal 1.6, showing an economy that is slowing to a crawl. Horrible news coming just months before retailers ramp up for their critical holiday shopping season.

— The President wading in on the plan to build a mosque just two football fields away from Ground Zero. Once again we see this President taking an ill-advised jump into local politics (as he did by inserting his administration into Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration 1070 legislation debate) and igniting a fierce debate pitting one group of Americans against another. Not only was it a stupid and tin-eared thing to do, it provided his critics with additional evidence that President Obama is not the uniter his campaign promoted him as, but a divider of the worst kind. It also re-ignited suspicions that he’s an undeclared Muslim by faith.

— The Obama administration throws the state of Arizona under the bus in its report to the U.N. Council on Human Rights. Absolutely dispicable (and in my view, an impeachable offense) in every way imaginable. The thought of a U.S. President waging active war against one of the states is beyond reprehensible.

How bad has it all gotten for the Petulant One? When even as usually stalwart a liberal-leaning institution as the Denver Post starts crying “no mas!” to the gross exspansion of the federal government and federal government regulations and spending in the first two year of complete Democrat control in Washington, you know the jig is up:

We need our lawmakers in Colorado, and those who represent us in Washington, to start articulating specific proposals meant to restructure government to something we can afford.

In Colorado, that means ideas for balancing the budget without decimating K-12 education, higher ed and social services; and in Washington, that means deficit reduction plans.

The debate in Washington also will be about whether to extend President Bush’s tax cuts.

We don’t know that extending the cuts will help much in the short term, but we do know that adding uncertainty to the already fragile situation is irresponsible.

(Hat tip: Hot Air.)

As the days continue to count down to the November 2 mid-terms and a Democrat disaster of biblical proportions starts becoming more than just a possibility, expect more of this. Obama’s administration has been a total failure, forcing even Democrats to run for cover. Key question: does the President come out and admit that he was wrong and plan a change of course after the midterms, as Bill Clinton so ably did after the 1994 GOP “Contract With America” victory wave? Given that Obama seems completely incapable of: a) admitting anything he’s ever done has been wrong, and b) giving anyone but himself credit for anything, the answer is likely a responding “don’t think so”.

Which is fine with me. This clown deserves everything he gets – he’s taken an inherited mess and made it far worse than anyone might have expected. The unfortunate thing is that we as American are the ones taking all the shots – or, at least, the non-golf ones.

The lame-stream media loves to portray the Tea Party, FOX News, and Glenn Beck as some kind of abberation from the ruling class elite; this event ought to change the dialogue. Lemme tell you, something is brewing this coming November that few will anticipate in its scope, breadth, and impact. I can only speak for hundreds of thousands – if not millions – like me: I can’t wait to vote and do my part to derail the Obama / Pelosi / Reid agenda that has been hell-bent on destroying this country.

P.S. Happy birthday, Mom!!

Pool temp: 89 degrees

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