August 12, 2010

Wow, I must have really run my body hard with that India trip; I’m still having trouble getting beyond the exhaustion stage and the jet lag. My body wants to fall asleep and be wide at awake at the most opportune times, but I’ll get over it. I know one thing – I don’t care to see the inside of an airport or a plane for while, I’ll tell you that…

The house is back in shambles again, this time for the last phase of this year’s “suburban renewal” project. And what a year it has been: first it was tearing up the crappy carpeting and replacing with a combination of tile and wood laminate, then it was replacing the ugly, leaking chrome/plexi-glass stand-up shower with tile and glass, then exchanging the dying refrigerator and crappy stove with shiny black replacements to match the microwave and dishwasher, then ditching the boring slider with smart-looking French doors. Now, finally, the repainting of every wall in the house still in the original yucky brown with soothing pastels.

In the livingroom, we’re going with a lovely two-tone green/gray finish that Elie, our master painter, guarantees will “knock our socks off”. The ugly blue drapes (left over from the previous owners, they were probably up there a dozen years or more) are gone, to be replaced with gleaming white plantation shutters (to match the dining room out front). It promises to make the room quite calming and exotic looking – even with just the primer on it’s already a helluva improvement! – thus paving the way for (God willing) next year’s replacement of the countertops with some form of granite.

The brown hallway is being painted in a soft lavender – again, calming colors to offset the typical overworked frenzy this house often borders on.

For the rabbit room / office, the (you got it) brown will be replaced with a soft turqoise. Next year (God willing), the venetian blinds in the window will hopefully go, to be replaced with (again) bright plantation shutters. At least that’s what the room’s inhabitants are requesting.

Between all these changes, there’s no doubt the previous (and original) owners wouldn’t recognize the place. And Tracey gets the house she’s always wanted that has our own personal stamp on it. The minimalist in me says that this is all a bit of overkill; the practical angel (or devil) in me knows that once you buy a home you have to protect your investment. Everyone else in our neighborhood has upgraded, and we’re fools if we don’t take care of business while we have the means to do so.

And I have to admit, if you spend as much time in a house as I do each day, your surroundings ought to match the exotic and relaxing surf and tropical tunes that often fill the air. After all, one’s home should be an extension of one’s own personality, right?

Still, I can’t help the minimalist in me shaking his head. You can’t beat the sheer excitement of changing one’s surroundings – especially if it’s for the better.

Pool temp: 92 degrees

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  1. And this is the reason I am in a constant state of projects at my house until it is all as I want it. I have my Beach House on River and the colors and decor and still find more to do…now my bedroom has gone Zen with a Japanese theme to it and the walls are a wonderful funky, beachey ocean green. The downstairs walls are pistachio ice cream..have gone from ocean blues to ocean greens and LOVE IT.
    It is important for me that my home be my sanctuary and after all, that must one’s vision to create…create away. So happy for Tracey.

    Check out Hi Macs for counter tops vs. granite…more colors to choose from, less expensive than Corian and it is a solid core so if it gets damaged it can sanded out. I love my Hi Macs, Lowe’s carries this.

    Comment by Jana — August 12, 2010 @ 4:29 am

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