August 15, 2006

1. So here I am at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. It’s 9 AM, I’m on my second small Bass Ale draft, and I’m listening to surf punk and the Ramones at the Terminal 4 Desert Springs Brewing Company. Life right now seems very VERY good.

2. Given the increased airline security – the difference between a few weeks ago when I went back to Massachusetts for the Goodboys Invitational golf weekend and today is absolutely mind-boggling – I was amazed that the process went so smoothly. A big thumbs-up to the TSA folks at Sky Harbor – they told everyone exactly what to do and what was expected, and the lines were processed both smoothly and efficiently.

3. The big difference you see first is at check-in, when bags (including yours) are lined up to go through the detection system that you never would have seen a week ago. Lots of carry-on luggage…

…which, of course, makes loading (and unloading) the aircraft much quicker. It was weird to see overhead compartments 70% empty – it seeems most people were just saying, “the hell with it” and sending their carry-ons through check-in with the larger bags.

4. Of course, I still find it both infuriating and illogical to have TSA treat all airline passengers alike, when, of course, they are not. I wonder if the public will soon grow weary of the practice, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of profiling system begin to take shape soon. TKS at National Review Online thinks – as I do – that the time has come for profiling of passengers, and that, regardless of what the ACLU bozos, CAIR, and liberal/progressive moonbats think, those who fit certain demographic need to be scrutinized far more closely than those who do not fit the potential terrorist profile.

Consider this: we ALL have a profile. You see young families congregating around a gate for a flight bound for Orlando, you have a particular profile in mind. You see elderly people boarding a flight for Vegas, you have a particular profile in mind. Businessmen and women armed with cell phones, Blackberrys and laptops – the same thing. Likewise, you can tell when someone like me, Rob, or Dave, for example, walk into an airport, we’re not using babies as a ruse to hide explosive mixtures in formula, we’re just trying to get to the next business meeting, GOP gathering, or New Orleans Saints road game. 🙂

Sooner or later, I’ve got to think the federal government, Department of Homeland Security, and TSA will wise up. Identify the common profiles of those throughout the world who fit the terrorist (or potential terrorist) mode, and concentrate you efforts there. By doing so you will be able to walk that fine line between trying to keep our skies safe and allowing people the freedom to travel with convenience and confidence that we’re doing the right thing.

UPDATE: Sounds like the Brits are moving in that exact direction. Good for them.

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1 Comment
  1. I don’t profess to have any answers for this but I’m not quite ready to throw up my hands and say profiling is OK. In my mind, it is tantamount to “Your papers, please”. People who look like me are not the flavor of the day at the moment but they may be some day and then I’m the one yanked out of line for no particular reason, delayed and detained because of how I look, asked a lot of embarassing questions, and I may be the one who has the wrong answer to some tired, frustrated security official having a bad day, and then has to spend my life’s savings on attorneys. As I said, I don’t profess to have answers for this and profiling may inconvenience fewer people but I’m not there yet.

    Comment by Rob — August 16, 2006 @ 3:36 am

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