March 5, 2006

OK, I’ll admit it – on the scale of viewing interest and importance I place tonight’s Oscars broadcast somewhere between Oprah and the Winter Olympics (have they started yet?) or the National Hockey League. My guess is that the unflappable Mark Steyn has it right: tonight’s broadcast will continue the downward ratings trend of recent years, no matter how many avenues Hollywood tries in its pathetic attempt to turn this annual orgy of self-indulgence and self-importance into some kind of Super Bowl weekend for movies.

UPDATE: 3/6/06: Turns out I was correct: the ratings for last night’s broadcast were the second lowest in the past 19 years. And George Clooney really believes Hollywood is the conscience of America?

That being said, I thought, why not use today to reveal my own Oscar choices for best movies of all time? In no particular order, here are my top 10:

Once Upon A Time In the West (1968): The greatest Western EVER made, bar none
All The President’s Men (1976): Captures perfectly the paranoia and media excesses of the Watergate era
Gettysburg (1993): Oscar-worthy performances abound, especially those by Martin Sheen and Jeff Daniels
Jaws (1975): How can it not be? The Goodboys all-time favorite movie; “bring your rubbers, Chiefy…”
The Sting (1973): Classic performances by Newman & Redford, and a killer soundtrack
Master and Commander (2003): Beautifully done, incredible performances by Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany
Tin Cup (1996): Always good for a laugh, another Goodboys favorite and another killer soundtrack
The Big Easy (1987): OK, its New Orleans is a caricature, but it’s always a joy; yet another killer soundtrack
Joe vs. The Volcano (1990): A cult favorite out there; don’t laugh – it’s a lot deeper than it appears to be
The Endless Summer (1966): Bruce Brown’s surfing classic, what the Beah Boys music is to film

I welcome your thoughts and comments about your favorite films.

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  1. OK GWS, first to your picks.

    Jaws – good choice.

    Tin Cup – excellent.

    Ditto The Sting.

    The rest you can keep.

    As to mine?

    Casablanca – Even better than the relationship between Bogie and Bergman was the relationship between Bogie and Claude Rains as “Louie”.

    Singin’ in the Rain – Gene Kelly’s best work, and that’s saying something. The title number was pure genius. Donald O’Connor and Gene’s number at the elocutionist was simply perfect.

    McClintock! – The Duke and Maureen O’Hara at their playful best. Great check your brain at the door and have some fun flick.

    El Dorado – The Duke again, this time with Robert Mitchum and James Caan. A great combination of good drama and tongue in cheek humor.

    Caddyshack – ‘Nuff said.

    Young Frankenstein – Mel Brooks couldn’t have done better with casting or writing or directing. Marty Feldman was a scream (no pun intended)! Dr. Frankenstein: “Igor, get the bags” Igor: “You take the blonde, and I’ll take the one with the turban”

    Liar, Liar – The funniest lawyer movie ever made. The outtakes at the end are priceless.

    Being There – Peter Sellers in his final role as Chauncy Gardiner. I swear his ability to downplay this role is what eventually killed him.

    To Catch A Thief – Could anyone look more perfect than Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in this movie?

    The Bishop’s Wife – Another Cary Grant film with Grant playing Dudley, the angel sent down to help David Niven, and finding himself tempted by the heavenly Loretta Young. Great supporting cast with Monty Woolley as the Professor.

    Anyway, those are mine.

    Comment by Dave Richard — March 5, 2006 @ 5:54 pm

  2. Have to add my 2 cents worth on this one.

    I’ll give you these:
    Young Frankenstein
    okay … and Master & Commander

    Honorable Mention (good but not good enough):
    Big Easy
    Singning in the Rain
    To Catch a Thief
    Caddyshack (close call)

    Add these:

    The Best: Godfather 1 & 2 – Story, characters, drama, action .. They’ve got it all!

    Classic: The Maltese Falcon – Bogie as good as in Casablanca plus the sinister Sidney Greenstreet.

    Comedy: (tie) Animal House & Blazing Saddles -Two must watch films whenever they are on.

    War: Saving Private Ryan – The first 30 minutes of this movie may be the most amazing footage ever made.

    Mystery: Memento – Great sequencing. Nobody can watch it just once.

    SciFi: Forbidden Planet – Robbie the Robot. Way ahead of it’s time.

    Satire: Dr. Strangelove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb – It should be on the list for the title alone.

    Macho: (tie) Spartacus & Braveheart – Kirk Douglas & battle scenes, Mel Gibson & battle scenes.

    Comment by Goose — March 7, 2006 @ 12:58 pm

  3. Goose, can’t disagree with most of yours. In fact, I’m more in agreement with yours than TGWS’s picks overall. Strangely, Master and Commander did nothing for me.

    My problem was too many great Bogie pictures. Maltese Falcon was next on my list, with Key Largo after that. I also limited myself to only one Mel Brooks movie, and Young Frankenstein just plain beats out Blazing Saddles, despite the many great lines and visuals in Saddles.

    On the macho theme, Spartacus was great, but loses a bit of the macho award with Tony Curtis’ line “I love you, Spartacus”. Not that anything’s wrong with that!

    How about this for a conversation starter?

    Best Mel Brooks musical number: (My order)

    1. Springtime For Hitler (The Producers)
    2. The Inquisition (History of the World Pt.I)
    3. Men in Tights (Robin Hood – Men in Tights)
    4. I’m Tired (Blazing Saddles)
    5. High Anxiety (High Anxiety)
    6. Prisoners in Love (The Producers)

    Comment by Dave Richard — March 7, 2006 @ 5:07 pm

  4. I may have to amend my list because Goose triggered a comment from my wife that any red-blooded American male that doesn’t have either The Godfather (1 or 2) or GoodFellas on their top 10 list is a wuss. I agree. I will slide The Big Easy down to 11 and add (tie) GoodFellas and “The Godfather Saga” (the one they did for television where 1 and 2 were combined and all the scenes put into syncronous order. Why are they tied? Because both include discussing the importance of making spaghetti sauce right (“you gotta have the beef, pork and veal – especially the pork, that’s where the flavor comes from”).

    You can’t beat that.

    Comment by The Great White Shank — March 7, 2006 @ 11:50 pm

  5. […] Rob at CrabAppleLane posts his ten favorite movies. Afew of us here at GBN did the same a while back. Glad Rob included the obligatory gangster movie required of all members of the male gender. […]

    Pingback by GoodBoys Nation - Archives » Spring Thoughts II — April 19, 2006 @ 9:08 pm

  6. The television version of Godfathers I & II was the way I first saw Godfather II and it knocked my socks off. I have seen them together and separate a few times. Together is better.

    Comment by Rob — April 20, 2006 @ 10:39 am

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