August 25, 2009

To say I’m fearful in a way I never thought as an American I would ever feel about what is going on in Washington is an understatement. And it’s not just me – you talk with people at work, or in casual settings, there is a fear, an honest-to-goodness fear out there about the direction this country is being taken in by the radicals now in control in Washington.

I can tell you this, when St. Barack Obama was hyping his “Hope and Change” this was NOT what the majority of this country had in mind.

Were it just the idiotic notion of the federal government imposing it’s idea of health care reform on the citizens of this country in all its manifestations: any one who doubts you would find bowtied, bum-kissing, soulless government bureaucrats rationing care to the elderly, telling people what they can eat, how they must raise their children, what they can do for work, what they can’t do for leisurely activities, etc., all in the name of controlling costs – that would be one thing.

But then you have this. That would be akin to you or me running up a household debt of hundreds of thousands of dollars, then deciding after we just got laid off from our jobs to take a 3-month, around-the-world cruise on our credit cards after stopping by the showroom to purchase a Hummer H3. It’s that insane. No one in their right would ever think of such a thing, but this government does it – every day – without even batting an eye.

Can anyone honestly say they’re comfortable with the enormous debt this government continues to run up and its implications? This isn’t about taxing you (even thought that’s coming, believe me). This is about taxing everyone and everything. You don’t believe me? Check this out. This is not just about you, this is about your neighbors, your parents, your children, your grandchildren, and hell, your great-grandchildren, for that matter.

And it’s not just the Democrats. It’s the damned Republicans who started us down this damned road when they had control of Congress. It was the GOP that led us into the freak show that the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Harry Reid now run. If they were just incompetent that would be one thing. But these people are hell-bent (and I use that term in every sense of the word) on destroying everything this country stands for in the name of one thing and one thing only: maintaining and consolidating power. These bastards could care less about the impact of their uncontrolled spending habits – whether they tax the bejeezus out of you or your children, who cares? They only care about power, and they’ll do anything and everything they can do to maintain it.

And it’s not just the health care and economy. From the start this White House has sought to impose control and their radical, fascist agenda over Wall Street, the pay of private industry executives, the American auto industry, and lately, even over how enemy combatants in the field are interrogated.

And now they want to review the state of journalism in this country. Hmmm… now why would they want that? To impose a state-run media? With this crowd, nothing is beyond their imagination.

Remember one thing: this is all about control – expanding it, consolidating it, maintaining it. And it is up to the voters to stop it at all costs. Even Thomas Jefferson stated that a good revolution from time to time was a good thing. Nat Hentoff reminds us of this:

President Obama is teaching us that, as Thomas Jefferson often said, “the people are the ultimate guardians of their own liberty.” The growing resistance to the president’s goal of state-controlled health care is moving more of us to act on our constitutional power to protect our quintessential individual liberty — to decide for ourselves how long we are going to stay on this Earth.

The reverberating town-hall meetings are a legacy of the 1765 meeting in Boston where Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty organized against King George III and, not having access to the Internet, later started the Committees of Correspondence that alerted all the colonists to insistent royal threats to their personal liberties. During a secret meeting in Virginia, Jefferson helped organize such a committee in his state.

Barack Obama and the radical leftists he has hopped into bed with have awakened a sleeping giant, something that is in the very bloodstream of the American experience. People everywhere are beginning to understand that our very freedoms and liberties are under assault by a government whose power up to this point has been left unchecked.

How to end this post? Well check out “Out Of Control”, an Eagles classic from 1973. A good tune.

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