May 13, 2007

No, I’m not referring to the Navajo Indians recruited during World War II to use their native language to confuse the Japanese, as made famous in the Nicholas Cage movie “Windtalkers”. What I’m talking about is the code-speak you’ll hear from the elites and the powerbrokers in The Episcopal Church (TEC) when it comes to furthering their own progressive, pro-gay “rights” agenda at the expense of those in the Church who are not so quick to simply follow in lock-step behind them.

Who are these so-called codetalkers? Front and center you’ll find none other than the Rt. Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schiori, pilot, oceanongrapher, and newly-elected Presiding Bishop of TEC. But she’s not the only one by any stretch of the imagination. This group of power elites includes most of the bishops in TEC, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the “mother” church of the Anglican Communion, the Church of England. Sure, not every bishop in these churches can (or should) be included in this group, but it is a vast majority, to be sure. And, what is the language these codetalkers use? Well, there are various ways you’ll find codespeak used, and you have to pay very close attention to the forums in which it is employed, for it is used as both a tool to push their agenda forward, and a weapon against those whose only crime is to be faithful followers of the faith as they have come to know it, or have known it for generations.

Basically, it all comes down to the use of three particular terms: Tolerance. Acceptance. Diversity.

If it is true that Holy Scripture, tradition, and reason serve as the “three-legged stool” of Anglicanism (a concept, BTW, I’ve noted previously that others have effectively debunked), then these three words serve as the three legs supporting that altar of hallowed, post-modern, and anti-religion practice known as pluralism and multiculturalism.

What exactly is tolerance, and how do the codetalkers use it as a weapon? What they will tell you is that the traditional teachings of the Church are too old-fashioned and narrow-minded to attract people anymore, that if the Church truly wants to be faithful to the Gospels and emulate the tolerant, inclusive, compassionate, and loving Jesus, it has to be willing to sacrifice its past and cast aside the archaic idea that there is such a thing as sin when it comes to individual human behavior and practice. After all, they’ll say, wasn’t it Jesus who said, “Judge not, lest you be judged yourself?” (Mt. 7:1)

What exactly is acceptance, and how do the codetalkers use it as a weapon? What they will tell you is that, starting with The Enlightenment of the 18th and 19th centuries, and continuing through and beyond the sexual revolution of the 1960s, that the experience of human behavior has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that, since homosexuality is just as natural as the trees and the flowers, and that, since God created homosexuals and loves homosexuals just as much as He loves everyone and everything, you can toss two thousand years of Church teachings out with the trash, and anyone who believes differently is to be condemned as a bigot and/or a homophobe.

What exactly is diversity, and how do the codetalkers use it as a weapon? Pure and simple, what they are saying is the Church as they see it has for far too long catered to an elite group of people, predominently white, of European heritage, and heterosexual. (The only thing worse than that is if you’re happily married and still so after a number of years!) To the codetalkers, diversity trumps everything – just as long as everyone else’s view of what “diversity” means is the same as theirs. (Otherwise, they become “exclusive” and “intolerant”.)

Taken together, what these three terms stand for is a new religion and a new view of humanity, resulting in the need for a new Church – a Church whose former teachings are viewed as archaic and no longer applicable to the “advanced” human condition of the 21st century. In this new Church, those who belong to the “haves” masquerade their self-absorbed, narcissistic culture and nature by trashing cultural and religious traditions in the name of empathy for the so-called “have nots” of the world. And who are the “have nots”? Why, those who haven’t traditionally had access to the same thing as the “haves” – in this case, giving non-celibate homosexuals access to the sacraments of marriage and ordination in the Church.

You think I’m full of it, don’t you? Well let me give you a prime example of codetalking, TEC style: This, courtesy of David Virtue (my boldings):

Former Bishop of Kansas William Smalley, now the interim rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis, watched as a majority of orthodox members left his church over The Episcopal Church’s stand on sexuality issues and the authority of Scripture and joined up with the Rev. Tim Tirman of St. Michael The Archangel Anglican Church at Davis Park. He said, “We’re not going to stand at the door and bar people. Everyone is welcome in our church. We are an inclusive church and welcome anyone and believe judgment belongs to God.”.

“Everyone is welcome in our church. We are an inclusive church and welcome anyone and believe judgment belongs to God.” Want to know what former Bishop Smalley is really saying here? Here’s the codetalk: These people are nothing but are a bunch of narrow-minded, bigoted, fuddy-duddy homophobes either too dumb or too ignorant (or both) to “get it” – that is, continue to support TEC in its flagrant and overt butt-kissing of Integrity and the other so-called pro-gay “rights” Episcopalians intent on driving every non-believer in their cause out of TEC, come hell or high water.

Of course, this is a load of crap. Rather than me going off and sounding like a broken record, I’ll let Mr. Virtue hammer my points home:

There has never been a known case of an orthodox rector, either Evangelical or Anglo-Catholic, who stood at the church door on any given Sunday morning and asked people, as they came through the doors, if they are gay or straight, what their sexual proclivities are, and then refuse entrance when told they were homosexual.

…It is statements like Smalley’s, along with the statement that they are inclusive bishops ministering in an inclusive church to anybody, that are attempts to make them look good and make the rest of us look bigoted.

Inclusiveness is the new buzzword of liberals and revisionists. It is a deliberate attempt to make orthodox folk appear to be exclusionary, fundamentalist and homophobic when, in point of fact, they are teaching and preaching what The Church teaches about human sexuality. It is not the orthodox who have moved away from Holy Writ; it is liberals and revisionists.

This misuse of language must be seen for what it truly is – a watering down of the church’s teaching on sexuality, the open embrace of sexual sin, and a fundamental denial that Jesus, Paul, the Early Church, and the Church Fathers all spoke decisively and with extreme clarity about how we should behave with our bodies.

…The truth is orthodox folk have never denied entrance to any one. What they have said, and will continue to say, is that the issue of sexuality is an issue of proscribed behavior, not the denial of persons. They also say, and will continue to say, the church’s message is come as you are, but not stay as you are. Come a sinner (all are sinners, no exceptions) and find salvation. That is the church’s message. If it changes, there fundamentally is no message. The Episcopal Church will not be saved by a combination of Millennium Development Goals and affirming (LGBT) sexual sin.

I have always believed as an Episcopalian that I worship in an inclusive church. In my mind, there is no greater example of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity than the Church offering “full inclusion” in its life to those who offer up themselves, and their souls, to God and receive the sacrament of baptism, where one is “marked as Christ’s own forever.” Sadly, however, somewhere along the line, being one of Christ’s own seems to have lost its shine, as those like Jefferts Schiori, and Integrity, and all those in the Church who continue to whore themselves to this so-called gay “rights” crap seem to equate “full inclusion” with “full access” – meaning: access to marriage and ordination.

Well, I have news for them – these sacraments have NEVER been open to everyone – not everyone can get a priest’s permission to receive the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, and not everyone can be ordained. One would think that the gift (and I mean that in every sense of the word) of being marked as Christ’s own would be viewed as the highest example of a Church’s openness and inclusiveness, and sufficient in its own right; it just goes to show just how warped and intellectually (not to mention, theologically) corrupt these people are. And who, in the end, suffers the most? Why, it’s the Church. But I think, in the end, that’s the codetalkers’ real goal – to destroy the Church as it has been known. And we all know who also shares that goal.

But who am I to judge – after all, that would make me intolerant, exclusive, and anti-diversity.

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