July 7, 2007

So it’s 8 AM when Ricardo, the Cox contractor who was here last week, calls me on my cell to say he’s on his way over. He seems surprised I’m still having a problem with my DSL, and a little put out with me that I contacted Cox on Tuesday to complain about my service instead of calling him directly. I remind him that he was the one who said that his so-called “road crew” was supposed to come out on Sunday or Monday to fix my problem, that I hadn’t heard a damned thing, and that I was THIS CLOSE to telling Cox to stick it because their repair service sucks. I tell him I don’t want a contractor, I want a real Cox technician.

“And what the hell do you think I am?”, he replies.

Hmm. It’s now obvious to me this service call is gonna be one for the ages. I calmly tell him the Cox people told me that you were a contractor and that they were going to send out a real Cox technical supervisor.

“The Cox people are full of shit.”
“OK”, I reply, “that’s something we can both agree on. So, when you comin’ out?”

Thirty minutes later, Ricky’s at the front door. I show him my setup and he immediately starts grousing.

Ricky: “The problem is with your router.”
Me: “Go screw. I told you last week the problem wasn’t the router. Go ahead, try and run the cable directly to the PC. Go ahead, I dare you!”
[Ricky tries it. It still fails.] He grunts. “Are you questioning my professional ability?”
Me: “No, I’m questioning why I ever chose Cox as an internet provider. You said the problem would be fixed last week and it wasn’t. In fact, it’s worse than it was last week. No service. No road crew. No satisfaction on my end. What would you do in my situation?”

Ricky huffs away muttering to himself. I resist the urge to tell him to keep walking.

Fifteen minutes later, he’s back, and he’s smiling.

Ricky: “I found out what your problem was.”
Me: “No offense, dude (Personal note: out here in the West, “dude” is a phrase used by our Californian transplants to denote affection – I despise the term, but figure it will help diffuse his anger after what I’m about to say next), but that’s what you told me last week.”
Ricky: “Well this week I KNOW I found what your problem was – you had a loose connection in the box directly tied to your cable out.”
Me: I thought you said you had checked that box out last week?”
Ricky: “I never said that.”
Me (knowing full well that’s EXACTLY what he told me he did last week) “Ah – my mistake.”

So Ricky hits the internet button, my Yahoo! home page shows.

Ricky: “Told ya.”
Me (wondering exactly what it was he ‘told me’) “Thanks!”

Ricky turns around and walks out without a word, no goodbye, no invoice, no nothing. The front door slams behind him.

Customer support, 2007-style, I guess. Oh well, at least since that moment, all is well and good in TGWS household – DSL wise. I’m back on track.

…I just wish all customer service could be that easy.

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1 Comment
  1. Cable companies have earned their reputations. They’ll move ahead of lawyers and used car lots before long. Glad you’re back up, GWS. Thankfully, I have DSL from BellSouth/AT&T/Cingular/Whatever now, not cable. Our cable company (Charter Communications) may be even worse than Cox.

    Comment by Rob — July 7, 2007 @ 5:37 pm

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