July 16, 2009

It’s the Thursday before the Goodboys Invitational – “Christmas Eve” in Goodboys parlance, and it looks as if we’ll be playing between the drops this weekend. The New England weather has been quite pleasant thus far, however – a far cry from the blistering heat that continues back home this week – and, while there are few things in life I enjoy less than playing golf in the rain, it sure beats doing it in 110+ degree temps. I’ve done both, so I know!

It’s been a crazy week outside of the ‘Nation, however. Is it just me, or does it feel as if the whole world around us is beyond wacked out?

Question of the day. If it wasn’t for the weather and the coast, why would anyone want to live in California? Talk about a state totally screwed up.

The Episcopal Church (TEC) signals its inevitable expulsion from the worldwide Anglican Communion by pushing ahead with its intent to resume ordaining openly-gay clergy. It will be a pyrrhic victory, however, for the feminist and gay and lesbian activists who have controlled the Church and steered it away from the teachings and traditions of orthodox Christianity over the past three decades. One can only wonder what they will have left to preside over as people continue to leave this so-called “church” in droves, leaving it with even more money problems than it already has.

…But I’ve long given up the thought that TEC even cares anymore about its supposed mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At least now what TEC really stands for is there for all to see. Make no mistake about it – this is all about feeling good about the sexual choices gays and lesbians make and the lifestyle choices they embrace, nothing more. Don’t believe me? This, this, and this and this should tell you everything you need to know.

Heard about the radical plan House Democrats are pushing fast and hard to nationalize health care? Bet you didn’t think it would ultimately outlaw private insurance, did you? Well, Investor’s Business Daily is doing the legwork the mainstream media ought to be doing, and the plan is nothing but legislated insanity. Ed Morrissey has all the details and some thoughts.

…But you won’t hear about this from anyone in the mainstream media – they’re more concerned with other pressing matters – like this.

Hard to see how this aspect of the Democrats’ plan is going to do anything but incite class warfare. What the Democrats in Congress know about macro and micro economics you couldn’t fit on the head of a pin. This is not just beyond incompetent and stupid – it’s dangerous and a threat to this country’s long-term economic stability.

Reading this made me sick. What kind of culture produces this kind of thing? Oh, I forgot, this.

Good for Tom Watson. Wouldn’t it be something if he could hold it together for all four days?

…And with that, your humble correspondent is off for some fried clams and Christmas Eve with the Goodboys, followed by three days of golf and the usual madness that surrounds a Goodboys Invitational weekend.

God willing, I’ll be back in one piece to report on it all for you come Monday. Y’all come back now, y’hear?

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