October 15, 2009

Headline: Archbishop of Canterbury calls for an end to economic growth to save the planet

I’m trying to figure out exactly who and what gets “saved” if economic growth were to end. No more industrial food production? No more advances in medicine and technology? Surely he understands that the end of worldwide economic growth would means death to millions upon millions of people, right? Sure, everyone longs for those “good old days” of medieval Europe; methinks the titular head of the worldwide Anglican Communion should stick to what he knows and the ecclesiastical boundaries of his office. Otherwise, he sounds like a fool.

Headline: Iran Hanged A Straight Man Last Week For Gay Sodomy

Wait a minute: Didn’t Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insist there were no gays in Iran? That lying bugger!

Headline: Scientists Make Desktop Black Hole

Here’s my concern with that: if you mistakenly knock over your coffee cup, where will the coffee emerge? Somewhere on the other side of Pluto?

Headline: Limbaugh Dropped From Rams Bid

First of all, let’s all agree that the NFL has a right to deny anyone full and/or partial ownership to anyone – after all, it’s their show and their own private club. And anyone putting an ownership group together ought to at least understand that anyone involved in a potential ownership group could face a certain amount of scrutiny – especially if they’re as controversial a figure as Limbaugh is – something I’m sure we’d all agree Limbaugh is. So I don’t blame Limbaugh for wanting to be a part of some prospective ownership group, I blame the person putting it together.

That being said, in this country you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. And in this regard, the character assassination via unsubstantiated quotes attributed to Limbaugh by his many detractors on the liberal left should send up a big warning flag to anyone who believes in the right to freedom of speech.

OK, so Limbaugh said Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was treated differently because of his race. Agree or disagree (I have no clue), it was wrong for Limbaugh to inject McNabb’s race into a football broadcast, and he was let go because of it. Fine. But when cable channels like CNN and MSNBC put forth completely fabricated quotations based on entirely unreliable sources, that’s not just shoddy journalism, it’s libel, and Limbaugh should sue. I hope he does.

Both channels have subsequently withdrawn their accusations, but the damage has been done.

If the NFL wants to reject Limbaugh for certain statements he has made in the past, fine, but for CNN annd MSNBC, the NFL players union, and racists like Al Sharpton to fabricate statements simply because they disagree with a certain person’s politics, that’s nothing short of McCarthyism.

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  1. The fabricated statements were wrong and unnecessary but they’re not responsible for getting him dropped from the bid. Rush was never going to be accepted into that club. If anyone told him that he was cleared at the highest levels of the NFL, he is an idiot to believe it. If no one did, then he fabricated that. He doesn’t make for a sympathetic victim.

    Comment by Rob — October 16, 2009 @ 5:08 am

  2. Since when is the NFL a haven for the pure and holy? This is silly, just like any other “character” issue in sports. Should we throw out all of the crooked or racist politicians? How about CEOs? Police? Soldiers? You get my point. I don’t approve of the the bad guys of the world, but I get nauseated when this kind of thing happens. It’s the NFL who by the way just reinstated Michael Vick!

    Comment by Jerry — October 29, 2009 @ 4:39 pm

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