October 16, 2008

Ahhh….64-degree temperature pool water. Is there anything like it? I was hot, bothered, and sweaty after making an Italian dinner for my lovely wife (Caesar salad with real bacon bits, spaghetti and meatballs, homemade garlic bread) while trying to catch the final Presidential debate.

Now I’m no dummy as to how these things go, and I never – NEVER – underestimate the stupidity of either the American people or the talking heads on the cable networks, but in my view, regardless of what anyone else thinks, I thought Barack “Senator Government” Obama got taken to the woodshed by John McCain tonight. Could McCain have delivered his message a little more smoothly? Of course, but when you’re behind in the polls people are looking for substance, not style, and I think McCain did himself some good tonight. He didn’t have to “win” the debate, he just needed to plant more seeds of doubt in the viewing public as to what they’d be getting in an Obama presidency.

Did he succeed? We’ll know in three weeks. This debate review by AOL, I think, has it about right.

On to more important stuff. This is a GREAT column by George Will. His sentiments are on target, and I can only say that having tread over the Gettysburg battlefield several times in my life, anyone who thinks free enterprise and the free market ought to trump history and what we are (or have been) as a nation to the point where strip malls and restaurants replace hallowed ground ought to be shot – literally. I have no patience for idiots. There are some things people – even Americans – ought to hold dear.

But let me tell you about tonight. Ahhhh…. what a night: a silvery moon shining on the patio, the breathless air slightly chilled like a fine Sauvignon Blanc, the pool water slightly (well more than slightly) more so, the sounds of The Sandals providing a reminder of a summer now past. A very quick dip, then another, then another still. OK, that’s it, I’m really done for the year. The towel wrapped around me as the electric shock of chilled water against skin slowly recedes. The world be damned, this is one lovely night.

I don’t care how bad the Beach Boys’ “Summer In Paradise” album was, “Still Surfin’ is a great surf song.

Congrats to the Philadelphia Phillies on getting to the World Series. So much for “Manny Being Manny”, eh L.A.? Guaranteed – he’ll be in either a Mets or Yankees uniform next spring. He might be a great baseball hitter, but he’s a disgrace to the game. And for that reason I’m glad the Dodgers got smoked.

Sorry Phillies fans, no one is beating the Tampa Bay Rays this year. Like I said earlier, they’re “The Cinderella Team” of 2008.

I never thought I’d say this, but watching Barack Obama spew his bull$hit on TV tonight makes me long for Hillary Clinton. Not only wasn’t she afraid to tell you she was going to take your maoney and “spread it around”, but at least she had a clue as to how government works and some clue about America’s role in the world. This guy is clueless, but America deserves what it votes for.

And because Rob demands it – watch this! R.I.P. Justin Wilson.

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  1. I too hate to see summer leave..I am an “endless summer person”.
    As a mental health professional, I have two concerns long term, for McCain. First his age and second the effects of PTSD as a POW/torture victim. I work with PTSD patients and actually this is my specialty. PTSD never completely leaves. My father, who is one of the strongest men I know, is still affected and triggered by the effects of trauma from WWII. I worry about the required stamina that a 72y/o body may struggle with given what this job DEMANDS. I have to wonder the reason a 72y/o POW, PTSD victim wouldn’t rather be enjoying his life, taking it easy in retirement. I have the same issues with way over age judges on the Supreme Court. Let’s face it, past a certain age our bodies, our brains begin to fade…as they should because that is how we are made. I am troubled when I hear his voice waver with frustration and anger. I am troubled when his voice loses energy and he stumbles. He is an honorable man but he more than qualifies for Senior Citizen discounts on all counts.If he were my father, I’d barr the door and tell him, NO, NO, NO you are not running for President…I want you to spend time with me and enjoy life. We all have seen the toll being President has taken…they all leave grey haired, tired and worn out. McCain is already there and I worry about the toll this will take on him.

    Comment by Jana — October 16, 2008 @ 6:14 am

  2. I had the Sox beating the Dodgers in the Series. Shows what I know about baseball. I agree, though. This Rays team looks unstoppable.

    Comment by Rob — October 16, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

  3. And my previous comment once again shows my ignorance of sports. 🙂 WOW, just WOW. Everything about that series has now changed.

    Comment by Rob — October 17, 2008 @ 4:16 am

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