April 28, 2010

I’ve been meaning to raise this topic for quite some time, but something else always caught my fancy, or I was just waiting for the right time. If you’re an avid supporter of President Obama you might as well move along to your next websurfing destination because you’re not going to agree with or like what I’m about to say. And while the rose-colored glasses you’re wearing will prevent you from admitting I’m right, it most likely won’t stop you from accusing me of being a racist, because that’s what every liberal calls you when you even dare to say anything negative about out black President. Our African-American President. Our first President of color. Etc. etc. etc.

How polarized a nation we’ve become! I thought we were pretty polarized when George W. Bush was President, but that was nothing compared to the way this nation is right now. Does it have anything to do with Barack Obama being black? I’m sure for a segment of this population that might be true, just as for a segment of the American population President Bush was akin to Hitler for the war in Iran, or Dick Cheney, or Florida in 2000, or Katrina, or whatever. In the end it really doesn’t matter – there are, and always will be, extremnists on every side. And haters on every side.

Me? I just want people to get along. If you don’t agree with my opinions, fine, at least respect them. As I do yours. After all, we are a diverse nation and people, and we all have our own personal histories, biases, and viewpoints. I think the more we can share ideas and agree to disagree respectfully, that just furthers the dialogue and sets a tone and example others can follow in kind.

Which leads me to Barack Obama. You know, I often disagreed with President Bush, and before him, President Clinton, and before him, probably every other President I ever lived under. But never once while any of them were speaking, giving a speech, being seen in public, or giving an interview did I ever feel he wasn’t my President. Oh sure, he may not know me from Adam, and he might not have anything in common with me when it came to our political views, but I always felt while he was playing President, he was my President. I respected him, because, personal indiscretions aside, he knew what being President of all the people meant. And aside from Richard Nixon’s excesses, he respected the office he held.

I don’t feel that way about Barack Obama. Or his wife, for that matter. Say what you will about President Bush’s competence and his ability to make right decisions, he nevertheless seemed like a genuine, caring, and affable guy. Alternatively, I find the Obamas to be always edgy, bitter, angry, and immature elitists who simply can’t fathom the idea that others who disagree with them might do so simply because have a different political viewpoint or philosophical outlook. Heaven forbid!

While I may not agree with my President politically, I don’t expect him to be angry, surly, or petulant when it comes to those he disagrees with. I don’t expect my President to pit different groups of Americans against each other constantly. I don’t expect my President to always focus on the things that divide us, but what might unite us as a nation and people. In short – and I don’t think this is asking too much – I expect my President to be President of all the people – not some, not just those he philosophically agrees with, not just those whom he identifies with.

I think you can tell a lot about people by how they treat others in public. I was appalled that President Obama would use his State of the Union message to ridicule the Supreme Court for a recent decision they had made, with them sitting just feet away from them. What was he thinking he was accomplishing? After all, can’t the Supreme Court reasonably weigh the evidence in a case before them and make their own honest judgment? Isn’t that their job? If you’re President of the United States, even if you disagree with their decision, you don’t ridicule them in public during a State of the Union speech. It was crass, undignified, and lacked any kind of grace and class.

And all these town halls where he’s pushing his own fascist idea du jour. He can’t simply expound the virtues of his programs on their own merits, he has to play the race card, or the class card, pitting one group of Americans against another. Whether it’s criticizing the Cambridge, Mass. police for their arrest of Henry Gates without first considering first the facts of the case, or railing against greedy doctors, insurance companies, the banks, Wall Street, or, most recently, the state of Arizona’s recent law against illegal immigration, there’s Obama trashing one segment of the American population or another. Other Presidents had their own “pit bulls” to do their dirty work; they understood the importance of maintaining the dignity of the office while still needing to further their own agendas and get their points across.

Personally, I find Barack Obama eminently dislikeable as a person and will never consider him my President. And not just for the reasons I mention above. You know why else? Because, frankly, I have a sincere doubt that he considers me worthy of his own consideration. He probably thinks I make too much money and ought to fork over more than the $7K I just did last week for the benefit of someone else more worthy or needy or underprivileged. Besides, I do all the things he seems to have a problem with: I work hard in the private sector, pay my taxes, have worked hard to get where I’m at without a whole lot of assistance from anyone – let alone the government, am a Christian, was born in the United States, and feel I have the right to live my life the way I want while I still can without encroaching on others’ ability to do the same.

I guess these days it’s asking too much for your President to conduct himself with grace, class, honor, and dignity, all the while striving to bring a polarized nation closer together by focusing on all the great things we have in common – our desires, our dreams, our hopes for future generations – as opposed to driving us further apart for the purposes of his own political self-interests and socialist agenda. But Barack Obama is not capable of that. He’s an empty suit, a Manchurian candidate who fooled enough people that he was “Mr. Hope And Change” to become President while all the while doing everything he could to mask his radical past and his socialist agenda.

It shouldn’t be asking too much to wish that, deep down, your President was at the very least a nice guy you could respect while disagreeing with. Unfortunately, Barack Obama is not, never was, and never will be, that kind of guy. And one of these days, that’s going to come back and haunt him.

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