September 18, 2006

OK, so let me get this straight: Muslims worldwide believe Pope Benedict XVI dissed them in a speech, and to show their disapproval they kill an elderly nun by shooting her in the back numerous times, firebomb churches, and kidnap priests. But that’s OK as far as the mainstream dino-media goes – after all, Anna Nicole Smith’s son is dead and no one knows how he died.

Muslims worldwide keep calling for Benedict’s personal apology (something he’s attempted to do twice, neither to their satisfaction), but frankly, I’m in agreement with John at Power Line – enough is enough, get over it and take what the pontiff had to say in the spirit in which it was meant. Of course they won’t, because they can’t. There is a violent response underway worldwide that will only get worse in the days ahead, but don’t expect to hear anything about it from the anti-Christians in the mainstream media.

I am outraged. Not just at the Muslim extremists worldwide who use their so-called “religion” as a cover for every vile and evil act they commit in the name of their so-called God, but at the media who, rather than report their despicable actions and behaviors, cower behind their flat-screen monitors and mahogany desks in fear of retribution for telling the truth as it really is. Well I won’t.

The religion of Islam has been hijacked by a group of vicious, diabolical, evil, and vindictive fundamentalist wackos who have no other goal or purpose in life other than to intimidate non-Muslims and spread death wherever and whenever they can, using any preceived insult or affront as an excuse to perpetrate this goal.

And their anti-Christian sympathizers are no different. Last week, Rosie O’Donnell on “The View” equated Christianity with radical Islam. Not only is she bitch-stupid, but she ought to be unemployed after her first week on the job. Hey Rosie, how many Christians do you know of that would kill elderly nuns, or a young college student simply for the crime of converting from Islam to Christianity, or sentence to death women who fight back after being raped, or target tourist areas with bombs for the sole pupose of killing and maiming innocent people.

And did I mention that fuel-laden jetliner filled with innocent men, women, and children thing? Oh yeah, Rosie, we’re all alike.

And then we have RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like John McCain, Lindsay Graham and John Warner more concerned with defending the rights of terrorists and those accused of plotting terrorist acts than they are of defending America.

Some are afraid to call Islam a religion hijacked by death and violence-loving extremists. I am not. And I’m not the only one who sees this religion as a excuse for those who have no soul and whose hearts are full of evil. The creed of this website says it better than I ever could:

On the other hand, however, Islam is clearly not a religion of peace. The ridiculous level of violence committed in the name of this religion is staggering, despite the many billions of dollars that are spent each year to prevent attacks.

Nor should Westerners continue to think that the solution to the violence is greater understanding and tolerance for Islam, as Muslim apologists often imply when commenting on high-profile terror attacks. It is the killers and their supporters who need to learn understanding and tolerance, not their victims.

Islam will be a peaceful religion when Muslims stop preaching hate, stop killing in the name of Allah, and stop remaining apathetic to the violence. Until this happens, we will faithfully document each of the reasons why this is anything but a “Religion of Peace.”

I think the time has come to call Islamic extremists the evil, vile murderers for what they are, and I am outraged that the mainstream dino-media (who would, BTW, be the first to criticize any attempts by Christians in this country to pray in public schools or at any kinjd of assembly) refuses to expose the absence of humanity and morality in these thugs and creeps.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the West better wake up to the evil and hatred at the root of Islam fundamentalism. These people are not interested in freedom of speech. They’re not interested in freedom of expression. They could care less about the Geneva Convention. They only want to destroy the civilization and way of life you and I hold most dear, and take as many of us with them as they can.

And if you don’t believe me, ask Tilly.

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