July 7, 2009

Tonight was one of those nights where everything seemed the same – the air temp was 96, the pool was 96, and even though there was a significant breeze, everything felt the same – air, water, life. The moon was pretty, however, and the green glassy diamonds its reflection created on the pool bottom was peaceful and relaxing to look at.

How much of an idiot is Al Gore? This much. Anyone who compres some arguable threat of global warming akin to a evil regime that slaughtered millions upon millions of people, be they civilian or combatant, is simply a peawit.

Isn’t Michael Jackson buried yet? It seems like he’s been dead for months. Let’s get this national – oops, international, immersion into insanity over with and get on to more important stuff.

This is kind of a cool story.

It’s about time someone from the Left calls the petty, pathetic, and vicious treatment of Sarah Palin for what it is. Key line: “Self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ made a blood sport of hating and dehumanizing her.” She’s right, and I know a few of them.

Mark my words, the Dodgers are about to find out exactly what Manny Ramirez is all about – he’s a spoiled, selfish, man-child a$$hole disguising himself as a professional baseball player. He gets suspended for PEDs and is welcomed by the idiots in La-La Land as some kind of a conquering hero. He now knows he can get away with anything, and believe me, he’ll try.

The final thought for today isn’t mine, but it’s about time someone had the clarity of thinking to write the following. A key excerpt:

…The media had better find something that actually sticks, or they are in for a world of hurt. As more people catch on to their game of attempting to keep us ignorant and misinformed, they will continue to lose credibility. If this media loses credibility, so does their entire liberal agenda.

The double standard in the media is hideous. Barack Obama does dealings with a felon (Tony Rezko), is politically mentored by a proud terrorist (Bill Ayers), is steeped in 20 years of the racist preachings of Jeremiah Wright, and the media pursues nothing. Sarah Palin is edited to sound like a fool in an interview with Katie Couric, and the media pounces. Barney Frank can run a homosexual prostitution ring out of his apartment, while railroading our housing market through felonious dealings with government agencies, and his credibility is never questioned. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has to defend her accent and her proclivity toward sports analogies.

The disgusting coverage of the death of Michael Jackson, and the pathetic fawning over a President that is bypassing our constitution and overrunning our ideals has indeed sparked a backlash against the American media. The media’s credibility is wavering, and therefore the liberal agenda is also on the ropes. This nation may be on the cusp of something wonderful. Perhaps a return to conservative values, conservative philosophy, and the American way of life (reason and enlightenment), is just around the corner.

I’m thinking he’s a bit optimistic here, but I do think the media has so overplayed its hand in its obvious love affiar with President Obama and the over-the-top Michael Jackson coverage that there’s bound to be a backlash. Of course, maybe Americans have just gotten accustomed to being ignorant and misinformed – hell, that’s how Obama got elected to begin with.

At any rate, if that’s the case, we have a much bigger problem than just Barack Obama attempting to destroy this country’s economy for his own radical socialist and statist purposes.

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