February 1, 2008

Anyone who frequents this weblog can pretty much gather I’m a conservative and even a Republican. My horse in this race was Fred Thompson, but he ran a crummy campaign and now sits on the sidelines with other Presidential wannabees like Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and Rudy Giuliani.

I’m also a frequenter, as you might gather, of conservative weblogs. Polipundit, Redstate, Free Republic, National Review Online, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt – I have enjoyed them all.

Until this election season.

But I’m here today to say I’ve finally gone over the edge. I’ve grown sick of (excuse the generalities for a moment) their narrow-mindedness and, more importantly, their character assassinations of Republican candidates like Mike Huckabee and John McCain who, for whatever reason, seem to have failed some kind of invisible litmus test in their eyes when it comes to being a conservative. These weblogs – and those who have commented on them – have shown themselves to be utterly beyond contempt in their trashing of good people and (at least in my view) good candidates for the Republican nomination for President.

Look, anyone can have a favorite horse in the race and respectfully disagree with the positions of those who are also in contention. But the incessent ridicule, mean-spritedness, and contempt these blogs have shown (particularly for Huckabee and McCain) is disgraceful, and I for one will have no more of them this election season.

Not that progressive or liberal weblogs are any different – heck, they’re also trashing their own, especially since the Obama/Clinton race has heated up. And I suppose that’s just a natural occurrence as emotions run high during the election process. But silly me, I though Republicans and conservatives were different and capable of elevating the dicussion above personal attacks and childish behavior. Obviously not.

Simply put, the attitudes on these weblogs (NRO and Redstate aside, which, while fairly bending towards Romney’s nomination nevertheless have been able to keep the discuss fairly much on the candidates’ views and political history) has been disgraceful. At any number of times, they’ve ridiculed Huckabee and his folksy persona. They’ve ridiculed Ron Paul (hard not to do, in my view). They’ve ridiculed Giuliani and his personal life. At times, they’ve even ridiculed Romney and his Mormon faith. They obviously hate John McCain – someone who has served his country with honor and distinction under the most difficult of circumstances.

So let me say this to all you conservatives out there who have attacked in the most personal ways McCain, Guiliani, and Mike Huckabee: I’m disgusted with you all. You want your perfect 100% bedrock conservative candidate? Great, go find one. But be prepared to enjoy the popcorn while you watch them give one concession speech after another every four years. Don’t you understand there’s not enough of us (i.e., fiscal and social conservatives) out there to win the White House without the help of independents and moderates? So go ahead and stay home this November and stew while Hillary! gives her victory speech with Bill, Chelsea, Sandy Berger, and Madeleine Albright standing gleefully behind her. Just don’t think things will be any different four years from now.

Me, I’ll vote for anyone – even John McCain – if it keeps the damned Clintons out of the White House. McCain may not be everyone’s idea of a conservative Republican, but he sure as hell is better than Hillary Clinton.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is just deluding themselves.

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