May 1, 2010

Headline: “Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law” Maybe I’m no genius, but wasn’t that the whole idea to begin with?

Headline from April 29: Arizona illegal immigrant law expected to boost May Day crowds in Bay Area

Headline from May 1: “Small” And “Smaller”: Pro-Illegal Immigration Protests Fizzle In Phoenix, Chicago, New York And Los Angeles

And another: Turnout a Bust at Pro-Illegal Immigration Marches; L.A. Protesters One-Tenth of 2006 Effort

Here’s my thinking: Could it be that a combination of the economy and a fear off backlash against pro-immigration demonstrations served as a wet blanket to this year’s gatherings as compared to previous years? It’s obvious that the loony liberal left has overplayed its hand in their hysterical responses to Arizona’s new immigration law. And, unfortunately, you even have some Republicans now caving in to the hysteria, lest they be viewed as – gasp! – supportive of a state that felt it had to act in the face of federal government inaction.

The critics of Arizona’s law have never been here, have never bothered to read the legislation, and instead have taken their talking points from idealogue Democrats and leftists only interested in spewing their ignorance for the purpose of political gain. Look, if you have a problem with a piece of legislation, fine – argue your position from a position of fact, not ignorance. I know it’s difficult to do, but show some intelligence and integrity. Don’t just call the good people of Arizona Nazis and compare the law to the equivalent of forcing Jews to show their papers. It’s inane and beyond reprehension.

The fact of the matter is that even American citizens have to show proof of identity everywhere they go these days. Pay for goods purchased at a store with a credit card, and chances are you’ll be asked to show identity. Try and buy a beer at a bar nowadays and chances are you’ll be carded. Try and take a flight anywhere and you have to show your passport or a driver’s license. Try and cash a personal check at any bank and you’ll be asked to provide some form of identity. Get pulled over by a cop and you’ll be asked for your license and registration. That’s not some new Nazi Germany in North America. That’s the facts.

This whole brouhaha ahas absolutely nothing to do with the Arizona law. What it is all about is Democrats and progressives using it as yet another attempt to portray Republicans and conservatives who believe in the upholding of our laws as racists for their own political gain – that’s all. And it makes me sick that the shallow-end-of-the-gene pool mainstream media ignoramuses trumpet these charges and allogations as some sort of gospel truth.

It doesn’t surprise me, but I’m also confident that most Americans see this for what it really is and by a large margin support Arizona and would support similar legislation in their state. In an economy where jobs are scarce, there’s little sympathy for those who are here illegally. When it comes to jobs and benefits in the present economy, it should be Americans first. But people are just now beginning to understand that this White House has a deep-rooted hatred of this country and the ideals it was founded upon, and is only interested in expanding their power and their ability to control, manipulate, and game the system for their own political gain. And if it means siding against the rule of law and promoting the interests of those who have knowingly and willingly broken it, so be it. Because it’s all about political gain.

The backlash against all this hysteria is just starting.

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