February 27, 2006

…said the bumper sticker I saw yesterday. An apt description of the state of my existence, if there ever was one! Some points to ponder while waiting to see if our stretch of 130+ days without rain ends tomorrow.

Bill O’Reilly will have a cow on The Factor tonight at this news (hat tip, Captains Quarters). What say you, American Red Cross?

If the far-left couldn’t take back the White House via Senator “Reporting-for Duty” (D-Pompous A$$), then, by golly, they’re gonna try and take it by force. Check out this call to general quarters by a website from the group United for Peace and Justice; hah! sounds almost too good to be true.

Captain Ed (OK, I’m a shill for Captains Quarters today), I think, pins the tail on the donkeys perfectly:

It doesn’t take much to put up a website, of course, and this looks like the work of a nutcase in search of company in the asylum. However, given the political climate these days, I have no doubt that a number of people will actually appear on March 15th to “storm” the White House. It boasts a long list of member groups, and a number of those groups are listed on their steering committee roster. These are the groups that apparently are endorsing a call to overthrow the elected government of the United States:

* The Communist Party (no surprise there!)
* National Hip Hop Political Caucus
* Iraq Veterans Against The War
* September 11th Families For Peaceful Tomorrows
* Teen Peace Project
* Not In Our Name
* Military Families Speak Out
* US Campaign To End The Israeli Occupation
* National Network On Cuba (again, no surprise)
* DC Anti-War Network

From now on, when people from these groups organize and demonstrate, we know what they support: an armed coup d’etat and the end of democracy in America. They want the UN to topple our government and to replace it with, one assumes, the rule of Kofi Annan and the rest of the world.

Oughta be a good one. If this isn’t a rally perfect for a Protest Warrior response, I don’t know what is. If that’s the best they got, all I can say is (to quote Senator “Reporting-for-Duty” one last time): Bring. It. On.

Look, I love the Food Network’s Rachael Ray as much as, if not more than, any red-blooded American male cook might, but I have two main issues with her: 1) why does everything on 30 Minute Meals have to have a whole lotta cheese in it, and 2) doesn’t she realize that the only reason she can survive on $40 A Day is to tip the wait staff 10%. Heck, even she should realize that if the food is as good as it always seems to be, it oughta be worth at least a 15, if not a 20 percent, tip, right? After all, these people have to eat, too…

Anyone see Zach Johnson‘s ball bouncing like a pinball on the rocks by that par-5 during his Accenture Match Play Championship consolation round yesterday? That sucker bounced at least five – count ’em, five! – times: backward-forward-sideways-forward, then backward again before finally coming to rest in play beside a rock. Unbelievable for a pro during a televised round of golf, perhaps, but The Great White Shank has seen it all too often before…

Be back later, off to meet Dollar Bill tonight to yap some rap, holler some dollar, pick me up some fully-licensed gear and CD samples, and plan that “Twice as Good as 50 Cent” tour marketing blitz my friend Pasquale (LP) and I know can work if we push LP’s contacts back east. The seal’s the real deal – if you haven’t heard him yet please check his site out and say (to quote the dude himself), “Yo, What’s Up”. Be sure to tell him The Great White Shank sent ya.

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