October 20, 2007

Last Sunday the phone rings right after I had hung up the phone after talking with my parents. I figured my mom forget to tell me something, so as soon as it rang I picked it up. Bad idea. On the other end of the phone was a guy from the Republican National Committee, asking me if I’d be willing to renew my $50 dollar membership (how’s that for a major contributor!) to help in the fight to put the Republicans back in power next year. The following conversation isn’t verbatim, but you get an idea of the tone-deafness going on out there when it comes to Washington and the political parties who make their living there.

Me: No, I’m not interested, I’m very disappointed in the Republicans in Washington and will not even consider donating any money until they grow some balls and start acting like Republicans.

Him: But you don’t want the Democrats to take the White House, do you?

Me: There’s no difference between the Democrats or the Republicans in Washington right now. They’re all corrupt, they’re only interested in retaining their power, and they waste taxpayers money equally.

Him: But the only way we can change Washington is by putting more Republicans in power.

Me: The only way we can change Washington is to take away the political money. That’s the only way they’ll even notice we’re not happy out here.

Him: But if people like you don’t donate, others will.

Me: Let them. They’re not getting my money.

Him: Then you’re not a real Republican.

Me: If it means that I’m unwilling to give money to party that spends taxpayers money like it’s going out of style, a party that refuses to stand up to Democrats like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, and John Murtha and call them the unpatriotic traitors that they are, a party that doen’t have the willpower to protect and enforce our borders, and a party that’s so intimidated by Hillary Clinton that no one will call her out as the corrupt Socialist that she is, than, yeah, I guess I’m not a Republican.

Him: You’re going to cost our party the election next year.

Me: They’ve already done a pretty damned good job of screwing it up themselves, thank you.

Him: Have a nice day.

So there you have it. Maybe he’s right – maybe I’m not a Republican after all. The problem with Washington – and I think this holds true for both Democrats and Republicans – is that they forgot what got them there, and that they’re there to represent the people. Washington is a cesspool of corruption, ass-kissing, back-scratching, and wasteful spending. The man is right – whether or not small-time donors like me give, the George Soroses of the world will find ways to pump millions of dollars into the Democratic Party coffers; I have no doubt Republicans have their own channels to do the same thing. I’ve always said, however, in arguing against campaign finance legislation, that financial contributions are a form of free speech, and I’m making my own form of free speech by witholding any contributions to the Republicans until they start acting like Republicans – meaning, less government, reduced spending, lower taxes, protect the borders, school vouchers, and, more than anything else, fight the Democrats in power tooth and nail at every step along the way.

Because right now, from where I see it, there ain’t a whole lot of difference between the people on either side of the aisle. At least with the Democrats you get what you expected. Republicans need to start acting like Republicans before they get another nickel out of me.

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  1. Hey, there’s always Dave Barry…


    Comment by Tightwad — October 23, 2007 @ 1:36 pm

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