February 8, 2007


Chet Huntley: Good evening from Washington. I’m Chet Huntley.

David Brinkley: And I’m David Brinkley.

[together]: It’s the Huntley Brinkley Report!

CH: Tonight the Nation – Goodboys Nation, that is, is gripped by the continued mystery surrounding the incommunicado status of Goodboy Paul “Possum” Shepter, one-time champion and veteran participant of the Goodboys Invitational golf tournament, held each July, most often on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

DB: That’s right Chet, and what seems to be most unusual about Shepter’s Marcel Marceau act is the fact that, with the exception of fellow Goodboy Mike “Vegas” Clark, he’s the Goodboy who lives the closest to the Cape, and, in fact, is rumored to be one of Clark’s closest friends.

CH: More than two weeks ago, the “Founding Fathers” of the Goodboys Invitational: Doug “The Great White Shank” Richard, Steve “Killer” Kowalski, Ben “The Funny Guy” Andrusaitis, and Pat “Doggy Duval” McLaughlin, issued formal invitations to all Goodboys who participated in the last two Goodboys Invitationals – the notable exceptions being those Goodboys previously known as “El Dandito” and “Crusher”, whose wishes for anonymity and a sabbatical from future Goodboys proceedings were unanimously granted.

DB: That’s right, Chet, and since that time, three Goodboys have responded in the affirmative: Ron “Cubby” Myerow, Kevin “Goose” Dwyer, and Mike “Vegas” Clark. Following Clark’s announcement that he would indeed be a part of this year’s field, it was naturally assumed that Possum’s affirmative would follow shortly thereafter, but the only sound they’ve heard emanating from those parts since is crickets chirping, which has left the “Founding Fathers” befuddled, to say the least.

CH: And speaking of the “Founding Fathers”, David, the city of Las Vegas is buzzing with anticipation at the Goodboys’ arriving there this weekend for their third annual mid-winter getaway. Word has it The Great White Shank is scheduled to arrive there later today to make sure city authorities have all necessary planning and preparations under control for the others’ arrival tomorrow. Seems the city will really be rolling out the red carpet for the ‘Boys this year, with its hotels filled to the max, and sports personalities and celebrities arriving from all over to greet them.

DB: Um, Chet, I hate to tell you, but those preparations and crowds you speak of have nothing to do the Goodboys’ visit. It just so happens it coincides with the NBA All-Star Game, also scheduled for this weekend.

CH: Hmm… well, speaking for myself, I can hardly wait to hear what happens the first time the Goodboys enter a henway this year.

DB: What’s a henway, Chet?

CH: About five pounds. [chuckles] Gotcha!

DB: [laughing] That’s a knee-slapper, Chet, you always get me on that one!

CH: You know what I like best about Las Vegas, David? It’s that you can still get a $4.95 steak dinner at the Ellis Island Casino coffee shop.

DB: Wasn’t it there, Chet, that we made that humiliation bet during Game 2 of the 1966 World Series, that you’d wear one of Connie Stevens‘ brassieres over your business suit and order a Shirley Temple at the men’s-only bar if Willie Davis made more than two errors in any one inning during that game? Boy, that was pretty funny, you being wrestled to the ground by the security staff after the umpire charged Davis with his third error in the 5th inning after an errant throw to third. What a howl! Now that’s what I call a humilation bet!

CH: [clears throat]

DB: Well, that about sums it up for this Thursday, February 8th, 2007. To summarize, a Goodboys A.P.B. has been issued for an incommunicado “Possum” Shepter, and it’s expected they’ll be issuing it from the cozy confines of Las Vegas over cocktails sometime tomorrow. And that’s it from here. Good night, Chet.

CH: Good night, David.

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1 Comment
  1. Possum is back…..Check and coming to GB’s 07

    Comment by DOGGY DUVAL — March 10, 2007 @ 9:08 pm

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