March 31, 2008

Put me down as one who has been thoroughly disgusted by the various conservative blogs and cable network commentators who have zeroed in on Barack Obama’s church pastor in their own pathetic attempt to associate the views of one human being with another’s. You know – the old “guilt by association” routine.

Let me first say that I don’t agree with much of anything the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s church, has to say, but, as outrageous as some of his comments might have been, I’m of the view that it is plain near outrageous (and, in my view, not a little bit racist) for any white man to impose his own world view on any black man’s. It may be true that we are a nation of immigrants, but the fact is that, like it or not, no matter how hard white people may have had it in America, no one can truly appreciate the black experience, in any way or manner it is lived it in 21st century America; and those who use and have used this plantation mentality to criticize Barack Obama. Blame slavery, racism, or (as I do) generations of government-enforced poverty, but the fact is, the black experience is unique within the American Experience.

Obama two weeks ago faced down his critics, and, in my view, he did it magnificently. And let me tell you folks, I’m now thinking the witch is finally toast.

Mark it down today, ladies and gentlemen, his speech on March 18 became the day Barack Obama became a statesman, not simply a presidential candidate. And a uniter more than Hillary Clinton could ever dream of being. For what he did (in my view) was not just put his critics to shame, but, more importantly, steal the momentum away from Hillary!, and in a way that will make it very difficult for her to match.

Larkin from Wizbang Politics had it about right, I think:

Those who think Obama isn’t tough or shrewd enough to handle Hillary Clinton have another thing coming. If you study Obama’s political career you would know that he can play hardball with the best of them. At the beginning of this debate about Florida and Michigan the most important outcome for Obama was to make sure the previous results were invalidated. He has succeeded at that. The second most important objective was to avoid re-votes that Hillary could win in a big way and that would allow her to close the delegate gap and claim momentum was on her side. Now, it appears he is close to accomplishing that. He’s done it all within the rules that have always been on his side in this conflict.

Hillary had virtually no chance of closing the pledged delegate gap before all this, but now she really has no chance. The delegates in the remaining races will split close to 50-50 and Obama will retain his lead of around 100. Hillary has thrown the kitchen sink at Obama, but he continues to roll up the delegates and extend his lead. I don’t know how much longer the Clinton campaign will struggle on but it’s clear that they have virtually no chance to stop Obama now.

Maybe I’m jaded in this kind of thing, but I personally think Barack knocked it out of the park that day in his speech. Hillary! and all her cohorts in – believe it or not – both the Democratic establishment and the conservative Republican blogsphere and media are now gonna have to reckon with the fact that today, Obama clearly set himself as the de facto Democratic nominee for President. They can whine and complain about jeremiah Wright all they want, but Wright isn’t running for President, Obama is. Heaven help us all if we should be judged by everyone we have ever come in contact with. As Jesus said, let he who is without hsin cast the first stone, or, in another way, people in glass houses shouldn’t be carelessly casting rocks about.

And John McCain, as much as I respect him and would definitely consider voting for him, better understand the rival he will have in the race for the White House.

And Hillary! is now slowly disappearing into his rear-view mirror.

Obama is speaking my language – the language of unity and facing squarely this nation’s racist past – and he’s very close to having my vote.

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