January 26, 2007

Which is more important when considering who one votes for? Is it party affiliation? Ideology? Voting record? Any or all of the above? I only ask this question because of my good friend Pasquale back in Massachusetts. Now Paul is a long-time, die-hard liberal who has voted for people like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry for years, although one would be hard-pressed to uncover any creative or significant piece of legislation either had come up with for the past two decades, or more. Whenever I kindly try to point that out to Paul, he’ll inevitably reply, “That’s not the point, it’s what they stand for that counts.”

Paul’s comment came back to me last week when I received via snail-mail my Republican Party membership card for 2007, plus (as one might expect whenever receiving these kinds of things, no matter what party you’re affiliated with) a request for dough-re-mi. That, in turn was followed up by an e-mail from Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman, who also was asking for dinero as well. Normally, I would just toss these kinds of things in the trash (both physically and electronically), but as I thought back to Paul’s comment on these kinds of things, I decided that this time, I was going to take it upon myself to make my feelings known. As much as I hated to do so, I politely declined Mr. Mehlman’s offer, and forwarded him this reply:

Dear Ken;
I’m sorry, I cannot renew my financial support for the RNC in good conscience, as I’m extremely disappointed in the way the Republicans in Washington, from the President on down, have handled themselves this past year. Let’s start at the top: the White House seems adrift, confused, and worn out on Iraq, showing absolutely no leadership (an Iraq Study Group?) when the country is demanding accountability, truth, and a strategy that will bring either victory or disengagement. Whichever way it’s gonna be, so be it, but we demand leadership from our leaders during this troubled time, because keeping the status quo just won’t do.

As for Congress, your party and my party have been absolutely woeful and derelict in its duty to the American people. Being in power as long as they have made them lazy and arrogant, reckless in their spending habits, and corrupt to the point where a good housecleaning and butt-kicking was not only necessary, but actually welcomed in these quarters.

And it seems you guys still haven’t heard the message. Even after the whipping they took in the 2006 elections, the Republicans had a chance to install new and dynamic leadership committed to the principles that first brought them to power back in 1994, but they couldn’t even do that right. Mel Martinez and John Boehner are NOT the kind of dynamic visionaries our party needs. You know it, and I know it.

I’m sorry Ken, but the kind of Republican performance I’ve witnessed during the past Congress simply doesn’t deserve to be rewarded either financially and politically. To vote and support GOP candidates simply because they’re not Democrats is not a good enough reason for my vote and support, and I know there are thousands of others like me who feel the same way. Keep me on your mailing list if you’d like, but until I see my party recommit itself to:

* Reducing spending and the size of government;
* Spending the people’s money more creatively and wisely;
* Protecting our borders and making it harder for companies to ship American jobs overseas;
* Giving parents the option of school vouchers so their children are not forced to attend public schools for their education;

I’ll not be supporting you financially, and perhaps politically, in the future.

Doug Richard

You see, I care about what Republicans and conservatives do in Washington, and unlike those who think like my friend Paul, if my party’s elected officials only talk the talk, not walk the walk, well, they don’t deserve my vote. And I know I’m not alone on this, ’cause a lot of us Republicans and Independents either stayed home or voted Democrat last November, which is why “San Fran” Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid wield the power in the House and Senate today. And unless the Republicans in Washington start getting their act together, I see no reason to change my opinion or break out my wallet anytime soon. And if Mr. Mehlman and others like him think I’m alone, all they have to do is look here and here.)

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