December 3, 2016

Not much to post about this weekend. But I’m thinking about the whole Jill Stein / recount fiasco to delegitimize Donald Trump as President-elect and how the Democratic Party is going ahead with the likes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and (most likely the Jew hating, World Trade Center conspiracy theorist Muslim) Keith Ellison as their leadership and my all-time favorite Rolling Stones song comes to mind.

Hey Democrats, liberals, and progressives: if you want to believe that the main reason Donald Trump won was because of racism, sexism, or white supremacy, and that it had nothing to do with an incredibly flawed, corrupt, and elitist candidate with a campaign staff that shared her qualities and beliefs, go right ahead. It will just ensure that you remain even further in the wilderness leading up to the 2018 mid-terms.

As the great Howie Carr is wont to say, your agony is my joy.

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December 2, 2016

Between getting our estate planning completed, working on my sister-in-law’s divorce (don’t ask!), and – to use Donald Trump’s vernacular – a YUUUUGE project at work, the days have been long and somewhat stressful. I’ll be back this weekend. In the meantime, a few quick items:

1. Just like there’s a mainstream media problem when it comes to covering politics the same holds true with sports. Was following a couple of golf-related blogs while Tiger Woods was playing his first competitive round since, like, ages ago at his Hero World Challenge event in the Bahamas, and it was amazing to watch the hyperbole flying back and forth. When he was hot for three holes on the front some moron was already installing him as the favorite to win the Masters next April. When he fell apart on the back nine, double-bogeying the last three holes, they’re all like, “well, we need to give him time.” So mainstream media, which is it? It’s pretty pathetic, but given everything the mainstream media spews out as supposed news these days, not unexpected.

2. Watched Trump’s “victory tour” opening rally in Cincinnati last night and the dude was great. I especially enjoyed him skewering the media for their coverage of the election and going completely around them to announce his choice for Secretary of Defense. Methinks what is now called the “White House Press Corp” is going to find themselves marginalized to the nth degree in a Trump administration. They know they need him more than he needs them, and Trump knows it as well. Technology and social media have made the WHPC nearly obsolete, and Trump will hasten that obsolescence.

3. And speaking of Trump, isn’t it nice to think of a president who will have the country’s back instead of stabbing it with a knife like the Obamas have been doing these past eight years?

4. I’m listening to the classical music station in Newport, RI over the internet and they’re playing a selection of string quartet Christmas carols. There’s something about music being played by a string quartet no matter what it is: I always feel as if I’m on Lido Deck of the Titanic.

5. So the Dems re-elected Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader and the Clinton campaign is blaming white supremacists for Trump’s election. I love it and hope they keep it up. As the saying goes, there are no Electoral College votes in the state of Denial.

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November 26, 2016

In English: Rot in hell you old, evil fool.

Unfortunately, we’re still going to have to wait until his brother Raul dies before any real sort of modern liberation can come to Cuba – until then you’re just Havana Daydreamin’. But anytime a brutal dictator and thug departs the mortal coil that’s a good thing.

Of course, you’ll get nothing like these sentiments from liberal fools like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. And you can bet that he and Moochelle will head a grand delegation to the funeral and fawn all over Castro and his legacy, telling the world what a great man he was.

Leave it to Donald Trump to tell it like it really is.

The Great White Shank joins in spirit the folks in Little Havana who celebrate the coming liberation of Cuba. To that end, enjoy some Jesse Cook and some Buena Vista Social Club!

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November 25, 2016


Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day. I guess this means the 2016 holiday season is officially “on”. Given everything that has happened this year with the passing of my Mom and such I’m not really in much of a mood for the holidays. The twins are into it, however, so me sis-in-law Tam will be putting up the tree nevertheless, and knowing her, probably today. In my own way I guess I’ll just plod on through with my eye towards January 2nd and the start of a new year. No matter what happens in 2017 I doubt it can be a whole lot worse than this one has been. But then again…

That being said, here are a few links to have with your Thanksgiving leftovers:

I read a story like this and it just makes me sad. I mean, allowing politics – politics – to determine who’s part of your Thanksgiving family gathering? Look, I don’t care if it’s Trump supporters or Hillary supporters, these people seriously need to reexamine their lives. You only have your family around for a relatively short time, and life is too short to let something as stupid as politics get in the way of family is something they will regret – perhaps not now but when it’s most important.

…of course, it goes without saying that any family that would act this way to one of its own is probably not much of a family to begin with.

Leave it to Democrats to feel the need to put a political spin on Thanksgiving family gatherings. Honest to God, whomever came up with this idea and worked to put it out must be among the most joyless, sad, get-a-lifers that God ever created. I mean, can’t folks have one, just one day where folks can simply give thanks for family and friends without bringing politics into it?

…But what can you expect from folks who freak out over the music being played overhead at the supermarket? Or folks who also come up with an idea like this.

I’m not much of a Jimmy Kimmel fan, but this was kind of cute

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November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from all the Goodboys and Goodboys Nation weblog.

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November 22, 2016

It’s Thanksgiving week and the holidays are just a hare’s breath away from becoming reality. Me? I want no part of them this year, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country isn’t already in the holiday spirit. Sometimes the headlines just write themselves:

Video shows man running over himself outside Orlando strip club.

Customers Suing Chipotle Over ’300-Calorie Burrito’. OK, so it turns out the burrito is actually 1,050 calories, but what’s 750 calories between friends?

A nativity scene for all the metrosexual hipsters out there. I wouldn’t think metrosexual hipsters would even know what a nativity scene is.

Monkey See, Monkey Do. Chicks. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. And it doesn’t matter the species.

Goodboys Invitational weekend is only eight months away.

If indeed the Red Sox are truly serious about Pablo “Fat Pig” Sandoval as their starting third baseman next year, I will know they’re not truly serious about contending for the American League pennant.

Why the gloom around a Patriots team that’s 8-2? Because they let a damned good defensive player go under mysterious circumstances and their defense now sucks, that’s why.

I was just thinking the other night about re-posting my top ten movies of all time list since it has probably changed since the last time I did it. One carry-over for sure would be the original “Rocky”. Sure, the franchise got a little silly, but the original remains one of the best flicks ever.

No, liberal panty-waists, moonbats, whiners, and complainers, Hillary Clinton did not and will not win the popular vote. So get over it.

…and that doesn’t include the estimated 3-4 million fraudulent votes she got in Nevada, California, and elsewhere by the Dems rounding up illegals to vote. When the dust settles, that is going to be a huge story (not to mention a push by the Trump administration and DOJ for voter ID in presidential elections).

This would be a great start, and it’s about time. Liberals and their hoity-toity foundations have plenty of money to float PBS. Now eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood and we’re getting somewhere!

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November 19, 2016

Guarantee you this was the moment Donald Trump decided to run for President. Like he always says, when folks hit him he strikes back twice as hard. And boy, this time he did.

Saw Hillary’s first post-defeat appearance at the Children’s Defend Fund gala and it got me to thinking: Hillary has spent a lifetime battling child poverty. Kids are still poor, she is a multi-millionaire ‘Bout sums things up, doesn’t it?

…and only Donald Trump would have the guts to instill this rule for his administration. As each day passes I find it harder and harder to believe how much Trump had to overcome in order to be elected, and how much folks out there (the media, libs, and progressives excluded, of course) are gonna love the Trump administration.

Oh my. What’s a blood-sucking Secretary of State to do once reality sets in? Oh, by the way, did you know he served in Vietnam?

There will be lots of talk in the coming months about Barack Obama’s legacy. Want to know his true legacy? It’s this.

Forget about all that talk about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. As you heard it here first – but of course no one listens to The great White Shank – the illegal voting this cycle around was enormous. As I said previously, when all is said and done, take away the illegal voting and Trump wins NV, NH, and possibly NM and MN. It was a landslide beyond anyone’s imagination.

This has got to be great news, right?

As is this?

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November 18, 2016

Bookending the work week with political humor, this is. I particularly laughed out loud when I saw this:

Thanks to Hunter’s Twitter feed for this.

Enjoy your weekend, y’all!

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November 16, 2016

Remember this post from last month? Well, the below pic (sorry I couldn’t make it clearer) is what the announcement as looked like as published in ESQ’s Winter 2016 edition:

And here is the thank you note I sent to ESQ editor David Beard (published on the opposite page, left column):

David, you can imagine how stoked (not to mention spooked) I was to get your email with the note that I’d won a 50th anniversary MONO LP autographed by “the boys”. Looks like I’ll have to dust off my turntable. Not to mention finding some speakers I can hook it up to. I say I was spooked because it just so happens I’ve been counting down my top ten albums of all time over at my blog and it just so happens that today – today! – was #2 and – you guessed it: “Pet Sounds”. (I guess you’ll have to check in to see what my #1 album was!). Just goes to show there are forces in the universe few of us understand, eh? I first saw the Beach Boys at Boston Garden in 1975 – my late brother Mark and I were so stoked to see the white amplifiers, white grand piano, palm trees, rugs and tiffany lamps in their stage setting that we did the same thing in the band we had at the time. Since that time I guess I’ve seen them at least three dozen times, including the infamous 1977 show in Pawtucket, Rhode Island where Dennis and Mike had a major tiff on stage. I’ve been a subscriber to ESQ for as long as I can remember, and I look forward to seeing every new issue when it appears in my mailbox. I appreciate everything you and everyone at ESQ does, and I will always cherish this incredible gift. Heck, I might even get it framed. My fondest wishes go out to you and all your readers.
Surf’s Up!
Doug Richard
Gilbert, Arizona

I still haven’t figured out whether (and how) I’ll get my 50th MONO edition of Pet Sounds framed, but it was a nice gift and I’m grateful to David and the folks at ESQ for the lovely gift.

A big welcome to ESQ readers! Here’s the link to the Pet Sounds review mentioned in my thank you note. Feel free to check the site out for other Beach Boys-related posts by using the search function – there’s a bunch of it. Why I never created a music category for the blog is something I should have done a long time ago. Maybe some weekend when I’ve got nothing better to do!

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November 14, 2016

…because this is going to be one hell of a week, at least work-wise. At any rate, we can all use a good laugh!

Hat tip: PowerLine blog.

…and a big “Happy Birthday” to my brother Dave. Welcome to the 60s…

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