March 28, 2007

lhp “Greetings, Goodboys Nation weblog fanatics, ‘She’s A Little Half Pint’ at the keyboard, but you can call me ‘Half Pint’, for short. I just heard my owner in the office next door moan, ‘I wish there was somebody else in this house who could feed the blog tonight, because I’m swamped with work!’ Well, I guess this’ll teach him not to let me roam around the rabbit room unattended any more! There’s a lot going on in the world outside my rabbit condo today, so let’s hop to it (as they say)…

* I know my owner will be saying a few prayers tonight for White House spokesman Tony Snow, whose cancer has returned; this just days after Elizabeth Edwards announced her cancer had returned as well. Strange that two people in the political spotlight, on different sides of the political aisle, both reveal their cancers have returned in the same week. One would think that would give pause to all those involved in the political nastiness going on in Washington, wouldn’t you? But you know it won’t.

* Headline: U.S. Tests 15-Ton Bunker Buster. Now why on earth would the U.S. be testing such a weapon, my owner is probably wondering. Heh. Can you say, “Iranian nuclear facilities”?

* Along those same lines, I wonder if Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is too busy trying to bully British Prime Minister Tony Blair into a military confrontation over those captured British sailors to pay attention to what the U.S. is doing. He’s no dumb bunny, is he? Here’s hoping this thing can be resolved peacefully.

* Good to hear the National Football League has decided to make video replay permanent. Now if only the fatheads at Major League Baseball would drag their sport into the 21st century and allow the same to help its umpiring crews out on controversial decisions. It wouldn’t be difficult – allow each manager one opportunity per game to challenge an umpiring decision (excluding balls and strikes, of course), and charge them one trip to the mound that inning in return. It would work.

* Speaking of MLB, one wonders if John Kerry and Arlen Specter can convince MLB’s powers-that-be to delay, at least for a year, their plan to make their “Extra Innings” package only available to DirecTV customers. I know my owner would like that – his 18-month subscription to Dish Network runs out in September, and then he could switch to DirecTV without any penalty!

* With Easter less than two weeks away, this is an issue near and dear to my heart. No one should ever give their children a pet bunny rabbit for Easter unless they’re serious about making a commitment to making that pet a part of their family. Too many people aren’t aware that, while we bunnies can be cute and cuddly, we can also (and I think I can speak from personal experience here ) be a lot of work to take care of and require special care for. So, if there’s even a 1% doubt that you won’t be thrilled with your new pet rabbit, do yourself – and us – a favor: get a chocolate one instead!

Uh oh – I just heard my owner say, ‘Thanks God, what a day!’, so it sounds like he’ll be coming shortly to put me back in my condo. Wait till he sees who did his blogging for him today! Hope you enjoyed my post, but don’t think I’m gonna make this a regular event – the claws on my paws keep getting caught in the keyboard keys! Bye everyone!”

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1 Comment
  1. What a hare raising experience…reading thoughts from a rabbit.
    Reminds me of one of my favorite books “Watership Down”.

    Comment by Pete J — March 28, 2007 @ 6:21 am

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