March 12, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official: the “Possum Watch” is over. For a month now, ever since Mike “Vegas” Clark accepted his invitation to be the seventh Goodboys in the field at this years 17th annual Goodboys Invitational (scheduled for July 20-21 at The Captains G.C. on Cape Cod), the rest of the Nation held its collective breath waiting to see if Paul “Possum” Shepter would follow on his friend’s heels and toss his hat into the fray. Hundreds of thousands of e-mails – some with embarrassing subject lines like, “Here, Possum, Possum, Possum….” and “Poooooooooosssssssssssssoooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm!”, and, more to the point, “Where the $%#@! is Possum?” and, more politely (echoing that long-ago Dion DeMucci song), “Has anybody here… seen my old friend Possum, can you tell me where he’s gone?”

The only response: crickets chirping. (…Not to mention the splat of Goodboys hitting the floor as they passed out from holding their collective breaths.)

And then, without any warning, clear out of the blue, came the e-mail everyone had been waiting for:

Doug-a-lishous: Thank you for the reminder. I’ll check with the family and work schedules and let you know in a few days. Be well my friends!

“Doug-a-lishous”? Excusing the obvious faux paus of not addressing yours truly as The Great White Shank, it was, nevertheless an e-mail for the ages: short, succinct, yet playful and teasing in its character. But this did not satisfy the Nation – oh no, the Nation wanted, yea, demanded, more. In short, it needed an answer.

More collective holding of breaths.

And then, like a thunderclap from the heavens, there it was: Possum’s response. And, by golly gee willikers, it was in the affirmative!:

Doug: I am honored to accept you invitation to humiliate myself and all near me at the 2007 Goodboys Invitational held in dear old Cape Cod. I will attend breakfast muster Saturday morning, golf like a pro, eat like an animal, and sleep like a Possum, repeat on Sunday, and depart back to reality Sunday afternoon.
As a forewarning, you should know that I had thumb surgery December 5th. My new bionic appendage gives rise to a whole new level of golf. Be careful how you beat with the Possum! I look forward to this well deserved weekend get away!
Be well my friends,

Sheer poetry, this was, both breathtaking in scope, and a wonder to behold! The man certainly has a way with prose. The Nation could rejoice – Possum was indeed in, and plans for the July tournament could now proceed forward with both penache and vigor.

Thus closes the field for the 2007 Goodboys Invitational, a field that comprises the following Goodboys:

* Doug “The Great White Shank” Richard: one of the “Founding Fathers”; a four-time champion, playing in his 17th Goodboys event.

* Ben “The Funny Guy” Andrusaitis: another of the “Founding Fathers”; a three-time champion, also playing in his 17th Goodboys event.

* Steve “Killer” Kowalski: another of the “Founding Fathers”; a two-time champion, playing in his 16th Goodboys event.

* Patrick “Doggy Duval” McLaughlin: another of the “Founding Fathers”; a three-time champion, and playing in his 15th Goodboys event.

* Ron “Cubby” Myerow: a one-time champion; playing in his 14th Goodboys event.

* Kevin “Goose” Dwyer: still saddled with the dreaded mantle of, “best player never to have won a Goodboys championship”; playing in his 10th Goodboys event.

* Mike “Vegas” Clark: a two-time champion; playing in his 10th Goodboys event.

* Paul “Possum” Shepter: a two-time champion; playing in his 9th Goodboys event.

Eight players, eight legends: in the field and scheduled to tee it up starting July 20th at The Captains G.C. in Brewster, Massachusetts. Let the reindeer games begin!

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