April 23, 2010

Slowly, almost excruciatingly so, The Great White Shank household is coming back to normal. Thanks to a new install of Microsoft Office 2007 and running some recovery utilities provided by our Geek Squad guy, our PC is pretty much back to where it was four weeks ago. All personal data and e-mail back and everything. Pretty cool. Actually, it looks a lot better, since, because Little Half Pint chewed through our wireless mouse / keyboard doohickey, we have a fresh, clean new Logitech keyboard that’s a pleasure to type on.

The tile guys have completed all their work as well – today it was sealing the grout in the master bathroom’s new shower area. As we took one final stroll around the house (granted, it took all of a minute), Juan remarked how much an improved look the laminate and travertine flooring has given the house. “It no longer looks like shit”, said Juan, as only he could. All that’s left is the shower door, the patio slider, and some fresh paint to brighten up the place, and that will be it for “Suburban Renewal 2010”.

Sure, the rabbits are pissed – no more carpeting to gnaw on – but we like it.

Back to the computer. It’s amazing just how much you get accustomed to stupid programs like Microsoft Outlook. Even with all the recovery activities we have implemented over the past two weeks, raising this machine from a glorified boat anchor to a functional PC again, Tracey didn’t feel like it was all the way back until she saw Outlook and all our personal folders and our Inbox filled with 400 e-mails we’d never quite gotten around to filing. Now if I can only get the sound package to work we’ll be back 100%.

Haven’t blogged about politics much over the past few weeks, but let me say two things pertinent to Arizona politics:

1. Although recent polls still show him leading former congressman J.D. Hayworth for the Republican Senate primary race by anywhere from 5-10 points, I predict Hayworth ultimately takes him. If McCain had run as forceful a campaign against Barack Obama in 2008 as he is against Hayworth, he just might have pulled that election out. The locals around here (me included) were willing to give McCain the benefit of the doubt, but his running against a Republican opponent much harder than he did against a Democrat for the White House strikes people as wrong (not to mention, in my mind, showing his true colors), and I think it turns against him in the long run.

2. Governor Jan Brewer signing that controversial immigration control bill into law was the right thing to do. Out here in the East Valley we don’t see what’s happening on the ground no more than an hour or two away from here, but folks I know that travel a lot to Tucson say the situation is becoming quite dangerous there and something needed to be done. President Obama can moan and groan all he wants, but the fact is, states absolutely do have the right to protect themselves from invasion if the federal government refuses to do so – see Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution. Anyone waiting for Obama to do anything to protect this country from anything, let alone illegal immigration, don’t hold your breath. Maybe it’s not necessarily the most politically expedient thing to do, but Arizona is doing the right thing. (Link courtesy of Instapundit)

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  1. My grief can beat your grief and here it is. I know this too shall pass but damn it to hell anyway. Emptying my parents’ these past two weekends has been emotionally excruciating but it had to be done…all their belongings added up to 725.00 total. That was a shock, but then they never bought new, just kept what they had.
    Well, here’s how my weekend started off…..
    I was in the basement and noticed my rug was soaking wet and the extra daybed mattress that was on the floor under the daybed. Water was seeping from under the wall onto the floor. Great!!! Having just spent the day at my parents’ house hauling more stuff over here, I was already tired.
    I call the er plumber, he gets here…he starts cutting basement dry wall like crazy..says, “it’s higher up”. We go to the kitchen…he says, “we need to take out your kitchen cabinet under the sink and maybe the dishwasher…there is a pin hole leak in the line behind the cabinet…or, I can just cut the back of the cabinet out”. Ah, NO way are you cutting out my cabinet wall. He says, “well, you need to call who ever put them in to come take them out so I can fix the leak”.

    My mother is going nuts on me, telling me to take her home…she has totally forgotten she ok’d selling the furniture and now is upset that I have gotten rid of ALL HER THINGS and she cannot live here anymore because I make her miserable and treat her like an invalid (she is not happy).

    I have put a bucket under the leak and for the night have shut off the water. I don’t expect to get ahold of anyone to deal with the cabinet issue until Monday…I have major holes in my basement drywall..everything is a mess, it is likely my kitchen is going to be a total mess shortly.

    All I wanted to do tonight was just come home, read on the porch and have a quiet evening….guess not.

    Anyone have drugs??? Booze???? know hypnosis???? willing to knock me out with a 2×4???? I am open to any suggestion that will put me in a comotose state for just a little while.

    Comment by Jana — April 24, 2010 @ 5:02 am

  2. Holy cow, Jana – that’s awful! I love the beach and all things surfing and surf, but I’ve learned to hate water in most forms thast arrive in places it’s not supposed to be. All I can say is that you’re not alone – my cousins back east have had water issues since all the rain last month. It doesn’t help to say it, but you’re in a very big boat right now. You can only deal with what you have in front of you.

    As for the situation with your mom, you need to find yourself ways of giving yourself a break from time to time. I have to believe there are agencies out there that could provide at least some guidance along those lines.

    Feel free to call if you ever need to vent, and we can raise a cocktail together. Hang in there, know we are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.

    Comment by The Great White Shank — April 24, 2010 @ 11:59 am

  3. Yesterday was a better day and I am learning to choose my battles with her and not “remember” for her things she forgets…easier on both of us. Luckily the condo next door is vacant and I have access to water and bathroom. Venting is what I do a lot of these days. I have a young woman who comes to be with mom during the day Mon-Thu and that helps a lot. My “respite” is work and the gardens, which are overgrown with weeds and need attention desperately. This is Derby Week and lots of festivities (raining on most of them and the Oaks and Derby day).
    Thanks for the offer of “phone venting”.

    Comment by Jana — April 25, 2010 @ 5:10 am

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