February 26, 2009

…though clearly I am here. Just making sure everyone knows I haven’t completely disappeared from view. This has been a tough week. The only good thing has been to walk outside for the few minutes I’ve had between calls and smell the fragrant air, enjoy the sun, and wonder what it would be like to have a free hour or two to just go hit some balls.

It’s awful – I mean, this is THE time of year to be playing a round of golf or two or three. The temps are in the low ’80s – perfect golf weather – and they won’t last forever, that’s for sure. A month from now it will be in the 90s and on a fast track to triple digits. But the bag sits ignored in the garage, still wrapped in it’s travel bag. There just isn’t time.

But it’s all OK – to attend Ash Wednesday service and have the priest remind you that “you are dust, and to dust you shall return” is kind of sobering. I’m alive and (at least I think) in good health, with a roof over my head, a roomful of rabbits vegging out in the other room, a lovely wife asleep in the room beside the rabbits, fresh water coming out of the tap, and a refrigerator full of food, and gainfully employed. The rest of the world should be so lucky.

And it will get even better once I get the surf mp3 player out – maybe even tomorrow!

Just a thought: it could always be worse. The priest could have said, “You are dust, and to your dusty house you shall return. Ever think about cleaning it?”

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February 24, 2009

Thoughts on a warm night thick with the sounds and smells of spring:

No, I didn’t watch the Oscars and haven’t for years. There was a time when it was all about celebrating the craft of acting and I used to actually enjoy watching. Now it’s just an orgy of self-indulgence featuring a bunch of shallow, spoiled, narcissistic, and pompous limousine-liberals who think they know better than everyone else just because they happen to be good at reciting words other people write.

And speaking about being pompous, the more I see President Obama the less I like him. For one thing he doesn’t have a humble – or, I’m beginning to think, honest – bone in his body; second of all, whenever I hear him speak I always feel like I’m being lectured to by the class know-it-all.

Why I’ll be swimming the Tiber one of these days: “Bishop Nominee in Episcopal Church Holds Buddhist Ordination”. Yeah, that’s exactly what a denomination supposedly committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs: another conflicted bishop. Of course, that’s nothing new for a denomination that lost its way a long time ago:

Forrester is not the first Episcopal clergyman to hold dual faiths. In 2004, Pennsylvania priest Bill Melnyk was revealed to be a druid; while in 2007 Seattle priest Ann Holmes Redding declared that she was simultaneously an Episcopalian and a Muslim. Both Melnyk and Redding were eventually inhibited from priestly duties.

Druids and Muslims as Episcopal priests. Now that tells you all you need to know about the psychology and waywardness of a once-venerable Protestant institution now adrift in heresy and apostacy.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” remains one of my favorite albums of all time.

…And “Think About Me”, one of the standout tracks from that album remains one of my all-time favorite tunes.

Good to hear about the crowds in New Orleans attending Mardi Gras. I never wanted to be anywhere close to NO during Mardi Gras – Mobile’s version seems more my speed – but I’m sure the city’s hotels and restaurants are appreciative.

Listen, I never bought all his presidential campaign rhetoric about bringing people together, but I’m still amazed at the extent to which President Obama has succeded in dividing the country along political and cultural lines as quickly as he has. People seem to either really really like him or loathe him. Me, I’m no fan of his but I’m willing to at least consider giving him until Thanksgiving to turn this mess around before I make any judgement, but I sure don’t like the way he and his fellow Democrats in Washington are going about things thus far.

Boy, when they talk about Phoenix being one of the top 20 cities where real estate values have declined they weren’t kidding. Fortunately, we bought well within our means: in 2003 we bought our house for $210K. Eighteenth months later its appraised value had gone as high as $340K. Today we got our new assessment, and it’s down to $180K. But I don’t expect our property taxes to follow suit.

The Red Sox may not miss Manny Ramirez’s antics, but I’m guessing they’ll miss his bat in the lineup this year. Their lineup is still solid, but methinks it’s a little thin – especially if they lose anyone for a long perid of time due to injury.

This media love-fest over President Obama really makes me want to barf. The guy’s been in office just over a month and the AP’s Ron Fournier – an Democrat/liberal suck-up if there ever was one – is already calling him a great President. Now that’s what I call incisive analysis.

And just because I feel for my peeps in the winter-locked Northeast, my gift to you. Carl Wilson’s angelic voice still makes me wanna cry…

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February 23, 2009

There is no doubt that spring has sprung here in the Valley of the Sun. Today we were in the ’80s and I came within 15 minutes of turning on the A/C for the first time this year. The backyard is thick with the scent of flowers from the lime and lemon tree and dozens of bees frantically swarm around from flower to flower doing their thing.

I’m glad Lent is almost here because spiritually I’ve had a very tough Epiphany season. In today’s Gospel reading Mark tells of Jesus and Peter, James, and John coming down from the mountain after his transfiguration event only to find the other disciples struggling to expel a demon from a man’s child. It’s interesting how Jesus seems put out with the whole scene, saying in effect, “how much longer must I have to deal with all this nonsense!”, until he realizes that this is no ordinary demon, and it takes even Him a little effort to finally rid the child of his possession once and for all. When his disciples ask him later why they couldn’t expel the demon on their own, Jesus tells them that this particular circumstance required not just faith but prayer.

Me, I’m surrounded by demons, all of which seem determined to keep my mind firmly in the world and away from heavenly things. Because of work I’ve barely been able to keep up a regular prayer regimen, and it’s difficult to separate one’s self from the cares and occupations of this worlf sufficiently to set one’s mind on prayer. The demons like that.

I think for Lent I’m going back to basics and read Henri Nouwen’s marvelous classic “The Genesee Diary: Report from a Trappist Monastery”. It was the very first “spiritual” book I read after my conversion experience fourteen years ago, and everything I am – warts and all – has been touched in some way by this book since. Nouwen has his own demons to face – I think they’re very different from mine, but who knows, maybe not? Maybe the demons we all face have something in common, in that they’re nothing more than manifestations of our own desires as to what we want God to be, as opposed to what God wants us to be.

Sounds like a long journey of understanding to me….

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February 20, 2009

I suppose the easiest thing in the world would be to go after President Obama and the whole so-called “stimulus” bill (which most analysts now agree is nothing more than a spending bill that won’t stimulate anything except our nation’s deficit) and other disconcerting actions he’s taken during his first few weeks in office, but these days any criticism at all about our hallowed, omnipotent Commander-in-Chief will only get you called a racist.

So I’m not gonna do that.

But I am going to take a few moments to express my concerns over everything going on in Washington right now. And I mean everything. After all, you don’t have to be a Republican or conservative, or a Democrat or liberal, to sense something is terribly wrong out there. And it’s not just from looking at your latest 401K statement (although that’s enough to make anyone blanch) or the Dow’s ongoing slide towards 7000 – something, BTW, yours truly predicted the day after Obama’s election – it’s just, I don’t know, a feeling that everything is sliding away.

Here’s what I don’t get.

1. Do our elected leaders in Washington truly believe they can just spend our way out of this mess? I mean, what’s a trillion between friends, right? If they were truly serious about stimulating the economy, why screw around, make it $2 trillion and divvy it up between every household in America – that’s no more ludicrous an idea of what’s come down thus far.

2. Does anyone out there really believe the President and his advisors have a clue about how to get out us out of this mess? And what happens in six months or a year if things are no better than they are now? What do you do, toss another trillion at the problem? And where are you going to get it from? Targeted tax increases for the wealthy (whatever that means)? Comfiscating the earnings of PGA Tour golfers and Hollywood actors? Is that what we really want to do – become like England where there is no incentive for people to work?

3. I’m opposed to bailing out corporations – any corporations. Let them go bankrupt and the courts divvy up the spoils. What makes the government think that tossing billions at the U.S. auto makers is going to make a bit of difference? Let’s say they take that money (and I’m being totally unrealistic here) and pour that into creating the cleanest, greenest, meanest cars around. If the recession deepens and the accompanying job and wealth losses continue, who’s gonna be able to buy a new car? What will the government do then – give them away to people? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid may not understand this, but commerce requires two parties, a buyer and a seller.

4. Every day I can’t help but shake my head and wonder why George W. Bush allowed us to get into this mess. Democrats I can understand – they never met a tax increase they didn’t like and someone’s dollar they didn’t want to take for their own or redistribute to someone else. That’s a given. But Republicans?

5. Why is the government pouring money into helping people you wouldn’t even dare rent property to keep their homes? Look, I’m a compassionate guy. And maybe I’m just being old-fashioned, but back in my day, if you earned x number of dollars, you didn’t buy a house you couldn’t afford – you found a place to rent that you could afford and stayed there until you could afford something nicer, and perhaps a better one after that. And then, if everything worked out, you bought yourself something you could own. In other words, you climbed the ladder one rung at a time. There was no shame in it, that’s just the way you did it. And if you shot too high or events took a turn, you took your beating and started out all over again. I know, because I’ve done it – I know what it’s like to go to a closing and have to bring a check to cover your loss.

6. Look, I’m not stupid – I know why the government passed that so-called “stimulus” bill. And I know why they want to bail out outdated and outmoded corporations who haven’t devised a new idea in forty years. And I know why they want to keep people in homes they couldn’t afford but bought anyways and still can’t afford them. No one wants to throw people out of homes and have them go empty. But I also know the road to hell iis paved with good intentions. Failures happen. Bad things happen. And they don’t always to bad people – good, well-intentioned people get hurt too. That’s life.

I guess what bothers me more than anything else is the lack of vision in Washington. Obama was elected because people saw him as some kind of visionary hope-and-change leader. But what’s so visionary about spending trillions of dollars you don’t have? Trillions of dollars in spending when you’re slowly losing your tax base with all these “baby boomers” starting to approach their retirement years? Isn’t anyone bothered by our leaders acting as if the impending Social Security crisis doesn’t exist? Or runaway government entitlement programs like Medicare? I mean, it would be one thing if we were starting from a balanced budget or a surplus, but Washington spent the last four years of the Bush adminsitration spending like a drunken sailor.

I’m worried for this country and its economic future. I’m worried that no one in Washington seems to either have a plan or a clue as to what’s going on or what to do about it. I’m worried that there are millions of people out there who really think Barack Obama is some kind of savior when he’s nothing but another ruthless Chicago pol concerned primarily with feathering his own bed and consolidating his power. I’m worried about the kind of country these leaders are leaving for future generations. And more than that, I’m worried about other nations seeing our exposed weaknesses and taking advantage to plunge the Middle East and the world into major conflict.

Sooner or later President Obama will find out that the Presidency is not just a cool new toy to show off – he’s going to have to make real tough decisions that will make him unpopular with the millions and the media who think he’s so perfect and superhuman. The time will come when you can’t just print more money and tax and regulate your way out of this crisis; at some point, the number of people you’re handing money out to will overwhelm those you must tax and regulate to support them. And then what do you do?

But what would I know? I’m just a disenchanted, mean-spirited, and racist conservative.

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February 18, 2009

We’re only a week away from Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent, and this year I’ll be spending it worshipping at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Gilbert. After a long search I think I might have found a keeper, at least when it comes to calling a place of worship the center for my spiritual life.

(Ed. note: St. Mary Magdalene has its own parish website [you can find it here], but I can’t stand websites that come with their own music. For one thing, it drowns out whatever other video the site might contain – in this case, among other things, Fr. Greg’s greeting and status of the parish’s building campaign; more than that, however, the music they’ve chosen isn’t even that good! There is such a thing as good contemporary worship music, but this sickly-sweet, annoying 70’s soft rock-sounding mush isn’t it.)

But I digress.

What is it about SMM that makes it different from all the other churches I’ve attended and tested out over the past few years? Quite simply, its unique ability to retain both the reverence and sacredness of the Mass while worshipping in a decidedly informal location – in this case, a local elementary school’s gym. You see, SMM doesn’t have a building – in fact, they haven’t even broken ground for one yet – and hence have been meeting at the Gateway Pointe Elementary School gymnasium. There on any given weekend you will find hundreds of Catholics (and, it appears, no small amount of non-Catholics) gathered together in chairs arranged on the basketball court, in the bleachers, standing by the walls, or just sitting on the floor to hear the Gospel preached and to receive Our Lord’s Most Blessed Body and Blood, under the most humble of circumstances.

On a small stage are the necessary accoutrements for worship – a portable altar and lectern, some lampstands for candles, a couple of panels decorated with the color of the church season to give it a little intimacy and sense of sanctuary – but that’s it. They do have a church band (piano, bass, drums, guitar) that provides the music, but it’s not overly intrusive and in your face like the Music Nazi and her gang over at St. Anne Catholic Church. Everything is orderly and nicely done, allowing the focus to be on Christ Jesus and leaving plenty of wiggle room for the Holy Spirit to do it’s job.

More than anything, what SMM offers is an understated yet accessible and reverent means of worshipping God in the Roman Catholic tradition. They’ve obviously done a lot of thinking about how to keep the proceedings formal in such an informal location. There are friendly ushers to find seats for people, a welcome desk staffed before and after Mass to provide information to visitors who might stop by, and high on the list (at least for me), music during the Eucharist that allows for meditation and contemplation while the rest of the congregation is receiving. While there are some who leave after receiving, it’s not the mad dash you see over at St. Anne, and I find that refreshing.

A couple of other observations: Fr. Greg is a good preacher who speaks without notes, the parish sings the Lord’s Prayer (kind of interesting), and when Fr. Greg bows during the consecration of the elements the rest of the congregation joins him. All a nice touch, I think.

Anyways, so that’s where I’ll be worshipping this Lent. Where it goes from there I’ll leave that in the hands of Our Lady, whose intercessions on my behalf I believe have led me to this latest stop on the road to somewhere.

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February 17, 2009

Thought I’d give my keyboard a break today and let the rabbits do some blogging – they’ve been after me for weeks, anyways. So here you go – be advised I’m not responsible for the content of anything they have to say.

My name is Marble Junior. Being the oldest of the bunch (I’m nine, which is considered old for a house rabbit) life these days is pretty much vegging out in my cage area and looking foward to breakfast and dinner with the occasional Nibble Ring treat thrown in. Being elderly, I get a lot of attention from Tracey, and she always spends lots of time with me when she gets home from work. I like that. The years have kinda taken their toll – I can’t see out of my left eye, and my hind legs don’t work as good as they used to, but don’t let that fool you, Sonny. Back in my day I was one fearsome beast! Why, there was no carpet or baseboard that was safe. I chewed everything and loved every minute of it!

I still love hearing the old man tell the tale of spending his Saturdays with a wood block and a pen wrapped in sandpaper trying to remake the baseboard edges I had chewed off, then going to the local Mexican restaurant where he’d walk in the door and have a 28 oz. margarita placed in front of him while the owner would smile and say, “Los Conejos, eh?”. Yessir, I had a reputation back then. And to think, I was considered the runt of the litter. Why, I’ll bet I’m the lone remaining survivor of that whole family. I sure do miss my mom and my dad, but I guess that’s the price you pay for longevity.

Hi I’m Half-Pint, short for “She’s-Just-A-Little-Half-Pint”. The only thing you need to know about me is that I love people and crave attention. During the days I like to look out the window and take naps – Tracey says I squeak when I snore. At night, I can’t wait for Tracey to come home – she always spends a lot of time with me. I sure wish Doug would spend time with me, but he’s always in the other room. I can hear him talking on the phone – sometimes before it gets light and even after it gets dark! And both the same day! Doesn’t sound like much of a life to me.

I live in a nice two-story house with a ramp I can run up and down whenever I’d like, with a good view of Marble Junior, who lives just below me. She’s a very old rabbit. I don’t think she likes me – especially when I rip off pages of a book and throw them down into her cage area! I wonder why she and the other rabbits hate me so much – especially that little new one they just got last summer. Why, every time I’m near her she hisses and lunges at me – it’s a good thing there’s always a cage between us! People think rabbits are cute and cuddly – she’d rip me to shreds! I think the other rabbits must be jealous because of my gentle and trusting nature. Or maybe because my ears go down and theirs go up. Who knows?

My name is Cosmo, short for Cosmopolitan. I think it’s a dumb name but better than the one I had back at that place I shared with all those other rabbits – Cody. I didn’t like that place – we were all in cages with not much room to move around. I like it here much better – why, I can go almost anywhere in the house I like except at night! And even then I don’t have to stay in my cage area. I think they know how little I like cages and prefer the wide open spaces. Me, I like a regimen and I stick to it – being a prey animal, having a solid regimen is key to a long happy life. Wanna hear what my days are like?

At first light, the man of the house open up the gate to the room I share with these two other rabbits. Too bad for them – they’re trapped, while I get to spend the night anywhere in the room I want! Sometimes I hang out in my cage, but most of the time I’ll spread out on the other side of the fence from Marble Junior. Just so she knows who has the run of the room and who doesn’t. Once the gate is open it’s time to eat! I get two Nibble Rings, three Wildberry yogurt treats, then two more Nibble Rings. I like Nibble Rings. The we all get a sliver of banana, and some lettuce and some greens. Once I’m finished eating, I’ll head to a far corner of the house where I’ll stay all day, sometimes until after it gets dark. There I’ll sleep and veg out until supper time, when I head back to my cage room for a few more treats followed by some timothy hay pellets. I like timothy hay pellets. Then, it’s back to the other side of the house where I’ll stay until it’s time to call it a day. Yessir, this is what I call living – I’m the king of the house and no one bothers me. Well… unless I delay heading back to my room at night and the man gets the broom after me. I don’t like the broom.

Hi! My name is Peanut – or at least I think it is. The lady of the house calls me that and she always says it very nice and quietly. The man of the house never calls me that – he either calls me “Little Babe” or “That Little Bitch”. Like, he’ll often say, “Where’s that little bitch now?” Or, “See what that little bitch did today?”. I guess they think I misbehave when all I’m doing is what every normal, well-adjusted adolescent female does. We chew. Like, everything. I have a room all to myself in the house but mostly I like to spend my time under this big bed. It’s been hard to get used to spending time inside the same place all day, but it also feels much safer than the outdoors where I lived last year. I like to eat more than anything because, coming from my background, you never know when your meal is going to be your last. I call it Post-Traumatic Eating Syndrome.

Coming from the out of doors it’s hard for me to trust people and other rabbits. Yes, there are other rabbits in this house. One of them I like – he’s a big white one they call Cosmo. He likes to chase me all over the place whenever he gets a chance, but he can’t catch me. I’m fast! There’s this other rabbit in the house I definitely don’t like: she’s all black and doesn’t look very much like a rabbit to me – her ears hang down. I think she’s dangerous. If I ever get a chance I’m going to teach her a lesson she’ll not soon forget! And there’s this other rabbit who doesn’t seem to care about me much but I don’t like her either. At times I’d like to be more friendly but I just have a hard time trusting people. Even being petted gives me the heebie-jeebies! The lady of the house says I’m getting better at it – and maybe I am – but it sure is tough getting used to these surroundings. The piece of carrot I always get at night after I go back into my cage is my favorite eating time of the day.

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February 15, 2009

Sad to hear about the passing of Estelle Bennett, one of the original Ronettes – without a doubt my all-time favorite girl group of the 1960s – who passed away last week at the age of 67. R.I.P.

Unlike the sultry Supremes, the wholesome Shirelles, the perky Crystals, or the sassy Marvelettes, the Ronettes were an entity all to themselves in their short but important heyday of 1963-66. Led by Estelle’s talented sister Ronnie Bennett, The Ronettes were as brash and sexy as they were talented and beautiful – perfect for the kind of sound rock impressario Phil Spector created for and around them in hits like “Be My Baby”, “Baby I Love You”, and “walking In The Rain”, among others.

I’ve posted about my love for the music of The Ronettes before – you can see it here.

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February 13, 2009

Another work week coming to a close, another work week supposedly under control that went all kaplooey around midday Wednesday and hasn’t stopped yet…but still ya gotta blog.

Tracey’s off to a business conference in St. Louis, Missouri today. She’ll only be gone for a 1.5 days but I sure wish I was going with her, if only to find a place to sit by my beloved Mississippi to watch her roll along past towards dreamy places and contemplate life.

Tracey was mentioning last night that she didn’t like the idea of flying on Friday the 13th, and I told her to stop being nutty. My guess the fact that news about that commuter plane crash outside of Buffalo, New York being splashed across CNN across airport TVs won’t help her (and others) discomfort about flying any less. May God have mercy on the souls of those who died in the crash, and consolation for their families and loved ones.

What’s this I hear about New Hampshire and Pease G.C. being a finalist in the venues being considered for this July’s 19th annual Goodboys Invitational?

My how the years fly! God willing, next year at this time we’ll be talking about Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where, God willing, the Goodboys will be planning a triumphal visit to celebrate two decades of Goodboys gatherings. That’s a long, long time and a long, long way from Bethel, Maine where the first Goodboys weekend took place back in 1991.

That was quite a wind storm the Northeast had yesterday.

Utilities such as Jersey Central Power & Light in New Jersey reported downed power lines from wind-snapped trees. About 250,000 customers remained without power Thursday in Pennsylvania, and 140,000 more in Ohio. There were also about 109,000 outages in West Virginia, more than 35,000 in New Jersey and 14,900 in Michigan.

What a crazy winter it has been in the northeast this year! Wonder if the winds had anything at all to do with the plane crash. I’ve never felt comfortable in commuter planes.

The Boston Globe’s Nick Carfardo has a nice column today about the contrasts between two American League East competitors who have gathered in Florida for spring training. Look, they Yankees may indeed have assembled a fine team and will have a great year, but the amount of pressure they’ll be under to win it all between their fans, the NY media, and team ownership, will be beyond intense.

…And the A-Fraud steroids controversy isn’t getting things off on the right foot.

Phoenix, Arizona the second-worst kidnapping city in the world? I have friends with contacts in the border enforcement community who say Mexico is far closer to disintegration and civil war than people think due to the drug wars, and they can’t believe the media seems so uninterested or unwilling to cover it.

…But how can they bother with such trifling matters when they have their collectives lips permanently stitched to President Obama’s ass?

But more on that tomorrow…

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February 11, 2009

A few less hours of work today, so a little time to blog for a change.

Here’s a great golf blog that I’ll be adding to my blogroll – Yahoo!’s Devil Ball Golf. Lots of fun and informative reading.

Coming to the book nook – how’s this for eclectic choices: Brian Chidester’s and Domenic Priore’s “Pop Surf Culture: Music, Design, Film, and Fashion from the Bohemian Surf Boom” (something Jana would probably dig), and Scott Hahn’s “Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith”. Both promise to be absolute page turners, for sure!

The Chidester/Priore combo are famous for their “Dumb Angel Gazette” series of books celebrating the Southern California pop culture of the surf / Brian Wilson / Beach Boys salad days of 1962-66, while Hahn is a well-known contemporary theologian and Catholic apologist famous for his landmark book “Rome Sweet Home”, which told the story of his conversion from Presbyterian pastor to Roman Catholic theologian.

All I have to do now is figure out which book I’ll take for those long flights to and from home in three weeks time!

Yesterday I received Elvis Presley’s “Peace in the Valley: The Complete Gospel Recordings” and first listen finds it a mixed bag. The three-CD set covers all of Elvis’ studio gospel recordings with quite a bit of concert and outtake filler thrown in. The studio recordings alternate between the marvelous and the breathtaking – you can feel all the country / gospel / blues traditions felt by Elvis shimmering as he sings about the Lord, and I just love the “Deep South” feel of the beautiful arrangements and gospel quartet singing. The concert recordings I’m not quite as impressed with – with Elvis’ recordings you always had to deal with some poorly produced concert tracks that never really did it for me. But overall it’s a great set – especially some of the outtakes where Elvis and J.D. Sumner and The Stamps quartet are just gathered around a piano singing the music you can tell he loved the most.

News item: A-Rod admits, regrets use of PEDs. The term “A-Fraud” was never more appropriate. Let’s face it – the only reason why he’s now “sorry” is that he’s sorry he got caught. I never liked him, but he never liked me, so there you go. What a jerk.

No one listens to The Great White Shank dept: I told you months back the stock market would not be impressed by a Barack Obama presidency and you’d be looking at a Dow of 7000. Well, the chickens are all coming home to roost. Lemme tell you something: everything you ever wanted to know about this guy you can find in his so-called “stimulus” package. This is nothing more than a grab-bag handout to every liberal and Democratic Party organ, courtesy of John Q. Taxpayer. If “The One” really wanted to stimulate the economy he could just give every taxpayer a individual bailout of $5K or $10K apiece. Compared to what his flacks on Capital Hill have voted for, he’d be saving money!

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February 8, 2009

What a difference a year makes! One year ago I was with the Goodboys in Las Vegas – soaking up some rays, looking at a lot of pretty girls, playing some golf, and feeling footloose and fancy free.

This year I’ve been cleaning the house and looking at the India numbers at work to see if we’re on target for this quarter. I didn’t even watch the Buick Open at Torrey Pines this weekend – fortunately, fellow Goodboy Ron “Cubby” Myerow provided all the info I needed:

Winner: Nick Watney

Camilo Villegas close, even those spiderMan practice reads on the green could not help him win this years Buick.

A well played round for Camilo. Off to Pebble Beach.

MetLife play of the day…Nick Watney’s put, must of been like 20+ ft into the hole.

That’s why it’s important to have your Goodboys friends around – they keep you in touch with the real world.

This would have been a great weekend to hit Vegas – lots of great deals to be had there. But perhaps next year, eh? This year is all about keeping your head down, doing your work, and paying off that last credit card. It ain’t pretty – and, I might add, not a whole lot of fun, either. But like Dave Ramsey is wont to say, you have to live like no one else so in the future you can live like no one else. And giving up a Las Vegas weekend – as hard as it is – is but a small price to pay to have no credit card debt by the end of March.

After two weeks attending, it looks like St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church might be a keeper. I’ve enjoyed Mass both times I’ve attended and enjoy the “informal formality” this church without a church offers. More on that later this week – I hope! Let’s just see how this work goes…

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