January 20, 2009

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it creepy all these people who believe that Barack Obama becoming President tomorrow is going to usher in some new era in human history, like some modern-day Age of Aquarius Messiah come to save the world. Don’t believe me? Click here, and here, and here, and here.

Never mind the fact that the guy does nothing to downplay those expectations.

Wait till they all find out he’s just another Chicago pol interested only in his “legacy” and consolidating his power. Boy, on that day a hard rain’s a gonna fall.

Hey, the signs are already there. It’s not just the cost of his inauguration when supposedly (pardon me if you’ve heard this already) the country is in the middle of a severe economic downturn. Or the fact that the rich Beltway insider fat-cats are the ones getting all the choice perks. That should come as no surprise to anyone – you don’t become President of the USA without knowing how to play hardball politics and throw money around.

But pardon me if I’m not impressed. Maybe it’s those insipid commercials on television for the Obama commemorative plate. Or the Obama baseball caps on sale at the local Walgreens. To me, it just goes to show what old washed-up and worn-out John MCain was up against – I mean, you wouldn’t see McCain baseball caps on sale at the local pharmacy, right? What would they say on the front? “Maverick”?

Look, I don’t wish the new President ill – if he’s successful maybe I’ll be able to find a job faster when I get laid off. But pardon me if I won’t watch or celebrate his inauguration. For some it’s a historic moment, and I say let them enjoy the thrills and chills of his inauguration day. But don’t come crying to me when the guy fails to live up to the impossibly high expectations being set for him and he turns out to be nothing more than the Wizard behind the curtain. Believe me, he has no more clue than you or I would as to how to turn things around (other than, of course, to spend money he doesn’t have and redistribute wealth it wasn’t his to begin with, but you can’t blame him for that – after all, he is a liberal).

But wait until his fellow libs and Democrats realize he’s just another power-hungry pol making it up as he goes along and doesn’t give them everything they want – like spoiled children they’ll show their true hateful, spiteful and petty natures. President Obama’s about to find out how liberals – you know, the party that stands for “compassion” – play the game.

On a purely historic level Barack Obama’s inauguration is a day worthy of note – no one, given this country’s history, will argue that. But a day of hope, good will, and celebration? Excuse me if I forget to bring the popcorn and streamers. Given the world around which he enters his Presidency, methinks the fella is in for a rude awkening. After all, in the end, he becomes President of just one nation in a brutal world of sick, ruthless enemies and hateful people where life is increasingly cheap.

Hope it all was worth it, Messiah.

Filed in: Politics & World Events by The Great White Shank at 01:01 | Comment (1)
1 Comment
  1. What happened the last time we elected celebrity over substance was JFK, whose term of office, while tragically short, was one failure after failure.

    These next four years are gonna be brutal. For the country and for people of substance.

    Comment by Dave Richard — January 20, 2009 @ 11:30 am

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