August 11, 2008

Another work week is upon us and I’m desperately trying to get ready for vacation starting this Friday. Hence, I need to empty out the virtual desk drawer…

I’m with Ed Morrissey on this – Russian forces bomb civilians in the Georgian city of Gori, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the international outcry. If it were the U.S. who was even remotely involved I guarantee the “Code Pinkos” and their syncophants on the Progressive Left would have their knickers in an uproar. But if it’s the Russians all you’ll hear is the sound of crickets chirping. I despise hypocrisy, and the Democrats and the Progressive Left are full of it these days.

That being said, I’m done with military intervention of any kind, anywhere – unless, of course, the U.S. were to be physically attacked. How can anyone read books like Robert Massie’s Dreadnought or John Toland’s No Man’s Land and not deeply decry the fat, rich, pompous politicians who never think twice about sending young men to die for nothing. I will pray for an end to the hostilities in that region, but as far as I’m concerned the Russians and the Georgians oght to be left to their own devices.

…As Iraq and Afghanistan ought to be.

Could it be true that some of the fireworks shown in the Olympic opening ceremony were faked for broadcast purposes? In this day and age, technology being what it is, nothing would surprise me anymore.

The Olympics are nothing but a huge public relations tool for a corrupt, oppressive, and authoritarian Chinese government bent on attracting investment dollars to China – nothing more. I’m sorry, but I don’t trust the Chinese or anything that happens over there and refuse to support the Olympics in any way. Just wake me when it’s over.

…And the fact that President Bush is over there supporting the Chinese and their Olympics is a travesty – I mean, either you stand for freedom or you don’t. But I’ve long given up expecting this President to do anything that is right in terms of principle. I voted for him twice and deeply regret both of my votes.

…Not that I think Al Gore or John Kerry could or would have done any better. Far from it. It just speaks to the state of things in this country that George W. Bush, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and John McCain are the best we can come up with as people our two-party system has chosen to lead our country. No more. I’m not voting this year and refuse to vote for clowns like these anymore.

I’m with Charles Krauthammer: drill, drill, drill.

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac. You’ll both be missed.

The Red Sox desperately need pitching. Look, I think Clay Buchholz has as much potential as anyone. But it’s August and the time for fooling around is over. Let’s get someone in there that knows how to pitch and isn’t afraid.

Of course, as long as the Yankees keep losing I’m more than satisfied. I hate the New York Yankees, and in this case, hate is not too strong a word. I just hope God understands.

People can stomp all over John Edwards and his situation as much as they want but I won’t be one of them. (Don’t get me wrong – what he did was wrong, and it’s something he and his family will unfortunately have to sort out between themselves. It must be incredibly difficult for his wife [who already has it tough, having to battle cancer] and his children, the sense of betrayal they must be undoubtedly feeling.) We all fall short of God’s hope for us, and the Edwards family should be in our prayers, not the subject of ridicule and condemnation. They’re already suffering enough, I think…

Congrats to Padraig Harrington for an exciting PGA victory. And nice final round 81 there, J.B. Holmes – that’s Michelle Wie territory…

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  1. Money almost always trumps principle in politics. There is money to be made in China. Sustaining the current regime there is the price of doing business. We’re doing the exact same thing in Saudi Arabia. The price is high. That said, I can’t offer an alternative that isn’t even higher in price.

    Comment by Rob — August 11, 2008 @ 4:26 am

  2. Indeed. Couldn’t say it better myself, Rob. You dance with the devils you end up deserving.

    Comment by The Great White Shank — August 11, 2008 @ 8:15 am

  3. […] …President Obama should have just told the American people the truth – the only reason why we’re sending more troops to Afghanistan is to cover the fact that we’re petrified of Pakistan’s government collapsing and its nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of Al Qaeda. I wasn’t in favor of President Bush sending troops to Afghanistan – hell, I’d have a signed withdrawal strategy for Afghanistan and Iraq on my desk if I were Obama and had any shred of integrity – which he doesn’t. And lest you accuse me of hypocrisy, I’m not changing stripes simply because there’s a Democrat in the White House. I was calling for an Iraq withdrawal a long time ago. […]

    Pingback by GoodBoys Nation - Archives » Catching Up — December 3, 2009 @ 10:26 pm

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