December 12, 2007

Lets face it – the race for the Democratic nominee for President can’t hold a candle to the GOP when it comes to intrigue. Oh, I suppose all the stories about Hillary’s floundering campaign make for good reading, but frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it. Oprah campaigning for Barack Obama? Interesting, I guess, if you follow Oprah and her kind of schtick. Don’t get me wrong – no one can disagree that Oprah is a cultural icon here in the USA and that Barack gaining her endorsement is quite a quill in his quiver – especially when it comes to trying to nudge African-American off of their cock-eyed infatuation for the Clintons. But in the end, does anyone REALLY believe the powers-that-be in the Democratic Party will give up their two most popular and powerful political and fundraising icons – THE BILL AND HILL SHOW – for some whippersnapping upstart like Barack Obama? I don’t. And, in time, neither will most Democrats.

Let’s face it – Hillary Clinton has been nuzzled, primmed, and coddled for this day in the sun. This election is her baby to win or to lose; it’s her destiny, her right, her privilege, and, most importantly, her REWARD for not being shown live on TV throwing her husband’s clothes out of a second-story window at the White House the day it was revealed her philanderin’ husband did, in fact, have an affair with a White House intern. She sucked it up, triangulated blame for Bill’s behavior on that dreaded “right-wing” conspiracy, and stood by her man when most people in her position would have ripped the guy a new groin and formally announced she had changed the locks on the Oval Office and the nuclear codes and given them both to Al Gore, since he’s “someone you can at least trust”. Nope, they say payback is a bitch, and….well I won’t go there. Suffice to say, everything happening now is just window dressing to ensure it all plays well in – sorry, Barack – Peoria.

Forget about what happens in Iowa. Barck Obama might win there, but that’s just so he can make a good showing for his inevitable place as Hillary’s running mate. Mark my words, what some are reading as weakness is, in fact, strength: the Democrats know Americans don’t want some so-called “inevitable candidate” who is in first place from the beginning to the end of the electoral process – heck, that’s more than two years time! No, Americans like a good show, a good race they can discuss, debate, and be interested in. And that’s what Barack is giving right now. His role is to wipe that “inevitability” shine away from Hillary so she can run as the “comeback kid”, the political fighter who is able to persevere so she can fight for the American people. Of course it’s all bullshit. But like the saying goes, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter, and that’s what the Clintons are. And, by the way, they’re VERY good at what they do. Very good.

So forget about John Edwards and his “two Americas”, us against them nonsense. And forget about Bill Richardson, and Chiris Dodd, and Joe Biden – these guys are all bit players in a pre-fab, pre-conceived, long-planned, and, yes, inevitable, coronation for Hillary Clinton.

I’m not normally much for conspiracy theories, but when it comes to the Democrats, their allies in the mainstream dino-media, and CNN, there is no room for anyone else on the Party’s 2008 presidential ballot – it’s Hillary!, and everyone involved is simply playing their own little role to make sure the Clintons get back to the White House. They all know the rewards for putting up and shutting up will be significant. And when that happens, heaven help us all.

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