May 7, 2009

I’m not a Republican anymore, but over at RedState, ClarkKent has articulated my sentiments regarding President Barack Obama and his agenda pretty well:

The GOP said no to a bloated, irrational spending bill and stimulus package that would cage our grandchildren in the abyss of debt and high taxation for the majority of their lifetime; not to mention expand federal power beyond it’s limitations. The GOP is saying no to a government doctor, who by its own history cannot run a program in an efficient and sustainable manner. You look at Social Security and Medicaid and how could you not say no to the idea of a universal system? The GOP said no to the idea that the White House run the 2010 Census. They said no to the card check system which sought to take the power from the workers and place it firmly in the hands of union bosses. Yes, my party said no to a lot of things and they’re about to say no to a whole helluva lot more.

We say no to hate crime legislation that would dictate the worth of human life of some over others. Hate crime isn’t a crime against homosexuals or African Americans; when you take the life of any person, that’s a hate crime. There are no guidelines for what is or what isn’t a crime driven by hatred. Are we so disconnected from our neighbor? Has the relationship between man and his brother decayed that much? And have we so shut the coffin on the almighty that we dictate for ourselves who’s life is worth more; that’s not American, that’s not humane; it’s a perfect example of reckless judgment and power in the hands of deeply flawed people.

We say no to global warming laws that would punish capitalism and energy exploration. We say no to the Kyoto Treaty, a document that has one objective in mind and that’s to once and for all capture the sovereignty and power of America by international bureaucrats and hold it hostage. We care for this planet because we’re Christians and the good lord commanded his children to be stewards of the earth. Reason must take shape as the guiding light for any future energy plans and environmental policy. We cannot give in to the radical elements of the environmentalist movement as our friends in the Democratic Party already have; in fact they laid out the welcome mat.

I think this is about right. I long ago gave up on the Republicans to do the right thing in Washington: less federal spending, less government intrusion into the lives of everyday Americans, less taxes, greater faith in citizens to decide the extent to which they want their states to regulate their lives.

Now before you go calling me some right-wing wacko, know this: I have no problem with “gay marriage”, and I’m an environmentalist at heart. I do favor a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion, but am more of a feminist than either Barack Obama and his America-hating, $540 sneaker-wearing wife ever dreamed of being. (Democrats and liberals by nature are all for women’s rights, but when the U.S. chooses to condemn or make war on countries or societies that reduce women to nothing but slaves, out goes the feminist agenda.)

Bottom line here: Sooner or later, Republicans in Washington are gonna have to decide what pedigree they come from. The conservative train is leaving the station, and they can get on it or off it, otherwise they’ll find themselves under it.

Good for someone at RedState to have the balls to articulate something that the Republicans in Washington would do well to heed.


One final note: I’m not much of a fan of Ann Coulter but in this case truer words have never been spoken.

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